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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please email me with your information and experience? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • Christine,
    What is your email address?
  • I just emailed you. I hope it was the correct address. I will let them know about contacting technical assistance. Thank you for your concern. Maybe this time it will be fixed. One of theses guys will come up with a solution soon I'm sure! I just don't want to be stuck on the side of the road in the dead of winter with my kids someday! I'm crossing my fingers.
  • Heide1,
    I'm sorry to hear that this concern has you so anxious. Have you worked with Customer Assistance already?

    GM Customer Service
  • Thanks for getting back with me!

    With the 2011 Equinox, there does seem to be a connectivity issue that GM is working on a solution towards. Updates are posted to the following website:

    If I learn of a resolution, I will be sure to get in touch with you as soon as I know more.

    GM Customer Service
  • sounds like more people are having this transmission "kick" problem which my dealer says they never heard of!!

    I hope others are having better luck in getting the problem fixed. I have not heard back from the service manager who said he was going to get with "engineering"

    It better come soon as I said - it exacerbates my medical conditions when it kicks like this. I am trying to work with GM but I am not going to wait too much longer. I will pursue a remedy to this through all available channels
  • I just got my vehicle back today. At first they called me and said they couldn't duplicate the problem....then I remembered what Christine from gm customer service said to tell them so I called them back and told them to involve technical assistance and they called back a little later and said they finally duplicated the non starting!! YaY!! They said the battery was a bad one. (My fiancee said that he told someone that the first time...not same guy.) It sounds a lot better even. I'm crossing my fingers that this was the fix. He said that there was one other one this month also. Soooo....maybe there was just a bad batch of batteries installed out there. I hope this works....and I hope everyone else gets their problem fixed also. Good luck. I hope I won't have to post again.
  • Have you heard back from your service manager on your transmission since your last post?

    GM Customer Service
  • How did your visit to the dealership go earlier this week?

    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah

    No I have not
  • :lemon: I have been having problems out of my Equinox since I bought it in March 2011. It has been in for repairs numerous times and GM even sent down their Engineer and yet the problem is still not fixed. I have had a lawyer since May of 2011 and my case has been going on since then. First GM tried to give me a offer of 3500. I said no then they tried to offer me 4500 I declined that. Then they told my lawyer that their final offer was going to be 5500. I was like there is no offer when my Car is a Lemon. NY law has specific Guidelines. Lucky I have a very persistent lawyer. So finally GM made a replacement offer only to piss me off even more. They wanted me to pay a user fee of 14.67 percent of my manufactures price. I was like Have they lost there brains. The New York Lemon Law states that for every 1000 miles over 12000 then there is a 1 percent fee of the MSRP. My lawyer told them they needed to fix it and it has been a week and a half since then. I am so tired of dealing with GM and they think that they can just shove a poor amount of money at people and that will make them go away. I will never buy another GM vehicle if this is the future Customer service and Legal. I even filed a report with the BBB.
  • Got my Equinox back from the dealership earlier this week.

    It seemed good for a couple of days but seems to be shifting more roughly the last day or two. Keeping a close eye on it.
  • Well, never have heard from Christina. My car was in the shop on Tuesday, was there all day, asked that they also rotate the tires and air them up so they are all even and wash it before they bring it back. They drove it around and used up 1/8 tank of gas, could not get it to duplicate what it did for them on Saturday. Then they wanted to keep it for the entire holiday even though no one would be working on it. I said NO, I will bring it to you on Monday. They brought it back to me and had done nothing with the air pressure in the tires, the rotation or even washed it! I left work, it hard shifted twice in 10 minutes and down shifted so hard going 20 mph thru town. Not sure why they can't duplicate that. I got in it on Wednesday monring to go to work, ran the wipers over the mist on the windsheild, wipers don't even hit the glass, got out and looked, the wipers are peeling back on the rubber blade already, so now, I have to go buy new blades, replace the gas they used, wash the car and go air up my own tires. This is the wonderful service that I get. So, not only do I get poor service on those things but I don't get any service and pretty soon, this outter shell will just have rebuilt parts and new parts. This is rediculous. On top of that, I have to pay for every oil change and tire rotation. I got nothing and get nothing for all of these problems and still have to make the monthly paymt on a car that isn't even safe! When is this going to be taken care of? I refuse to constantly be driving a courtesy car, gassing that up, replacing all the gas that they use and then gassing up my daughters car. I cannot afford this anymore! I have a child with some special needs and she has appointments almost every evening and so I have to take her to them. I surely don't want to be driving a car that I am not used to in the snow and ice. GM, you need to contact me. I have submitted all my info to you but have not even gotten an email from the person that it was referred to. Wow, I am feeling really confident here. And I am paying you on the balance owed on this vehicle!
  • Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been on for a while as the computer died. Will, are you all up for a big laugh?
    The dealer had a tech come out to "test drive" my Nox. I dropped it off the other day and the guy went to the gas station to fill it up and drove it for 27 miles and got a whopping 45.76mpg!! This was driving on a flat freeway at 65mph with no A/C. He drove a few more test drives at different speeds and got 39mpg and finally 26mpg. The car is only rated at 22 - 32mpg! Hhhuummmm...what a crock. The more I think about this the more I fume! Driving conditions vary from road conditions, hills, mountains, traffic, wind, rain, etc. You can't tell me that you can go out and drive 27 freakin' miles and get 45mpg when the car is only rated at best 32mpg. Go figure that one out. I calculated the total mileage since I've had the car and averaged out to 18mpg. That is a far cry from 22mpg GM.
    If I could afford to dump the car and get something else, I would but I'm pretty well stuck with this crappy car! As you can tell, I'm not a happy camper at all. This is my second Nox and I wish that I had never bought another Chevy!
  • I also get poor gas mileage. The best on the highway was filling up at one station, straight interstate and then filling up again and got a whopping 25mpg. Oh yeah we did pull off to get a hamburger and then back on I guess that is why my mileage went down. Maybe I should have the miracle driver teach me how to get drive better to get rated mileage!
  • The never ending.
    We need to make sure that you have ALL the issues that this car has had:
    *Bad Battery (6 days after purchase)
    *Bad Wipers (all peeling back, just had to buy new ones this weekend) *Bad ECM (cam shaft/actuators)
    *Bad Transmission Plates
    *Computer does not illuminate and display codes
    *Hard Shift both Auto and Manual
    *Poor Gas Mileage
    *RPMs all over the place
    *Sudden downshift that throws you forward
    These are all the issues that this has had and they want me to let them fix it and still drive a rebuilt car that after financing was almost $30,000? I finally have a case file with GM but SERIOUSLY? I am contacting an atty regarding Lemon Law. So there my $300/month vehicle sits, at the dealership after more miles for 3 days have been put on it and I am supposed to pay insurance on this car and make the paymts on this car and when they finally get it back to me all rebuilt I am supposed to be happy? I think maybe junking it and get me a new one with the V-6 is what they need to be doing. And GM, quit out-sourcing the parts! I bought Chevy for American made and evidently, that is not happening. Rebuilding the car is not going to make it right. And then the dealership telling me not to call GM until it has been fixed? I may be a woman but I am far from stupid, nice try Conklin Cars. I will be sure to email Scott Conklin on this issue also!
    I have to give Sarah and Christina a thank you for finally getting this a case file number and getting District Specialist calling me but I really don't see that rebuilding this car is the right thing. The right thing is to replace it. :lemon: :sick:
  • Well, I got my car back finally, had it 4 days and back to the dealership. It stalled again and made a terrible squeaky hinge type noise. They had it two weeks and couldn't find anything wrong. I drove it 2 more weeks and smoke came pouring out from under my hood. Completely lost all the coolant. Towed again back to the dealer... what the hell is wrong with these cars? I don't want it any longer. I want GM to buy it back from me. What do I do to make this happen? There are hundreds of stories like this - so why aren't the cars totally recalled? Why are they being advertised so greatly on TV? Why did Consumer Reports rate this car with 5 stars? What the hell is going on?
  • Over on another board I posted about my engine revving and jerking. The rpm's sticking on 4000 and the dealer could not get a code nor could he duplicate it. Well a gentlemen informed me of the identical problem on his 2011 equinox. They could not at first find anything but the mechanic decided to ride with him and it happened in the parking lot. This gentleman has given me the work order with the parts, codes and everything that his service department did. His car is running fine now. He had the work done oct 26th.
  • Lizf2011, I would be very interested in following and supporting your case. I am just in the beginning of mine and hoping to gain more support from this forum. Please post how we may unite forces and share the experience of taking a new car apart, "Fixing" it, and then have it fall apart week after week.

    I am going to alert my attorney general (Connecticut) and see what support we have. It is not a dealer issue - it is a Detroit issue. Good luck!
  • I took my NEW Equinox to the dealer upon receiving the recall notice - 11195B - Product Emission - Reprogram Engine Control. Evidently, with 4,000 miles on the car, the damage had been done. The recall reached me too late. The car has been at the dealer becuase the timing chain and gears were damaged (destroyed) and the cam shaft has been damaged. While repairing, the dealer also found other "Recall related issues". They are not sure when the repair will be completed.
    I am concerned for several reasons: First, the car is only 4 months old, second, will these repairs compromise the engines performance and reliability, and third, why am I the consumer notifying the Chevy Customer Service center of the problem? Is this not the responsibility of the dealer?
    I am not happy - are there others with this issue? What are you doing about it?
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