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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    edited November 2013
    I find the comment of the "service manager" to be VERY interesting. Lets try to put some automotive logic into this situation! ----- "IF" raw fuel is getting into the engine oil because of the engine being a "direct injection engine" that means that the fuel injectors are over fueling the cylinder or for some reason the fule being injected into the engine is NOT being burned. If the injectors were over fueling the cylinders the engine would idle rough, (like a flooding Carb.), and there would be black exhaust smoke coming our of the tail pipe. In your posting you stated that you have sent oil samples for third part analysis twice and all came back clean of gasoline. Based on that I would have to believe that no raw fuel exists in the oil, but the smell of raw fuel could come from a leak in the engine compartment. Is it possible that the sample that you are sending out for analysis somehow "sits" and allows the gasoline to evaporate before it is examined. If the oil smells like raw gasoline there has to be gasoline in the oil to some extent. It would be an interesting experiment to put some type of gasoline dye into the fuel, and see if it ends up in the oil. I do not know if this is possible!!!!! ---- When you drain the oil, do you get a big odor of raw gasoline? ----- Raw fuel in the engine oil will destroy the lubricating characteristic of the engine oil, and this will cause mechanical problems in the engine, and oil burning problems through the PCV system. ----- How often do you change your oil? ------ When you change your oil do you notice that the viscosity of the oil is thinner? ----- The whole point of a "direct injection engine" is to get complete combustion, and complete combustion to me means no raw fuel left over in the cylinder! ----- All the best! ----- Dwayne
  • Just bought a 2011 Chevy Equinox 4 cylinder, had I have read these posts I NEVER EVER would have bought this piece of crap vehicle! I bought it at a local Chevy dealership and loved how the vehicle looked how it drove but then it was 5 days after the purchase we started noticing a couple ,what we thought was little things. HA what an understatement that is! They had to replace the fuel pump,water pump AND timing chain! And now we smell gas in the oil!!!!!!!!!!! We tried to return this piecer to them ,as they have a 30 day trade off if we don't like the vehicle etc. and now im getting the run around! I know theres a lemon law in N.D. so tell me what else can I do because im so sick and tired of talking to these people and they are NOT solving the problem only adding fuel to the fire,so to speak??? I have been a diehard Chevy owner for years and after owning this vehicle and the problems already and what is to come, im rapidly turning away from Chevy period! SHAME ON GM FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH A PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    If they have a 30 day return policy and you are under the mileage, do not play around get an attorney! ---- Dwayne
  • The 2011 Equinox has engine problems and I want to know WHY THEY ARE NOT BEING RECALLED! I am so fed up. I have had all the tires replaced, all 4 speakers replaced, the shifting mechanism replaces, all four door handles replaced, and currently the engine is knocking! GM says this is normal and other than putting a silencer on it there is nothing else they can do!! Bull____!! If they don't recall this thing I AM CALLING MY LAWER. I am so over GM vehicles - what junk. It also hesitates but they said that is also normal and it runs loud. The engine even knocks when no one is in it because I was putting my golfs clubs in one day and it just started knocking! The sticker promised 32mpg hwy which is also crap. The only good thing I can say is that the dealership I go to is amazing and I feel sorry for them having to put up with the problems with this piece of junk. So finally GM offered me $2500 to get rid of it! You are kidding - right! That made me even more furious! Why do we put up with this - I purchased a new vehicle so I would not have to be calling a car dealership all the time.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Possible solution to your problem. ----- If your vehicle is still under the original new vehicle warranty, and you are "up-to-date" with all your service, go back to your dealer, and purchase a Top Of The Line GM Extended Warranty for the "maximum mileage," and the "maximum years" with zero deductible. ----- Now, you will be in the "driver's seat." ----- You know, it will pay for itself because it is only a matter of time before the engine or the transmission fails. ----- With an extended GM warranty the manufacturer will have to continue to repair this vehicle on their dime. ---- One engine or one transmission repair will cost the price of the warranty! ---- I have a 100,000 mile "top of the line" GM warranty on my 2010 LTZ 2.4 Malibu. Once it gets to 95,000 miles it is good by GM! ---- Dwayne.
  • I am currently on my 2nd equinox and extremely unhappy !!!! Purchased the first one in March of 2011 basically the first month I had it, it was in the shop 23 days. The transmission went out in it. First they told me they were going to rebuild it. I refused ! and then they told me they would replace it (the transmission) I refused! I bought a new car and paid $25000. I didn't want it pieced together. Through lots of complaining and a lil more money my dealer bought it back from me and I picked out another one. I'm thinking whats the odds of this happening twice. . . .hmmmm

    To make a long story short Equinox #2 the engine keeps stalling - at least 4 times a day. I pulled out in traffic leaving work and it stalled on me and I almost got hit. HUGE liability for Chevrolet ! I brought it to my dealer. They changed the cam shaft sensor and did an oil change and they recommended a premium fuel service. I paid $200 for the maintenance and the other work was covered under my extended warranty. Less than 2 weeks later its worse than when I brought it and I'm out the $200. Ive done everything by the book. All service and maintenance from the dealer. What I want now is for Chevrolet to buy back this piece of junk. Im extremely unhappy with my car. Chevrolet needs to take care of this or there needs to be a class action law suit. This is just ridiculous !!!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    This has to be a VERY stressful experience for you as the owner of the 2nd Chevrolet Equinox! ------ Lets look at the facts about this vehicle. ---- 1st, the track record of this vehicle since 2010 has been very poor! ---- 2nd, GM and the dealers know about the problems with this vehicle! ---- 3rd, GM and the dealers continue to sell this vehicle to people! ---- 4th, GM must be reading these postings! ---- 5th, there has NOT been any improvement with regards to warranty service and customer relations! ---- You want GM and the dealer to buy this vehicle back! That sounds like a good suggestion, but you will take a bath financially because they will not give you the full value of the vehicle. ---- The important questions are; ---- why can't they repair the vehicle? ---- Why can't they trouble shoot the vehicle? ---- Do they want to fix the vehicle? ---- You mentioned in your posting that you were almost killed pulling out into traffic. ---- This could be a VERY BIG issue should someone get killed and / or injured, and the attorney uses the postings on this site as proof of defective vehicles. ----- You see in life, what goes around does come around. It might take a long time but eventually, poor performance and poor quality, and poor customer service will bite you in the rear! ---- That is just the way life works. ---- I almost purchased a new 2010 Equinox. If it had a "power seat on the passenger side" I would have owned one, but I purchased a 2010 LTZ Malibu! ----- It is one thing to produce a poor quality vehicle, and it is another thing to demonstrate poor customer service. ------ All the best! ----- Dwayne
  • Dwayne thank you for replying. I should NOT have to purchase an overpriced extended warranty! GM/Chevrolet needs to RECALL the 2011 Equinox.
    They are JUNK and everyone knows it. Does it take someone getting killed because it stalls in traffic due to a bad engine before this happens? I want someone from GM to contact me or I am calling 9News in Denver and have them look into this issue.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    I understand your problem, but the reality is that no one cares about the issues. --- As vehicle customers, ---- we are all numbers! ----- We are expendable! ---- They have our money! ------ If you get on "9 news" you might get some attention, or they might just ignore you! ------ It is a numbers game. ---- If it costs more to fix all these vehicles, as opposed to taking a hit on not selling future vehicles, ---- they will not fix the vehicles. ----- When I was much younger, my father purchased a NEW 1964 Chevrolet 283 V8 Station Wagon that was the vehicle from hell! ---- I was in a technology program in college, and I used this vehicle to transport my projects to and from school. ---- (The vehicle came with a one year / 12,000 mile warranty and no extended warranty was available in those days.) From day one, the 283 had weak valve springs in the engine. ----- Off idle the engine would bounce in the vehicle. The dealer did nothing! --- We ran that car for 60,000 miles, and I traded it for a 1968 Ford! ----- It had 60,000 miles. During that time, we did a valve job, and we replaced the power-glide transmission, and yes the vehicle was served by the book at the dealer.----- The vehicle also had a tracking problem in side winds. ----- (I solved the problem by running the rear tires with 2 additional pounds of air than the front tires.) ---- The bottom line is that the quality of the vehicle was very poor! ----- My father had a "top of the line 1962 Impala" with a 283 V8 that was fully loaded with a three speed manual trans. This vehicle had a clutch that only "chattered in reverse" when the vehicle was hot, and backing up a slight hill. The dealer could never find the problem. (Over the years we replaced motor and transmission mounts, the complete clutch assembly and all the universal joints, and the dealer never solved the problem.) ----- All the best. ---- Dwayne
  • If there is a class action, please let me know. I am bringing it in for a recall next week. Oil life monitor software, I was down 2quarts and didn't know and car states still 55% oil life. What if I need a new motor? It is making a piston noise. They also stated I may fall under special coverage for timing chain-engine balance, fuel, and pump. If the diagnostics say nothing, then I have to pay for it out of pocket. I don't have that cash for the test, nor a new motor. My first newer car, it's a 2011 and I have had it only a few months. Not a happy camper here. Any advice will be helpful. They should be liable if there is motor wear since no lights or warnings came on
  • sma1sma1 Posts: 20
    Have them monitor your vehicle for oil consumption. Took 18 months and many free rentals cuz they couldn't figure out my equinox. It took one mechanic who did my oil change to discover that the was a problem.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705

    A "Class Action law suit" requires someone to start the process. Most people who have this problem vehicle do not have the money to fix the vehicle, let alone start a law suit! And here in lies the problem! ---- The vehicle manufacturers understand this concept VERY WELL. ------ For "justice to be served" it would take a person with money who could put their problem vehicle into storage, hire a "high priced attorney" along with the necessary automotive experts, and initiate the "legal / media / public relations process" whereby the longer it takes for the manufacturer to repair, replace and / or purchase back the vehicle, the more "NEGATIVE PRESS" hits the "media world" thus eating into the manufacturer's new vehicle sales figures! ----- You see to get their attention, the customer base must hit the vehicle manufacturer's where it hurst, and that place is in NEW vehicle sales! ------- No vehicle manufacturer, be it foreign or domestic, cares about the individual customer. The only time they demonstrate their concern is when there is an "issue" with a large group of customers, and their sales are taking a hit! ---- When Toyota was having a problem with their "unintended acceleration issue" my wife and I attended the N.Y. Auto Show. Since we own both a GM and Toyota vehicles we stopped at the Toyota display. We spoke to a factory representative about the new vehicles. She asked us if we were interested in a new Toyota. My wife respond YES, but we only want the one with the "unintended acceleration package," because "that package" makes it easy to operate the vehicle since we DO NOT have to press on the accelerator! ----- The factory representative did not know what to say! ---- Point made! ---- All the best. Dwayne
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Your point is well taken. I remember a number of years ago an owner questioned the odometer reading on his vehicle (I believe it was a Honda or Mercedes). The owner had two vehicles, one from the manufacturer in question, and the other from another manufacturer. He drove from point A to point B on different occasions using each vehicle. He found that the vehicle in question was registering a greater distance. He asked friends who travelled the same route to record the mileage. Sure enough the mileage matched his other vehicle but not the vehicle in question. This may sound trivial but what it means is that the vehicle's warranty expires in a shorter period of time. The transmission failed on the vehicle in question a few hundred miles over the limit. He argued the mileage was overstated and that the vehicle was within the warranty's mileage limit. The manufacturer tried to blow him off but they picked the wrong guy for this fight because he was a litigation attorney and was obviously financially well off. He organized the class action suit himself. Eventually, the manufacturer had to extend the warranties for all owners.
  • I've had several issues with my 2011 chevrolet equinox since I purchased new in September 2010. The most recent issue after paying $300.00 for the timing chain and policy issues repairs a week ago. This past weekend my car starting shaking and flashed a message "engine reducing power" and something about the stabili. This happened while parked at the high school waiting on my daughter. Also, on the way to Church this morning the car did the same thing as mentioned above 3 times, but this happened while driving down the road. We had to pull over and restart the car. We were praying we would make it to Church and we did. This vehicle has given me problems since about 2 months after I purchased. Does anyone have any advice?

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,125

    @dxesimn4 said: I've had several issues with my 2011 chevrolet equinox since I purchased new in September 2010. The most recent issue after paying $300.00 for the timing chain and policy issues repairs a week ago. This past weekend my car starting shaking and flashed a message "engine reducing power" and something about the stabili. This happened while parked at the high school waiting on my daughter. Also, on the way to Church this morning the car did the same thing as mentioned above 3 times, but this happened while driving down the road. We had to pull over and restart the car. We were praying we would make it to Church and we did. This vehicle has given me problems since about 2 months after I purchased. Does anyone have any advice?

    Hello dxesimn4,

    I apologize that you've experienced these issues with your Equinox. I understand your frustration and would like to try and assist with your current concerns. Can you please private message us your full contact information, VIN, mileage, and the name of the dealership you've been working with? We'd like to work on contacting them to see what options are available to you towards addressing your current vehicle concern.

    We look forward to hearing from you,

    Amber N. GM Customer Care

  • kibbles991kibbles991 Posts: 1
    edited March 12
     I've had my 2011 Equinox for almost three years now, never had any issues until just the other

    day. aside from the vehicle getting poor gas mileage my wife had an issue the other day which appears to be common amongst other owners. Traveling on the roadway heading towards the highway the car began to idle rough and stalled out without warning. She lost power steering and died in the middle of the road. She was able to get it running but it died quickly thereafter, then the engine light comes on and it dies again. Third time it died she was lucky enough to get it in a parking lot. Had it towed to the dealer and they called later that day and said all set come pick it up, just needed an oil change. When we questioned the engine failure then the service manager told us it was 2 1/2 quarts low on oil. The manager set us up to return every 500 miles for them to check the oil level. Talk about an inconvenience. Driving home the engine ran rough again and began shifting abruptly and the tachometer jumped to 6000-7000 rpm's on the highway. The following day all the lights on the dash lit up and the engine ran rough but didn't stall out. We returned today and the mechanic agreed there was a problem but would have to do a diagnostic check to see what's up. He did tell the manager that the vehicle definitely had a safety issue and told him to give us a rental, so I appreciate his honesty. The vehicle is at the dealership and we are awaiting some info on its condition. I see many others out there with similar issues. after all said and done was the issue fixed or did it have problems continuously after the repair. thanks for any info.

  • bobbyseebobbysee Posts: 1

    I own a 2011 Equinox purchased used in Oct 2013. I definitely have loved every minute of having it until the day before yesterday when without warning while slowing down to stop for stopped traffic at a traffic light my car went completely dead. There were no lights on the dash, the motor stopped running and fortunately I was able to coast the car to the right shoulder of the road. I had to put the car in park, removed the key from the ignition switch, reinserted it and restarted the car. It almost mirrors the problem GM is having with the Cobalt and a few of their other vehicles. With that in mind, after restarting my Equinox I jiggled the ignition switch with the key to see if I could duplicate the problem. The car continued to run and I drove home without any more such incidents. The following day I took the car to the local Chevy dealer and they ran a diagnostics check which turned up no faults found. Since the power went completely off the computer was also off and therefore no faults were recorded. I am now scared to drive it thinking what would have happened had I been on the interstate traveling at 70 mph? Without the power I had no power steering or brakes and in all likelihood the air bags if needed would not have deployed. I have just turned 37000 miles on the odometer, 3000 of those since I have owned it. The ironic thing about this is I traded in a Cobalt to purchase it before we, the public, were aware of the Cobalt power problems. I drove the cobalt putting 101000 miles on it with only one problem. Shortly after purchasing it I was driving in the dark during a heavy rain storm and my headlights and tail lights cut off. It's not something I would wish to do again. I was able to make it home and the next day took it to the dealership where they ran a diagnostics check and had to replace the electronic control module (ECM). Since the replacement of the ECM I never had another problem with it. It was a good little car with great fuel mileage and I knew prior to purchasing the Equinox that I would be giving up the economy which I had become so accustomed to.

    I now wonder if the problem which GM is currently having with the Cobalt is actually being caused by the ignition switch. It is cheaper and quicker to replace the ignition switch than it is to replace a ECM. I guess only time will tell as the ignition switches are replaced to see if the problem still exists.

    In the meantime I now have a car that I thought I would love but am quite hesitant to drive it. I had planned on using it for some long trips this summer but now wonder if I should rent a non-GM vehicle to make those trips or to get rid if the Equinox for something more dependable.

  • fredweddfredwedd Posts: 1


    Last year I brought a new 2013 Equinox for my wife. Just a few days ago we she states the car is jerking while idling and sounds rough. So yesterday, I actually drove the vehicle to see what she was referring to. I did notice that the car sounded rough (like one person posted, pennies in a can), and also was jerking when I came to a stop after riding for a while.

    I wasn't able to read through all the comments left here on this blog, but can anyone give me some advise in reference to this?

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,125

    Hello fredwedd,

    We are sorry to hear of the concerns you and your wife are experiencing with your 2013 Chevrolet Equinox. I understand that you are seeking the advice of your fellow forum members and we may not be able to provide any technical advice. However, I'd be happy to reach out to your dealership on your behalf about your concerns with your vehicle jerking while in idle. Please reach out to me via email at Attn:Andraya if any additional assistance is needed.

    Thank you,

    Andraya R. GM Customer Care

  • brokenanjelbrokenanjel Posts: 1
    edited June 15

    The question is when is the company going to recall the vehicles?? We are all complaining about the same issues and the model range is 2010-2013 Equinoxs! So obviously the company has to be well aware of the issues...and have not done anything to completely resolve the issue in existing models or correct the newer ones. This to me says a lot about the company. This was my first Chevrolet and this will be my last. I am highly upset with the fact that I struggle to work and go to school and bought a new car that has done nothing but cost me extra money and almost my life! My car suddenly died at a stop light a few months ago, then started up as if nothing was wrong, I took it to my Mechanic and found I had no oil. On my way to the Mechanic it died as I was turning at a 3-way stop, and obviously the vehicle coming from the opposite direction was expecting me to keep moving! I took it to the dealership after explaining the problem...they SUPPOSEDLY fixed the issue and said their was a recall on the vehicle and I just needed the software updated. Everything was fine for a few months...and guess what?! Last month I checked my oil only after a few weeks of getting an oil change because I was taking a road trip...I HAD NO oil light or anything came on. So again I have to go deal with the morons at my dealership that can't seem to find the problem and only want to charge me for this and that extra services...and get moody when I refuse. My car has also downshifting when it shouldn't be, up shifting when I accelerate causing jerking motions and the engine sounds horrible!

  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 155

    Wow! Sure sounds to me like the majority of these vehicles should have NEVER left the assembly line!

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