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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • I have had all the same problems that you all have had. excessive oil consumption, loud engine noise, smell of gas during idle, smell of gas all the time, check engine light, and a ton of other problems. I received all of the notices from GM and presented them to my dealer. I got the fuel pump replaced, and all the recalls performed, including the ECU for the oil change timing. I am still having problems with excessive oil usage, reduced gas mileage, smell of gas during idle, loud engine noise, and definitely reduced power. I keep getting the runaround from my dealership, and it is getting old. It is a shame that GM doesnt get more involved with the way that their customers are being treated by the dealerships wearing their logos (that represent them). I don't understand why a dealership wouldnt want to make a customer happy and have their return business. I have read all of these stories about customers getting contacted by GM and given new engine replacements, and credits for repairs... I will believe that when I see it. Unfortunately, at this point, I am definitely losing alot of faith in GM products. Its a shame... Well GM... thanks for nothing. At this point, I am hoping that my Nox is still running by the time I have actually finished buying it from the bank.
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