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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • I have had all the same problems that you all have had. excessive oil consumption, loud engine noise, smell of gas during idle, smell of gas all the time, check engine light, and a ton of other problems. I received all of the notices from GM and presented them to my dealer. I got the fuel pump replaced, and all the recalls performed, including the ECU for the oil change timing. I am still having problems with excessive oil usage, reduced gas mileage, smell of gas during idle, loud engine noise, and definitely reduced power. I keep getting the runaround from my dealership, and it is getting old. It is a shame that GM doesnt get more involved with the way that their customers are being treated by the dealerships wearing their logos (that represent them). I don't understand why a dealership wouldnt want to make a customer happy and have their return business. I have read all of these stories about customers getting contacted by GM and given new engine replacements, and credits for repairs... I will believe that when I see it. Unfortunately, at this point, I am definitely losing alot of faith in GM products. Its a shame... Well GM... thanks for nothing. At this point, I am hoping that my Nox is still running by the time I have actually finished buying it from the bank.
  • tdw1954tdw1954 Posts: 7
    roykulp said:

    I find the chevy Nox drama / issues interesting; how some owners bash, threaten legal action, over-re-acting when the GM Vehical has a 100K bumber to bumber warranty and dealer loaner is provided.

    Is that what your salesman told you? LOL

  • obnoxiouschevyobnoxiouschevy Posts: 3
    edited February 25
    Another update on my cruddy car. It has been about a month since having the transmission totally rebuilt, then an o2 sensor replaced days later. The check engine light came on again this past Friday night, couldn't get anyone to pick up the phone or return my call Saturday (yes, they're open) so I had to take MORE time off of work to get it to the dealership Monday where it had a catalytic converter replaced. Took yet more time off to go pick it up today and didn't even make it HOME before the check engine light was on again. I have only had this job for two months and have had to be late or leave early SIX TIMES because of this car. My boss is mad, my job is in jeopardy and my car is a lemon. Well done GM.
  • nomoregm11nomoregm11 Posts: 1
    I bought 2 brand new Chevy cars in one visit to a dealership ... a 2011 Chevy Cruze and a 2011 Chevy Equinox. That was the biggest mistake I have ever made. My experience with both cars has been horrible and the service department here in Chase Chevrolet in Stockton, CA is so incompetent, rude and arrogant. At one point the service agent asked me if I know how to read ... WOW!! I spoke with the service manager and it seems that attitude is tolerated. I have escalated several of my issues to corporate GM to no avail. My gripe and experience seems to be consistent with everyone else in this forum. I am a very patient/forgiving person but I think I have had it already. I should have listened to my wife to get rid of both vehicles long time ago and I have decided to do so. I've received so many class-action lawsuit letters on both vehicles and will be exploring that option now.
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    Ouch. You may want to write your experiences up over on Dealer Ratings and Reviews too.

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