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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • Yes you can, most of us can. My remark was that "I have the dealer do them", and it's because I have them do all maintenance while under warranty. I do all my work, even major repair after warranty is expired. I am all for doing it yourself, I just know how hard they try to avoid paying for warranty repair. Good luck to you on your Equinox. We love ours, except for the fact that the drivetrain, to this point, is unreliable. Just turned 30,000 mile and has had engine and transmission repairs, because of breakdown. It is a great design in so many ways, I hope they can fix it.
  • jingles99jingles99 Posts: 13
    Hi, on going report on the problems with my 2011 4 cylinder. Yesterday the check engine light came on while my wife was driving it. The vehicle began to run very rough. She feared it was going to stall out. This was while driving on I 95 near PHL. She was able to get it home. I set up an appointment with my dealer. Still under warranty. Last night the light went out. Today the dealer reported that the gas pump was leaking gas directly into the oil. They installed a new fuel pump. I don't know how long this has been leaking gas into the oil, but it cant be good. Dealer said they had to charge me for the oil change, as GM would not cover it, as it was maintenance. I had changed the oil 2300 miles ago, and wasn't due for one yet. Beyond me how they would have kept the same oil in the engine, even though it was diluted with gasoline, through no fault of my own. They also did the software recall update. On a side note, dealer had replaced the timing chain/belt and water pump in July, as I was having the loud rumbling noise on start up, which it still does. Also had it back to dealer in August, as the noise continued. Of course they could not duplicate it, nor where any codes stored. Otherwise, its a great car....not.
  • bob2560bob2560 Posts: 8
    loud rumbling noise on start up is correct by TSB (technical service bulletin) 1195B from Chevy. The cam shaft phasers, the control values to the camshaft phases need to be replace and the screens need to be cleaned, software needs to be updated. Keep excellent records, have the dealer change the oil as needed, and check the oil level at gas up. Read the TSB just sent to all 2011 owners regarding the software up date of the oil wear gauge and follow the suggestions. Have the dealer check the spark plugs and the engine sensors for fouling from the gasoline contamination of the oil. Have him do a cylinder compression test to gauge the cylinder wear from the gasoline contamination.
    When checking the engine oil level, smell the oil for gasoline. If the dealer is not sure, have him call GM technical support for the dealers. You can get a copy of TSB 1195B from the NHTSA.
  • jingles99jingles99 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.
  • johninmnjohninmn Posts: 3
    edited April 2013
    I bought my 2011 Eq. LTZ 4cyl.Nov. 2010. It is back in for the "Timing Chain Actuators". It shut down after I auto started it. Got in started it and the check engine light was on. Checked the oil and it was low. 44% left on life. Took it to the dealer to get the engine light checked. No codes. He reset it and the car started to stall in reverse and run crappy, noisy. Set up an appt. for the recall on oil life and an oil change. That's when they told me about the actuators.
    The car has been in for: Sun roof loose,(removed interior and glued bracket) bottom of doors rusty on the inside,(repainted all four of the doors), High Pressure fuel pump,( there was gas in the oil, noise right side of motor, (replace water pump gears and followers). I now have the form from GM to do an oil consumption check. My 2011 seems to have had all the problems that I have read about on this forum. MY BIGGEST QUESTION IS, ARE THE PARTS THEY CHANGE THE ORGINAL OR ARE THEY AN UPDATED VERSION. Are my problems going to keep reoccurring?? If they keep reoccurring I will get an extended warranty on the drive train. My dealer is always understanding and concerned . Always get a loner and they keep me informed. Can you swap a v6 into a four??? :) John
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    When the vehicle approaches the end of the powertrain warranty, you probably want to trade it in. Too many issues. As for swapping the 6 for the 4 cylinder, that's not practical. Different engine mounts and bolt patterns and different gearing with the transmissions. Good luck.
  • All I can say is GOOD LUCK! I recently had an accident because of the issue that was supposed to have been fixed. I started my "Nox" and put it in reverse, and the engine raced so hard I could not hold it with the brakes. I struck a carport and damaged the liftgate! If someone had been behind me, well I don't like to think about it. I was told that they "could not duplicate the problem" upon inspection. Well I guess not, that would be a problem for GM if they could huh? It IS a problem, all over the country, and we need to get together and make it their problem! I am speaking to my attorney next week. He has suggested a Social Media awareness to bring us all together. Let's do this!
  • johninmnjohninmn Posts: 3
    Didn't answer my question. Are the new parts a permanent fix. Does anyone know!
  • Chevy took mine back. I had a great dealer. The 4 cyl. Has engine flaws that Chevy is aware of. My advice to all get rid of it especially if its stalling. It's not worth getting injured or killed!
  • sma1sma1 Posts: 20
    I'm in... my email address is . .. A class action suit would be a good thing too. This blows my mind that Chevy can continue to get away with this. If you read back in these message boards you will see the issues I had. What a joke.
  • sma1sma1 Posts: 20
    I traded for a v6. I'm sorry but I paid for factory installed and I'm not going to have my motor ripped apart. I had my 2011 equinox for 18 months and the problems kept piling up. I put an end to it when I found out my motor was consuming oil Enough was enough. I lost alot of money and gm insulted me by only putting $3000 toward my new vehicle and I gained an 18 months of a car payment. .. so basically gm came out a head. .
  • johninmnjohninmn Posts: 3
    They changed the timing gears, chain, and actuators. I had them do a compression check. Checked ok, they said. Runs great again. So! I now think I have replaced all the problem parts that I have read about on this forum. Now! Are the new parts an updated version??? There are so many NOX on the road they can't all have these problems. I got a form from the dealer for oil consumption. Doc. ID: 2714857, #01-06-011G: Information on oil consumption guidelines-(Sep 28, 2011. Instructions and a form to fill out.
  • What was the problem with the vehicle??
  • Because they will put you on the mechanics "sucker list". Once you start taking it to the dealer, you will have problems forever thereafter. Trust me.
  • bob2560bob2560 Posts: 8
    What has been the flow up?
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Anyone that buys into; not getting a new vehical serviced at GM dealer is just looking at have issues with warranty work down road..My 2010 nox purchased in Oct 09 has only been serviced at GM Dealer and never missed a scheduled 4000mi oil change filters Etc. over last 55.000 mi. Any warranty issues i experienced have been resolved at no cost to me; rental car always provided I can not say one negative thing abput this truck; its been great and saves me money on gas. Being said; I look forward to trading up for a 2014 Nox this winter; Im sure this 2nd generation Nox and 4th production Yr Nox Truck will be awsome!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Great to hear that you've had a gratifying experience with your Equinox and the dealership! If you ever have any future questions regarding your vehicle or the 2014 Nox just let us know!

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • lsmithhartlsmithhart Posts: 21
    So tell us all, why are you on this site in the first place? This is not the "I'm perfectly happy" blog site. This is a place to come and compare notes WHEN YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. You should write about your GOOD nox on the GM site. We are the ones who were stuck witht the LEMONS.

    So if your here to try to make us look like morons, it will not work. We have bad vehicles, we have lemons or we have minor problems... but we have problems. You seem to have none. So go somewhere to brag about that, but let us talk to each other about these problems. You can, of course, be a bit considerate. That never hurts. Telling us that your vehicle is fine and great... well that just sound like you don't believe that we have these problems at all. or, that we should be lucky, like you. Either way, I don't see the point.
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    Hello Amber...Please forward any information available for 2014 Nox I will be trading up later this year... All The Best
  • nox123nox123 Posts: 76
    I'm certinally not coming to this site for fluff and drama; I'm come here for the mechanical facts and constructive feedback most owners convey. I totally discount nonsense, drama and cheap shots people take at this #1 rated SUV. Being said; need to grow a thicker skin this is a national site for voicing oppinons! I have had a fair to good experience with my 2010 Nox and any issues I had including minor engine; have all been resolved by GM professionaly. I appoigize for being up-beat and positive about my 2010 55k 4cyl Nox and giving my Florida Dealers a High Five for Great Sevice!
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