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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello Again,

    So there is not much information available for the 2014 Equinox just yet. What I can tell you is the 2014 starts production in August. Let me know if you need help finding the perfect vehicle for you!

    Take Care

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • katph062000katph062000 Posts: 19
    Indeed they are on the list..LOL...My Attorney finally got Chevy to buy my new equinox back under the lemon some lemon is driving it. Who else would drive it with those issues it had? SO gald to be rid of it..Good lord. I did have to pay a user fee for miles on it which was not much then it was paid off and all my attorneys fees were paid. I now have a beautiful Dodge Journey..NO ISSUES at all and going on 2 yrs onld. I do miss the look of my equinox..I loved it...I loved my car when it ran well but it was risking my life and my families...with it stopping on and off. I hope they gety the issues fixed one day so I can maybe own another years down the road. They are beautiful cars and drive well when they drive at all.
  • katph062000katph062000 Posts: 19
    Lemon Law Attorney? They will take the case...its well known. They bought mine back under the Lemon Law. Good luck...The law is on your side.
  • lsmithhartlsmithhart Posts: 21
    That may be the way to go. I am having hesitation problems again, and it was just "checked out" by a factory GM representative. He said everything seemed to be fine and that he could not "reproduce" the problem. Well I do, at least twice a week! I will say that it has not broken down since they worked on the transmission. I did have a small accident when it revved while in reverse and I was to close to prevent hitting a carport. I still don't know what causes the start-up revving, I just have to be cautious when I start the Nox. It sucks! I will ask my attorney who he recommends for the lemon law case.
  • zzrcharliezzrcharlie Posts: 4
    Nox was back at dealer 4/26/13 to get the start up noise looked at, again. This time it quit running once and then the check engine light came on. Camshaft actuator solenoids replaced and ecu reprogrammed. I hope this does the trick. I was informed that these parts are the upgraded/updated versions that are going on these I-4 motors on the 2012/13 models. I still like this car too, it fits me and does what I need it to do. I am still getting in the 26mpg range combined millage out of it too, which I'll take any day. As far as should I have bought a CRV or
    a Rav 4?, no thanks. Mostly all I see in them is old people and for good reason, I think. They are ugly and do not have the interior like the Nox does. And they don't ride/drive like it either. Just an opinion. The Nox does sometimes look a bit generic but ugly, it's not. Inside or outside. Like was stated, just an opinion.
  • lsmithhartlsmithhart Posts: 21
    My wife loves the Nox, she just can't drive it right now. She does not think it is safe. I agree with the way it rides (except the stutter shift occasionally) and the looks... nice. I was unfortunate enough to buy one of the "lemon" versions, and I have had trouble with sudden high revving upon starting the vehicle. It is very rare (4 time now in 1.5 years), but I did hit a carport with one of them. Another time it broke down immediately after, in a shady part of Richmond Va. I was not happy with any of them, but those two... well, I was fuming. I hope I am done with the problems, but not likely. I think I will be looking into Mazda or Toyota next year. It is a shame, I was trying to buy American again! Good luck with yours.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello lsmithhart

    I responded to your issue on another thread. I would like to get more information and possibly help you by looking into this issue. Please email me at ATTN: Jackie. I will do what I can to help you with this issue.

    Chevrolet Customer Care
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello lsmithhart

    Have you spoken with a GM Customer Care agent? I would like to try to help you get these issues resolved. If you would like my help please send me an email with ATTN: Jackie to Please include your full name, current mileage and VIN.

    GM Customer Care
  • ccoreyccorey Posts: 2
    Add another one to the list of burning oil problems. I took it in 2 months ago with a slugging response issue, engine light came on. The service invoice came back with very low oil, then apparently there was a recall (12312) done to the Equinox at that time. They adjusted the the computer settings for the oil life gauge.

    Guess what, two months later (today) it is back in another service center. I did check the oil before it was towed and there was not a drop on the dip stick. I noticed it was sluggish a few days before when turning but did not correlate it as I thought the problem was resolved. Also, noticiced that acceleration is not there this is a big issue when trying to merge on to highway traffic. Nearly got rear-ended when the Equinox did not respond. I don't want to end up in the hospital! I have a daughter to raise by myself. RIP ALMC (Pancreatic Cancer)

    It is now twice that the engine oil was depleted or nearly depleted, this must be good really good for the engine. I am sure I woun't have future engine troubles.

    Currently, waiting to here want the current issue is...Use to love the Equinox, currently heartbroken.
  • This vehicle has been nothing but a disappointment. It has been in the shop more times than I care to count. The Dealership I was taking it to stated after it had been in there every month for about 5 months that there is nothing wrong with it and the car is shifting as designed, that is a bunch of bologna. I know what is normal operation and what is not. I spoke to GM customer care, and they said, well nothing wrong with it. I contacted a lemon law attorney, they asked that we take it to another dealership for a "second opinion". We did and this dealer present an advisory #PI0090E which references what our vehicle does, and a suggested fix. This fix was not applicable to our car, but I thought it funny the first Dealer did not even mention this. We have been dealing with this for over 1 year and I am tired of it... I had been GM tried and true, but after this I don't know...
    Attorney is sending letter to GM...
  • tigbittigbit Posts: 1
    So about a month ago the battery on my 2011 Equinox died. My husband brought the car to autozone and was told that a new battery was needed (even though I knew that the battery was on warranty, we just didn't have time to wait for the dealership - so we chose autozone).
    So we had the battery replaced and a few days later my car wont start. Nothing...the car wouldn't even release my key.

    So we called a towing service assuming that we'd need to have it towed and when they showed up, they popped the hood (to see if they could jump the car off to get it in a better position to tow) and when he did that he said that the battery wasn't "connected". So he got some pliers, tightened it up and the car started...immediately.

    So the car starts fine for about 3 weeks. Earlier this week I start noticing that the car takes a little longer to start. I would crank it all the way and it just seemed to hesitate a little. One time it didn't start at all and I popped the hood to see if the battery connection that the towing service had tightened had come loose again and just by my popping the hood, the car was able to start.

    So yesterday my car won't start again. I pop the hood and that doesn't work. The key is in the ignition and all the lights, radio, everything comes on, but the display is telling me random things like to eject my CD and that I am out of gas (I had just filled up earlier this week).

    So we have it towed to the dealership and after leaving several messages throughout the day I finally get in touch with someone who tells me that the battery has been installed wrong and that it fried some part of my electrical system.

    And the kicker is that they said that since the battery wasn't installed by Chevrolet that whatever they have to fix is not under warranty.

    So my question: is it normal for a car battery to be installed "incorrectly" but to work for a short period of time and THEN finally cause electrical issues?

    It just sounds like Chevrolet is trying to get out of their warranty by blaming it on the battery being installed incorrectly.

    Mind you, I don't know much about vehicles, but it just seems odd that the car would work fine for a period of time and then all of a sudden totally fry the electrical system.

    Any feedback would be great :)
  • sks124sks124 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone, I have a 2010 Equinox and it has been great until I hit about 60,xxx miles. I have high oil consumption, engine knocking and all sorts of other problems. It seems like this is an issue with all 2010 equinoxes. Besides these problems, I love my car. I am going to trade my 2010 in for a different car rather than trying to fix/deal with these issues. Does anyone know about the newer Equinoxes (2013-2014)? Do they have all the problems that the 2010's have or has GM made a change? I really like the design of the Equinox and the great gas mileage, etc but don't want a car that is going to go to sh*t once it hits 60k miles. Thank you all!
  • bob2560bob2560 Posts: 8
    You vehicles power train (engine and tranny) are warrantied by GM for 6 yrs or 100,000 miles. Why not have GM fix these problems with your vehicle and increase it value to you?
  • sma1sma1 Posts: 20
    I had the exact same issues well before 60000 miles on my 2011 equinox which was a 4 cylinder. From what I have read here on Edmunds is that it was the 4 cylinders that had all these problems. I traded for the 2012 equinox... it is a 6 cylinder engine. I'm not at all happy with GM for the way they treated me or my situation. But I was not going to have my engine ripped out and hope the new engine was installed correctly therefore I chose to trade. I'm only 10000 miles into my 2012 equinox but so far so good. Good luck.
  • jujudjujud Posts: 9
    My battery needed jumping 3 times during a 10 day period. Firestone checked battery-fine. Dealership said dead cell & replacing it. I pay $100 & they pay $150. Question- bought new 2 yrs. 1 mo. ago, 36,000 miles- is battery still under warranty? I have had all problems like everyone else-stalling, low gas mileage, rough engine-hesitation & noises, recalls. My warning lights have never come on though. Someone please answer question-I go to pick it up this afternoon....all my info on car is in car glove compartment which they have. Oh, it is a 2011 4 cyl nox.
  • sma1sma1 Posts: 20
    The battery may be bad but it is the vehicle that is your problem. . If the stalling continues. .Make them do an oil consumption test. They replaced so many parts on my truck and it still did not fix the stalling. It turned out the motor was consuming oil. If you are able to, read my original post as it details all the problems I had. The problems you are experiencing are not acceptable. If the stalling continues...your vehicle is not safe to drive as it could stall at any time. Keep pushing them. gm if you have to as the problem is not fixed. You did not pay $25000+ for the dealership to say sorry. ..we can't find anything wrong with your vehicle so there is nothing wrong with it because they say so. They did that to me at least 6 times before the the mechanic at the dealership noticed my motor was consuming oil during an oil change. Good luck!
  • frosty13frosty13 Posts: 1
    this should of been replaced free of charge it has 3 year 36000 mile no deduc warrenty they try to get out of stuff if they can i would take to differnt dealer or call gm cust survice
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,964
    Was the battery coverage that long for the 2011's? The "current" Chevy warranty on the Chevy website says that the "consumable" battery (i.e., not the propulsion ones in the hybrid) is covered up to 12 months only. That link is a pdf file btw.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • jujudjujud Posts: 9
    Dealership did replace battery free. They were going to charge me $100 & cover $160. I could not believe battery cost that much. Said warranty was. 4 years or 31,000 miles. My was 2 yrs &31,500 m. I talked to upper management & told them I was going to get rid of it & go to FORD! Because of all trouble I had with it in 2 yrs. I still have '68 Camaro- my 1st car- with all that said- he quickly smiled & said they would cover full cost of battery. Drove 2 hr. trip to beach next day & ! ALERT BATTERY SAVER message came on. Called dealership & SM had never heard of message-called me back & they had "researched" found it & said it meant that car computer would begin shutting down unnessary things like air, interior lights etc. not ess. To run car! Parked car for a week (vacation) & rode with friends- drove car back no warnings & dealership kept it 3 days - could find NO problems except "it must be possessed" - their words! No it's a lemon- I said.
  • I have similar problem. I have purchased 2011 V6 LT "Nox" last year, It start be noisy at the front wheels cracking 3 moths ago and... No body can find what it is? even GM dealers mechanic... & 8 days ago finally after winter (is July now) on dash board all wheels drive start to changed "automatically" into front it self and after all loosing power on the drive after leaving parking each time when the vehicle is prepared to drive... Now car is in GM dealer ship to test. They didn't find out the problem yet :(..... They saying after first test drive that the car is driving fantastic!!!! Which is very big surprise to me as when I been changing the gear from reversal to drive is loosing the power and make noise .. I don't know what to do next??? I will appreciate for any hint ,Please,
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