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Any experience with 2011 Town and Country?



  • keanezrakeanezra Posts: 8
    I am also having rough shifts while on ECO mode. Please let us know what they tell you @ the dealership. Thanks.
  • edmurphedmurph Posts: 1
    I purchased a new 2011 Town and Country van in May, 2011. The van has been back to the dealer 4 different times because of rattles in the sliding doors. When I start or stop, I can hear the sliding door on the driver's side move slightly. I talked to the mechanic who was able to fix it once and he said that lubed up the doors and that seemed to work. Now, it's a month later and the noise is coming back. The mechanic told me that they had three more vans come in with the same problem. I would like to know if anybody else is having these problems.
  • sangilp84sangilp84 Posts: 13
    What we have recenly found out from the new dealership that was specially assigned to research the problem with our van is that the cam sensor phasers in the new 2011 T & C vans are faulty. Some vans have only one that is faulty, but others have more than one. The phasers are on back order, so that tells me it's a major fault. At least we have some answers.........
  • vangirl3vangirl3 Posts: 6
    please tell me if your van was from the manufacturing plant in Canada or Mexico?
  • sangilp84sangilp84 Posts: 13
    The van was from the Canadian plant
  • keanezrakeanezra Posts: 8
    Thank you for sharing your possible solution.
  • Chrysler has finally found the "code" for the problem that we have with our 2011 Town & Country van. A Cam Sensor "phaser" needs to be replaced. The service technician told us that we only need one phaser, but other people have to replace more than one for their vans. We were told that there were 225 phasers on back order. What does that tell you??!!! Sounds like a "recall" is in order, huh?!
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    none of the caravans or Town & Country's were made in Mexicco. All caravans & Town & Country's are made in Winsor Canada. The engine could have been made in Mexicp or the US. The Windo sticker states which. I would carefully reconsider the van with an engine made in Mexico, as they have had some issues with Mexican made 3.6 L engines. They are retooling to make all engines in the US. The Hemi engines in the cars and trucks are all made inMexico and have no problems. Remember the 3.6 engine is brand new, first year for this engine, and its gots lots of new goodies. I would make sure I got a Chrysler Service Contract to cover the complete van.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    As long as Chrysler is aknowleging the problem, and are getting the back orders caught up there won't be a recall. However if the engine does not run then you have a reason to ask the Chrysler Zone Rep to get involved. and the can get things done very soon.
  • With the cam phaser issue - does your van exhibit a mild but constant engine shuddering at 1200 to 1400 RPM - in neutral or park? Both cold and hot?

    First noticed this shuttering or rough idle issue with my van - the day we bought it. At the time - assumed it was a simple to repair cold start issue.

    But - over the past 3 months - I have discovered this cold start - rough idle is really a continuous shuttering at 1200 to 1400 RPM - exhibited both cold and hot. It's a little hard to hold the engine RPMS with the accelerator pedal - but possible. And this shuttering does occur when driving - but is not readily apparent as when in neutral or park - w/o the road vibrations.

    Three trips to the dealer - including the last 2 with the regional service manager directly involved - and still no resolution, nor even the understanding Chrysler recognizes there is a problem and are working to resolve the problem.

    While readily apparent... the "party line" response I have been given is - they (3.6L Pentastar - Chrysler & Dodge Vans) all exhibit this trait and it is "normal" characteristic.

    Is any one else having this issue?
  • Have never noticed a shudder. The van runs well now that the 4 phasers have been replaced.
  • We recently purchased a 2011 Dodge Journey, 3.6L Pentastar engine. I am having the same issue with the shudder. Very noticeable at idle when sitting at a light or stop sign. Two trips to the dealer already, less than 2200 miles on it, and still no solution. They admit that its there, but say its normal as well.

    Have you had any luck resolving your issue?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • i purchased my 2011 town and country from barberas on the boulevard in north east philadelphia. my new van has been in for service 3 times in 54 days for the engine light and brakes. the service department sucks rocks. i feel that i didnt receive the same quality of service i did when i brought the van. when you go to purchase a vehicle, they shower you with snacks and bottled water and once your purchased is approved they ring a freaking bell to congradulate you for going into dept. the phone line at this place sucks. dont try to call and expect to talk to the person you called to speak to, you will be on hold for ever. overall my buying experience at this dealership was the worst ever, and getting my van properly fixed at the sevice department was the worst. i have purchased several cars in my life, the 2011 town and country is the worst car i have ever brought. as i type this message, my lawyer has filed a case against crysler(LEMON LAW) :lemon:
  • The van isn't a lemon, there are parts that are faulty. It took me 6 months, and changing dealerships, to get to the bottom of the problem. In the end, Chryler customer service referred me to a "special" customer service resolution department in another state, to get the attention and assistance I needed to resolve the problem The problem you are having with the check-engine light is a KNOWN problem Tell the service technician to replace all of the PHASERS. After all was said and done, we formed a great relationship with the new dealership, the van was repaired, and Chrysler made a month's payment on our van. I hung in there because proving that it's a lemon isn't worth the hassle because you have to drive the vehicle until it's resolved, which could take months or years.
  • bulk4bulk4 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem, they are now replacing Cam phaser. I wish the dealership would go on line, would have saved a lot of trouble, as we had to bring it in 3 times
  • Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Town and Country. Were still interested in getting one but are waiting until my car dies so that more kinks can be worked out of the new design. Please continue to post your experiences.

  • bulk4bulk4 Posts: 2
    I think the most important thing is to hold their feet to the fire, If you go in, see what kind of relationship the sales guy has with the service guy(s). There was nothing more frustrating than bringing it in and having them ask "who did you talk to" or we didn't work on that. I wrote them a nasty gram too. I am glad I read these posts, they ended up replacing two exhaust phasers the other two(total of 4), are intake which tested ok. There is definitely an old school chain of command at these dealerships, so I recommend meeting the head guy right away-hopefully you will not have to reacquaint yourself
  • i respect your decision to keep your van, however it probably is a lemon. just wait. hopefully you wont experience all of the things that i have. did you know that they have an upgraded front brake pad and front rotor? no you didnt know, because they are not going to tell you unless you complain about excessive brake dust and your brakes start to grind. took 3 times for the service dept to finally get the front brakes from grinding.hopefully they will upgrade the rear brakes and rotors, my back wheels are black as hell from the excessive brake dust. now i am experiencing a problem with my transmission. when the van is in e-con mode, when it shifts into 2nd the van jerks. i have never had a new car do this. i havent had a chance to get to the dealership to show them what this van is doing yet, i work 6 adys a week. i will be taking off1 day this coming week so that they can address my concerns. bottom line is that my 2011 town and country is a lemon and i can wait until the lawyers do what they have to do. i am certain that they will recover ever dime that i spent on this lemon.
  • im not sure what state you live in but you can call 1-800-lemonlaw. tell these people what you have been experiencing, maybe they can help. sounds like your car, just like mine is a lemon
  • sangilp84sangilp84 Posts: 13
    edited November 2011
    Why would you spend ANY money on a new 2011 Town & Country? It should be under warranty. My 2011 Town & Country isn't performing badly since they replaced the phasers. In fact, I'm now getting 22+ miles per gallon, whereas I was only getting 18 before the phasers were replaced. Good luck with your "lemon". And good luck trying to prove that it is a lemon...........I think you're blowing smoke. No need to reply ............. :)
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