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Any experience with 2011 Town and Country?



  • berriberri Posts: 4,138
    Just got back after renting a loaded 2011 T&C. The news articles talk about its improved drive train and engine. My experience - cramped, coarse, underpowered and rather unpleasant to drive. If the surface isn't smooth, it rides like a truck. It struggles going uphill downshifting very loudly, frequently. It isn't all that comfortable on a long drive either. If you are buying a minivan, I think you need to check out some of the competition. The couple of grand higher out the door sales price would seem to be well worth its premium over this gussied up decades old K-car (and you'll probably get more than that difference you spent back at trade in time).
  • briscoe3briscoe3 Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    Have you had any transmission problems such as "Shuddering" in low gear?
  • We recently purchased a 2011 T & C Touring after we traded our 2006 T & C and the difference is like night and day. We absolutely loved our 2006 and we really don't like our 2011. I will tell you why. We are having a problem with the transmission whereby it's called a "shudder" by Chrysler but we call it a "thunk" when you first start out and are going about 4 miles per hour. We had it back to the dealer twice and they ended up telling us it is an inherent problem with this year van.
    To quote Chrysler " Certain drivetrain combinations may experience a condition where at low vehicle speeds, the transmission fluid flowing from the impeller to the stator can be momentarily interrupted. This interruption causes torque to be briefly interrupted causing the perceived shudder. Once the vehicle moves above 2-3 mph, the shudder gradually disappears as the torque interruptions become less noticeable. Unfortunately there is no repair for this issue and is a common characteristic of most torque converters under high slip/low speed conditions but is most noticeable on these specific applications due to the low reverse gear ratio. If you compare to another similar vehicle, you'll most likely have the same condition." So our Chrysler dealer refuses to do anything about this and our "shudder" is in "forward" not "reverse"
    like they claim. We are not letting this drop. We are going to pursue every avenue we can starting with contacting Doug Betts who is the VP of Quality and Consumer Satisfaction. Good luck with you decision and if you happened to have bought on already I would be curious to see if you have this problem.
  • We have a new 2011 T & C Touring, with barely 3,000 miles we have already had the transmission, water pump and belts replaced. There is still a noise coming from the front end of the vehicle. The keyless entry reads that the key is defected, there are other times when the vehicle is started. Once I put it into reverse or drive, depending on the situation, it will shut off, Then I will have to wait to restart the vehicle. ALso there are times while in reverse that the van shakes, sometimes slightly, othertimes it is extensive. We have had the vehicle in and out of the shop . . . they are tellin us that everything checks out fine and it is safe. This is not what we paid for. They said the sounds are "normal". We have also experianced the rough / grinding while changing gears in the shaft.
  • i feel your pain. i have an appointment the day after christmas to have my transmission checked out. i went to the dealership 2 weeks ago, and they told me that they reprogramed the computer for the trans. it was banging into second gear. what ever they did, it didnt correct the problem. this is the worst vehicle that i have ever purchased. i suggest that you contact a lemon law attorney. if they do the same repair 3 or more times you have a case. good luck
  • i to am having the same problem.i have an appointment monday to have it checked out for the second time. two weeks ago they told me that they reprogramed the computer for the trans, that solved nothing. hopefully they will get it right this time. (im not holding my breath). this is the worst new vehicle that i have ever purchased. heres a tip, if they do the same repair at least 3 times, you have a lemon law case. good luck. stay in touch! P.S Merry Christmas
  • rzcarrzcar Posts: 3
    I also am having shudder/vibration problems with our 2011 T&C. They replaced the cylinder head, but problem is still there. The freaking car is a lemon, not sure I am ready for the hassles of lemon law.

    My advice to all my family and friends, do NOT BUY CHRYSLER.

    When you pay extra dollars for a new car you expect it to perform.

    I have never ever had these problems with Japanese cars.

    :lemon: :lemon:
  • i feel your pain, i have another appointment at the dealership in the morning. the dealership keeps giving me the run around. they are telling me that nothing is wrong with my trans or my brakes. I am 50years old and had about 30 cars in my lifetime new and used, im sure that i know when something is wrong with a trans and brakes. i asked them to have a brand new van available for me to drive to compare the difference between both cars, so that they will finally see that there is something wrong with my transmission. also they need to fix my driverside slide door, and also my brakes. like you said, i also never had problems like this with japanese cars. my other car is a lexus, and i am kicking myself every day for not buying a toyota or a honda. good luck with your van. P.S. Happy New Year
  • mic111mic111 Posts: 9
    I thank everyone for their input. We just went through another round of looking at the minivans. I was convinced I wanted the Town and Country but my husband is nervous it will always be in the shop. My 13 yr old Lexus which I have owned from new has been in the shop twice so I'm not used to it. In researching it seems both the Town and Country and Odyssey 2011+ models have transmission issues. n-issues.html

    It is sort of leaving me with the Sienna which was my least favorite of the three.
  • sangilp84sangilp84 Posts: 13
    edited January 2012
    NOTICE TO ALL OWNERS OF A 2011 TOWN & COUNTRY TOURING VAN: Going the "lemon law route" will only prolong the agony, without any guarantee that the outcome will meet your expectations.

    We have had our 2011 T & C Touring Van for a year, and it took 6 months to finally get it fixed correctly. It was in and out of the dealership so many times and there was so much hate & discontent with their service department that we ended up going to another Chrysler dealership in a different town. Our big issue ended up being the "Phasers". The service manager at the Chrysler dealership in Lakeland, Florida, finally did the leg work needed to get to the bottom of the problem.

    I started by calling Chrysler's Customer Service line (1-800-763-8422) and harassed every rep, and their manager, and their manager, and their manager, etc., until they were sick of me, and finally referred me to a number in Michigan (1-866-275-1420) because we are "special" customers, having had a 2008 T & C Touring Van before this one that we traded with only 40,000 miles, for the 2011 model. Those folks in Michigan sat up and took notice, and it was finally repaired. They even made a full month's bank payment for us! :mad: :cry: :surprise: :shades:
  • your husband is right, it will be in the shop alot. i also have a lexus,a 2007 gs thats been in the shop twice in 5 years. maybe you should try the toyota seinna. ive been kicking myself for not going that route. i just got my van out of the shop, they changed the front and back rotors and brake pads. this makes the 4th time that they changed them in 4 months. the transmission is the worst in any vehicle that i have owned. whatever you do DO NOT BUY A CRYSLER
  • i undersatnd that lemon law takes a long time, however im positive that the outcome will be in my favor. i have had to many problems with my van,a one months car payment wont even cover my lost wages. i just got my van out the shop today. they changed the front and back rotors and brakes for the 4th time in 4 months. i truly believe that if enough owners of the 2011 town and country complain about the transmission, they will be forced to do a recall and replace every transmission with a better version. CRYSLER SUCKS
  • I recently purchased a 2011 T&C and it too had a BAD shudder. Called a friend who I worked with up north and is a Parts Dept Manager. He got his best A tech on the phone with me and he said there are TWO problems. 1: it could just need a 'reflash' of the tranmission ( that cured mine ) or 2: the converter needs to be shimmed and that requires a dissassemble and photos to show chrysler, then they OK it and do the work.
    Hope this helps.
    BTW, I like my van ;)
  • thank alot for that information. i have an appointment at the dealership to have my door panel replaced and i will definitly bring that to the service mgrs attention. hopefully that cures my van.YOU ARE MY HERO. P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS
  • This isn't a big deal but how do you get the image from a dvd to show up on the dashboard screen. I know it can be done because I did it once but can't remember how I did it. So, I would like to see what is playing on my second row seats on the dvd on the dashboard/media screen.
  • im sorry, i only have 1 dvd player in my van and it is in the dash, so im not sure. however my dvd player doesnt work when the car is in drive, they say its for safety
  • Hello Rudybadvan.
    My question for you is that you mention to tell the technican to replace all the phasers. are you meaning both the electrical and mechanical phasers? or just the electrical, or just the mechanical ones? we've replaced the electrical phasers and still have the same problem.
  • Hello. Just got my 2011 T&C. I have noticed the same thing. I know that in ECON mode the transmissions is designed to skip gears in order to conserve gas. That is probably the reason, but I'm not a fan. Let me know what your dealer told you. Thanks!
  • hello, im not sure which phasers they replaced. my engine light came on 3 different times, each time they did some type of repair to the engine. i know that on at least one occasion they told me that they had to replace all of the phasers because they were faulty. i suggest to you to keep complaining about all of the issues with your van until they fix it properly(if thats possible)
  • yamaha651yamaha651 Posts: 2
    I have had my 2010 T&C in three times already. First they tried computer reflash which helped for a few of the gear changes but did not take care of all. The last time they replaced seals in the transmission and now all gears change smoothly except for second. It still has the shudder. The guys at the dealearship tell me they don't have a complete fix for the problem. We have less than 26000 miles on it. Way to go Chrysler!!!! Makes me mad everytime I drive it!! I think we are done with Chrsyler.
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