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Rod Bearings

I have a 2001 LS 3.9L. The car has around 145k miles on it. For about the past 6 months it had been making a ticking sound at idle. I got under there with a stethoscope and the sound was most noticeably coming from the bell housing. Although I had never experienced a bad torque converter making that type of sound, I kind of assumed that's what it must be. A few weeks ago the engine locked up. I got it all pulled apart and it has at least six spun rod bearings. I have never had a rod bearing make noise for that long without the motor seizing. Could it have been? And why would the rod bearings to fail? There was oil in the motor. I pulled the oil pump and took it apart as well, and it didn't have any signs that it had failed. Has anyone else had this problem? I have checked with a few tranny shops to see if the torque converter could make the previous ticking sound and they all said no, but like I said the ticking seemed to be coming from the bell housing. I haven't been suffering from any transmission problems other than it has always seemed to shift into over drive kind of early when driving in town. Obviously the ticking sound, if coming from the converter or transmission didn't cause the rod bearings to fail, I'm just trying to find out if there's any common problems with the trans/converter that would have been causing the ticking before I put it back together. Thanks!!
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