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2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Starting issues



  • hurtado1971hurtado1971 Posts: 1
    2010 Town & Country 4.0L Limited. I have the same issue. It started at about 45,000 mi...of course after the warranty was up. I turn the key and I get a click. everything else works (i.e. lights, radio, DVD, etc.) but the engine will not turn over. This usually happens when the wife makes a quick trip to Costco. After waiting for about 20 min, it'll start. I've taken it to the dealership twice now. both times it was towed in because it would not start. Of course when we arrived, it worked. They upgraded the software, provided 2 new key fobs, new battery, but still has the same issue. I have seen post of the TIPM, but sometimes that doesn't work either. I've also seen post about a new starter, ignition, TIPM, battery cables and still no start. This is very frustrating. I cannot rely on thi svehicle at all. I'm pretty sure I will not be buying a Dodge again, especially because they cannot figutre it out. These posts have been reoccuriig for several'd think they would have it figured out by now. My next minivan will be Honda or Toyota which seem to be more reliable.
  • And I finally bought a new starter and it never did it again
  • I have 2010 GC, took me 20-50 tries to start the van. I turned the key and get a click, after about 40 mins of trying it finally started. First time this happened, recently had a new starter put on it
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