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2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Starting issues



  • Did you happen to notice if the steering wheel is locked or not when it doesn't start?
  • I am experiencing this issue right now - very frustrating.

    The steering wheel is UNLOCKED.

    Also an interesting thing is that when the car was parked three days ago the wipers were in the on position. When attempting to start the wipers came on. I turned them off, turned off the car and restarted - the wipers came on again. I checked the switch turned it on and off again, but again, when I restarted the wipers came on again. Related??? I don't know. Just throwing it out there.

    Some days I drive my van everyday and sometimes it may sit for several days between outings. I will try the redundant ground and see if that helps. I have not had an issue in months. Our weather did get very cold this week also. May check battery to be sure.
  • Update:

    So, fortunately, my husband's good friend is a mechanic. When I explained to him the issue he was certain it was the cold cranking amps. If they drop below 10, no go. He said the battery may have plenty of charge but the amps are low. Get the battery with the highest cold cranking amps you can afford.

    I also asked him about the whole P - D back to P, off and restart, why that works. He said ALL chrysler products have this issue and it is COMMON. It is the safety neutral switch on the transmission and his solution is the sam P-D and back then restart.

    Hope this helps others.
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