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Ford 707 Conversion Van - Seven O Seven


I was wondering if anyone has any information or manuals for a van i bought: 2001 E350 ext. van (10 cyl.- gas) with the Seven O Seven Conversion. It has seating for 9, including 6 captains chairs.
I was told the 707 company out of Elkhart, Illinois went out of business 3-4 years ago.
Any enthusiasts have manuals for this type of conversion?
Mostly need wiring diagrams or schematics to troubshoot wiring issues.

Thank You for your time,
Manny A.


  • I have the wiring diagram from the 707 conversion. If you send me info I can copy it and mail it to you. I bought a Ford F150 and the original paperwork from them about the wiring was included.
  • I also need the diagram for the overhead radio switch for my 707 van could you email or fax it please.
    Thanks, Jim
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