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Idling at 500 RPMs after warm up

09spyder09spyder Posts: 1
edited February 2011 in Mitsubishi
Just purchased a 2009 Eclipse Spyder GS with roughly 27k miles a week ago.

Engine starts up and idles a little over 1000 rpms when cold. No acceleration problems or hesitations.

After the engine has warmed up for about 10 mins., it drops between 500-600 rpms. With the car in drive, there is a noticeable vibration.

It doesn't act like it wants to die and RPMs have never dipped below the 500 mark.

Is this cause for concern? I've read around the net that 800 RPMs is the spot.

I'm going to replace the air filter this week, and possibly the PCV. Any other things I should look at?

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