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Honda CR-V Road Noise



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    I'm not a Honda salesman. I retired last May and I really don't care!

    If a person is really THAT sensitive about a slight difference in road noise than they serouly should buy something else.

    Tires DO make a difference and I speak from experience with our 2003 CRV.
  • I took a 200 mile trip today in my CR-V and it was the most miserable trip ever. The road noise is unbearable. I am not sure what other cars people are comparing it to but I can assure this group, the Honda is noiser than any car I have had at any price by a factor of 10. It really should be a "lemon" issue as road noise has been solved a long time ago.

    Durable and reliable, yes, but there is no way I will ever buy a Honda again unless this is fixed. It is a disgrace that they have such shoddy work on this particular part of the vehicle.

    I can barely think in the car and I had the onset of a headache it was so loud. Is there any tire I can buy to fix this. NEVER BUY A HONDA UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THIS IS FIXED. :lemon:
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    Kevin... the two I am debating over (since you asked what people are comparing to the CRV) are the Toyota RAV4 and Subaru Outback. Both have items that may or may not suit all buyers (RAV4's side hinge rear, for example) but both are superior to the CRV if your on a trip more than 30 miles.

    Do NOT believe the "it's the tires" scam. It's not. Neither is it "wind noise". As a 2004 Honda owner I can tell you both excuses are bogus. This is a design defect, a failure to isolate the suspension from the frame/chassis. Honda knows it. They just decline to do anything about it. And I take my checkbook elsewhere.
  • oldbearcatoldbearcat Posts: 161
    I had the same problem with my 2010. It got so noisy that it drove me nuts. Finally I discovered that the rear suspension had gone out of line and that the rear tires were cupped. I had the car aligned and replaced the rear tires. This quieted the car down some.

  • rikrikardorikrikardo Posts: 23
    I just took a 600 mile road trip (mostly interstate) from St. Louis to Chicago and back in my wife's 2008 CR-V EX-L and had the exact opposite experience. This was the first time since she bought it new that the CR-V was on a long road trip. We recently had replaced the OEM tires with Michelin Latitude Tour tires, bought in part because of their reputed low road noise. The driving experience was solid, the ride smooth, and the noise well below acceptable at 74 mph (cruise control). My 2004 MDX should be so quiet. There was some kind of tire harmonic at 79 mph but this passed away quickly. So I give two thumbs up to this tire-vehicle combination.
  • I agree. I have a 2007 Honda CRV that I almost sold because I could not bear the road noise and vibrations. I would barely be able to carry out a conversation with my wife when she was seated in the rear seat with the kids. I probably had about 18,000 miles on the oem tires at the time. I gave the car one more chance and purchased a new set of tires and aligned the the wheels. I purchased the Bridgestone alenza and the car felt brand new with a smooth quiet ride. It's not as quiet as other cars that I've been in but the noise is no longer an issue. I now have 41,000 miles with the car and the car and tires are still doing great. I'm sure other tires would do the same, but I've had success with the Alenza. If you're thinking about selling the car cause you can not stand it anymore, try a new set of tires.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    Yes, the tires can make a big difference.

    I've always said that it seems Honda looks hard for the noisiest tires they can find.

    That said, when I drive my wife's 2011 CRV, there is a HUGE difference between the 2003 I drive. Much less road noise!
  • I just bought a 2011 CRV and have just discovered this problem. The road noise is DEAFENING -- no way to carry on a normal conversation. Of course this did not happen while road-testing at the dealership. Should have bought a Kia.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    " DEAFENING" ??

    Funny, our 2011 doesn't seem to have this problem nor does our noisier 2003.

    If the car you drove at the dealership didn't have that problem I have to wonder if something is wrong with the CRV you bought?

    Have them look at it and have them drive it.
  • I think the statement is a bit exaggerated. If the claim that carrying a normal conversation is impossible while driving the CR-V is true, then maybe the vehicle has no sound-deadening material at all. Try to look underneath your CR-V. This or you're travelling near the speed limit of the CR-V, which in this case you should slow down for your own safety.
  • We have a 2008 CR-V EX-L also. The noise level is fine up to about 70mph for me. Above that and it starts getting annoying. My wife seems to be fine with it though.

    We're replacing the tires soon. Hopefully having new tires will help. Don't forget to check the tire pressure. It also affects the ride and quietness.
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    The net/net is that when you test drive a CR-V, be sure to take it out on a highway, asphalt and concrete... and any other roads you typically drive. If you believe its too noisy, don't buy the car. If the salesman says "its the tires" then tell him to change them to quiet tires and you will retest the vehicle. He/she won't. Concrete roads are probably the biggest issue. In theory, according to rumors, the 2013's are supposed to be "quieter" which is a good thing considering Honda has been dinged for 5-8 years, over and over and over again, about road noise by just about every review media. Odd, Toyota's are quiet. Maybe Toyota's drive on a special part of the road or.... or.... for those that think it's all wind noise, they drive in different air. Or, Honda has a problem and is sloooowly working towards a solution (hopefully so)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    Our 2011 CRV is a lot quietier than our 2003 and, yes, tires make a big difference.

    No store is going to change tires for a picky customer who "might" buy a CRV when they are selling every one they can get in stock.

    I have had customersactually bring in meters and these people have driven Hondas and Toyotas back to back on the same roads.

    Verdict? The Toyotas have been "slightly" quietier but not by much. People were actually surprised at the small difference.

    If you like a soft, floaty ride you might perfer a Buick or a Toyota. There is a small noise difference but a Honda handles oh so much better.

    I suppose what bothers one person is no big difference to another so if the slight difference is REALLY a problem maybe a CRV isn't for you.
  • My wife and I really wanted to fall in love with the CR-V, but after taking it up to 80 on the highway, we decided to spend another (gulp) 8 grand on the Acura RDX. Road noise.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    Wow! 8000.00 for how much quietier??

    A product on the market that really works well is Dynamat. It is amazing stuff. It consists of sound absorbing pads that are installed inside the doors, wheel wells and under the car. Everyone tells me that the difference in road noise is amazing.

    We think our 2011 isn't bad at all but different people are bothered by different things I suppose.
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    Having to spend $8000 to get a quiet(er) vehicle is unfortunate. Honda knows how to do it (Acura). They choose not to. Reminds me of the 70MPH shudder on Pilots. Acura models... no problem. Pilots have the disease. Fix: install Acura braces on the Pilot at the exact location as the Acura. They bolt right on to the holes already in place (oddly enough....). Problem solved. Honda just started stripping off parts to cut costs. A case of unintended consequences. Strip off insulation or going to cheaper bushings and frame isolation... same thing.

    I went to a Honda dealer Saturday. The CR-V is nice. Went to the Toyota dealer next door and looked at the RAV-4. The side-hinge rear is not as bothersome as I expected. Fit and finish were good. The spare on the tailgate is still unfortunate and I won't go with runflats. But it is quieter than the CR-V on the same roads (same air... both have marginal tires but going from asphalt to concrete is where the noise becomes readily apparent)

    Next weekend its off to the Subaru dealer.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    edited May 2012
    That Pilot "brace" one is new to me?

    Honda never stripped off any insulation. They just didn't add it in the first place. In the 14 years I sold Hondas, I can honestly say that I can count the times on the fingers of one hand when people complained about road noise.

    I agree. Hondas do have a bit more road noise than some other cars do but for the masses, it isn't a problem.

    I'm betting that if I were to drive a CRV and the Acura backto back with a decimal meter that the readings wouldn't be that far apart. I've had two customers actually do that!

    And, nobody "had" to spend 8000.00 more to get a quietier car. That was strictly their choice. Again, what is a great big deal to some people is of little significance to the masses.
  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    Yes, they would simply not "add" insulation. The rear end brace was a hot topic on the Pilot board as a fix for 72MPH "shudder" that feels/sounds like wind buffeting. A dealer in Florida now has a "Pilot fix kit" consisting of the two braces (dealer name is on the Edmunds board). And, as noted, the holes exist as the support piece is duplicated on the Acura and the brace simply not applied.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    You've been looking at the same cars as I have with the exception of the RAV-4. (I can't get by the tire issue and the fact that there's going to be a new 2013 coming along.)

    I drove the new Acura RDX. (I'm driving a TL now but need to get a wagon/SUV) The RDX leaves the Subaru and CR-V in the dirt. But it's 8K more and doesn't have as much cargo space as the CR-V or the Subaru. I love the looks of the Outback and the cargo space, but I've read so many complaints about its transmission and brakes that I'm hesitating big time to buy it.

    Drove the CR-V about a month ago. It was noisy and felt small and light. Please let me know what you decide. I'm feeling frustrated trying to find the right car.
  • nsbio1nsbio1 Posts: 47
    How about Mazda CX-5?
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