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Honda CR-V Road Noise



  • Many have inquired about the missing warning indicator for low washer fluid level. The fact is that Honda does not put a indicator in US models, only those in Canada. The US models have a dip stick that does not serve any purpose. Asked if you could retro the dash indicator and the dealership said no. This and power passenger seat would have been preferred over the moon roof in my opinion.
  • I have notice in the past that for what ever reason the Michelin tires seem to run quiter. I know they seem to last longer than other tires I have tried.
  • I have noticed that my 2013 CRV and others seem to surge turning right into a driveway with an incline. Now it appears that the transmission downshifts while you are pressing the accelerator to go up the incline. Its not a smooth transition but an abrupt surge.
    I made sure I wasn't stepping on the break and accelerator at the same time so that couldn't be it. Anyone notice this?
  • phrainkphraink Posts: 1
    Awesome quick compare web page. Thanks for the link.
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