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New truck

heercaheerca Posts: 1
I recently inherited a dodge ram 1500 pickup 5.2liter automatic. After a brief survey I elected to drive it home without doing more than checking the levels and driving it around a bit. I noticed first that after driving it a few miles that there was a slight shudder when applying the brakes which became more pronounced after more driving. I haven't checked the brake pads and the tires appear to be evenly worn. Shudder came from the front of the vehicle and at the begining was noticeable only through the pedal then later through the whole truck.

The other thing that we noticed was that half way through the trip after climbing a hill the truck did not shift back down through the gears from second to fourth until I stopped the truck and shifted through the gears neutral, drive, first and second. We had several other incidents on flat ground where the truck shifted down for no reason then remained in the lower gear long after it should have shifted.

I have since rechecked the automatic transmission oil level and discovered it to be slightly over the full mark when at an idle. I removed some until it was at the correct level. It now seems to shift correctly except after driving it for awhile, then on flat ground or on slight rises, it will down shift occasionally then be reluctant to shift back up to fourth.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions


  • raosaraosa Posts: 1
    I've had these happen on previous vehicles. It's most likely normal. Check your break pads and ABS system. For gear shifting problem I think the oil changes won't affect the transmission, most probable explanation is that your front derailleur (FD) cable is too tight.

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