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Chevy Impala traction control light & engine light



  • My wife's '06 Impala LT 3.9L has a "Service Traction Control" message that comes on every time one of her front wheels spins, even slightly on ice or snow. The car then loses power and the shifting feels very grabby. Turn the car off for a minute and it's like it never happened. We bought this car new and have had it back to the dealership, at last count, 19 times for a plethora of problems, usually warranting a rental car. That's why I just bought an Audi.

  • I've sent an email to gm about the traction control and check engine light they told me to get a diagnostic but it would cost me but I've already paid for this test. I wonder if this is just a run around but I will go to see wht comes of this. It really should be a recall on this issue. I really think it's a faulty PCM...
  • nscipionscipio Posts: 1

    I was driving today and the traction light came on and the car completely shut down on me on the interstate. SO NOT SAFE!! I have read several comments on here and we all have the same issues. I have also read the replies from "supposedly" GM Customer care representatives and the replies suck. GM needs to be ashamed of themselves selling issues like this.. We went from transmission problems to traction problems and vehicles shutting down on us while driving. I live in Georgia and this is the first time this has happened to me. Luckily I was in the right lane and could get off the interstate onto the shoulder. What happens next time if I can't and someone slams into my car? Will GM finally step up and find out what the issue is and repair the problem or wait on a big lawsuit after someone is killed when their car shut off in traffic on the interstate. I don't need to send a VIN number, the year of my car or anything to customer service. WE WANT ANSWERS AS TO WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH THESE DEATH TRAPS!!

  • munson64munson64 Posts: 1

    For about over a year I have had issues the traction control with my 2010 Impala, every dealership I called basically told me that it was am issue with the "wheel bearings " ,well I had them all fixed and still have the same issue.. It got so bad that even on dry land the car would jerk and the traction control would kick in when I accelerate after a red light to green light and one time I almost got rear ended. Eventually I smartened up and just turned off the TC manually every time I turned on the car on , but what about my wife who forgets?. GM really needs to do something about this issue because not everyone has money to fix these defects that are not even the consumer's fault!! I have owned many GM vehicles but after reading other comments and reading the recent news I am really considering trading in for a another make!!

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