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New Buy, been in shop please help before see Dealer

I just bought a 2000 LS , Silverfrost with gray interior for 3800.

The car had a tuneup prior to purchase, so new Coils, plugs, fluids ect..
A few hours after I drove the engine light came on.. engine idle was rough!
Took it to a repair shop(RS) and said many codes popped up but fixed 2 misfire coils.. they said they couldnt clear the codes to "reset the car CPU"..
:: Engine still has rough idle and suggested to take it Lincoln to check more..

I suggested trying to drive the car in other gears not Overdrive.. (RS) said the car runs great on Highway but Idle is bad and dont need to use other gears..!
:: Got the car back today and tried to shift into D4.. it wouldnt shift at normal pressure. I then tried more pressure and got it to shift then went through D4, 3, 2, 1.. then back to park and was able to shift from D5 to D4 with normal pressure..

.. Could this problem have caused the 2 misfires so quickly after a tune-up and cause the rough idle.. again I did this like 2 hours ago so the car is sitting at home and hope the engine light will be off in the morning. I plan on making an appointment with dealer but any information to help because im really broke.
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