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2011 Ford Escape owners are reporting



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Manufacturer's are doing EVERYTHING possible to improve FE, taking long looks at WEIGHT. Transaxle sump volume minimized results in less ATF volume/weight/cost. When ATF is COLD there is not enough volume to support full functionality.


    Overfilling will result in FROTHING of the ATF due to gearset partial immersion in ATF.

    Try letting the engine idle for a few minutes before driving away and see if the functionality improves. If it does then you can tell the (st,d)ealer what the problem is.
  • we do...we warm the engine for 2-3 minutes, or longer, depending on how cold it was. There is a problem with the tranny, a shaft. plus a gasket. This is NOT uncommon. Edmonds calls it, gear hunting.
    There should be no reason to fill the tranny that has only 40Km, and being an oil based fluid, it does take awhile to warm and therefore volume increases once the warmth.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited February 2012
    "..There should be no reason..."

    You haven't dealt with very many beancounters....

    If a partial ATF fill at the factory will be satisfactory for 98% of the buyers...

    Even if not the above you could make a SURE bet that factory fills are NEVER above the minimum "required", "+" tolerances are NOT allowed.
  • So I left the car overnight at the dealership and then went the next morning to drive it for them. They told me that they see what I'm saying about the shifting but that 1) other peoples are much worse 2) it's not "bad enough" for them to try to fix 3) that if I really drive it hard it won't do it as bad. Unfortunately, there are speed limits where I live....

    I have a 2011 model as a rental car and loved it. This 2012 model is HORRIBLE.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited February 2012
    The Transaxle ATF pump, like the power steering pump, is a rather serious factor in the loss of overall efficiency regarding the need to improve FE. So far, unlike the PS pump, no adequate and/or inexpensive solution is as yet available.

    So for the moment the interim solution for improving FE is to reduce the displacement volume of the ATF pressure pump while also reducing, in real time, the pressure "head" against which the pump must work.

    While reducing the displacement will most definitely yield a return in improved FE, there is an obvious shortcoming....

    In order to provide enough pressurized fluid in all cases the engine must operate, more consistently operate, at a higher RPM than otherwise would be the case.

    You need to be something of a "lead foot".

    So what the dealer was advising you was true, not to "bust" the speed limit but to accelerate up to that limit more aggressively. The transaxle will remain in the lower gear ratios for longer periods of time, ergo, consistently higher engine RPM.

    Catch 22...?

    Porsche is now using an electronically controlled variable displacement engine lubricating oil pump. Base displacement is high enough that adequate oil pressure volume can be supplied with the engine idling, and then "linearly" reduced in displacement volume as engine RPM rises.

    Maybe that will be the eventual answer for the LOSSY ATF gear type pressure pump. Or maybe even a replication of the ABS pumpmotor/accumulator system.
  • Hey wwest -- your explanation makes sense. just seems like a poor design to me. i guess once the engine (and therefore the trans fluid) heats up, there's more pressure so that explains why the issue goes away.
  • if its under warranty, either go to another dealer! or talk with the manager. There IS problem with the transmission. ours had a sharp shift from 1 to 2..then at 25mph, it went gear hunting (check the lemonaid guide)...Mr. Edmonston is true in his predictions..

    Its a bad on the tranny plus shaft.
    The dealership boys are Lazy,
    Parts from Asian...assembled with pride in Kansas.
  • yes, it is a reality..harsh shifting @ low end, gear hunting about 20mph, then a slam into 3. The whole truck shuttered.
    had nothing to do with the tranny fluid. Its was a seal problem & shaft. But did check the tranny fluid.
    But realizing where the parts originate (off shore), and possible design of the part, I am keeping an eye & ear on this. The dealership was helpful, in this case. He could not assure me with 100% that is would not happen again.
  • The dealership found Service Msg 22195, which states there is a shift hesitation between 2-3 gears, to do no further work on the vehicle to correct it, as it meets design intent at this point.....
  • taneekactaneekac Posts: 1
    Hi Mccomajl -

    Unfortunately the situation does not get better. I bought my 2010 Ford Escape last year in Feb. It had a little over 19K miles on it... Granted for only being a year old it already had its fair share of miles on it. I work and live in the same city on the same street to be exact and live only within 5 miles of where I work. At 24087 miles I had already had enough at this point of the shifting issues. The problem that I was experiencing was I would be at a stop sign or light when I would start to drive and take my foot off the gas as I was turning left the Escape would hit so hard that it felt like someone hit me from behind... It almost gave me a heart attack. When I took it in the service guy said I think I might know what the problem is. Keep it here and I will call you when we are done looking at it. He said that there is a part within the transmission that needs to be rebooted and told how to drive. The same exact thing you were told. I thought wow we are driving computers now isnt this great! When I picked up my Escape he stated that this is in fact what the problem was and it should be fine. A little bit later not only did I experience the kick again I started having high RPM's just pulling out of my son's daycare it would go up to 4. I have noticed that I do not get good gas mileage either. So literally less than 800 miles later I took it back to them. All my issues with the transmission shifting is all under 40 mph... It used to only be under 20 but that has changed. Every time I take the Escape in they tell me that their machine does NOT detect any problems. So they decided to take it for a ride themselves and for 10 miles they came to the realization that I was not wrong that they see what I was talking about. So he reset the transmission again. I asked wow is this a normal thing... How much does this cost each time if I didnt have a warranty... The cashier said $150.00. Already Im thinking omg... What am I gonna do when my warranty up... And is there a recall out there? No recall:( Now I bring it home and still have all of the same issues... I bring it back the 3rd time at this point they keep my Escape for a week literally. And the mileage at this point was only 25161 and on 10/14/11... I havent even had the thing for a year yet... They said the machine did not detect anything again...I told them I am not crazy. They test drove it again and realized that something is really wrong with it... At this point they found the following only through driving... A flare on 3-4 R-R Trans to oh found od 4-5-6 worn clutches. At this point they said that they replaced the entire transmission hence the reason for keeping it a week. Now here we are March...I have been experiencing the same problems. On Tuesday I went to pick my son up from daycare when to get something to eat and then was on my way home only to come to a stop light and when I take off the car dies on my in the middle of the street I didnt even make it past the light. All the lights are on in the car and this orange wrench is showing lit up on the dash. I started the Escape and went to drive on to get home and it did it again not even a full 2 miles down the road. It happened a 3rd time a block later and at this point I knew I could not keep driving. I called a wrecker to come and tow me to the dealership. The next morning I went to the dealership and at 29475 miles I hear the machine says there is nothing wrong. I have had it at this point. I think I have a lemon and I am going to go about looking into the laws. I think Ford has a serious problem with the way that they make vehicles today and they are trying to hold on so bad that this is the way that they keep business rolling by having crappy cars. I would advise you to do the same as there is obviously something wrong with their transmissions and there is nothing that they can do to fix the problem. Good luck with yours!!
  • we noted a neighbour who has a ford white van, is having the same problems. His work truck wont go into reverse.
    Ford is down playing this problem, until enough people complain. Perhaps made in Asian countries is NOT a good idea. bring the work back to North America.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The bad news is that the Asian countries now have the lead in technology used to make the most FE vehicles. Obviously we have great need of that technology at the moment so we must cater to their wishes, buy/build Asian.

    Meanwhile we will continue building BIG-[non-permissible content removed] high PROFIT pickup trucks.
  • I noted that in the major manufacturers. Here in SW Ontario, Canada, a LOT of big [non-permissible content removed] trucks, does not seem to mind the higher gas prices here...$1.27/quart! or liter.
    I noted on my escape, assembly & built with pride in the USA, components globally sourced (aka cheap), off shore! No wonder my tranny is on the fritz. My neighbour business van, is a Ford, and its starting to have Tranny problem. 34,000km.
    I am supposed to have a 6spd, V6. I count only, 5 speed.
  • wenwewenwe Posts: 1
    :lemon: This is my 3rd Escape and sad to say it will most likely be my last. It has been nothing but a headache since I purchased it. Before I even made my first payment I was at the dealership with complaints and issues with the car. It revs up into 2-3 gear, the wipers would not work, the car would not start for a brief minute or two, and the radio would not turn on. All this within a month of purchasing it. Of course I am a girl and they are trying to tell me they can't find anything wrong with the car and I have been insistent that this car is going to do me in. I have told them that it is a LEMON!!! I have brought it in to the dealership a handful of times and I am so frustrated, that I have had it with them. The first time, they said there was nothing wrong per hooking it up to their computer. The second time, they still said there was nothing wrong but they changed the starter. That made me ask many questions due to they told me nothing was wrong. If nothing is wrong, then why change the starter. These days the radio does funny things sometimes, but the car revs constantly and when it does it scares the heck out of me. I loved my other two Escapes and never ever had a problem. The two that I had were a 2005 and 2008. I got them both from the same dealership, but the 2012 is from a different place. When you buy a new car it is supposed to be exciting and not be a constant headache. After reading all of your entries I am even more depressed than ever. My plan is to try and attemp to contact Detroit. They had an article recently about problems with the Ford Taurus and had a number to contact them in Michigan. Good Luck everyone with your SUV's!!!
  • I agree! I noted the 2012 is not dif from my 2011, minor cosmetic changes. I am still unsure about the tranny. I offered a suggestion to ford dealer about the computer needs a new program, that was sloughed.
    As mentioned in previous posting: Globally sourced parts (read: cheaper the better, like Apple), assembled with pride in Kansas!
    you have to go to the regional manager to get any action IF your not satisfied with local dealership.
    my daughters 05 Sunfire tranny (GM) runs better than my 'brand new' Ford Escape.

    they used to be made at the Mazda plant years back.
  • I have a 2011 2.5L 4cyl that I leased in April 2011..It also has been nothing but a headache with the trans (literally, when I hit my head on the steering wheel after it jumped gears.). Same thing, dealership was playing with the trans mounts?!?!!?!? I don't care.. I'm about at the point I'm gonna drive it into the Detroit river. I work at an auto parts store and almost all the people who have Escapes that are the 2.5L have the same problem. My dad worked for Ford and I've always owned Ford cars. I'm probably going back to the Mustang after this as it's also made 2 miles from my house. UGH
  • printerman1printerman1 Posts: 68
    we had that problem with our 2011-6cyl. The escape literally lurched. Its a software problem.
    keep an eye on it! we than had a loud clicking problem when changed from park to drive.
  • dymples69dymples69 Posts: 1
    i have a 2012 ford escape that i have had not even 3 months now and i am having major issues with the vechile. the engine revs and the motor is extremely loud. Today the lights on the dash flickered and then the steering decided to not work causing me to hit the back end of the vehicle along the wall. I am very upset that I have a new vehicle that should not be having any issues and I am not comfortable driving it now that this happened today. I had a 2004 escape and never had any of these issues, I go and get a new suv and now have these issues. Is anyone else having steering issues? I also feel when driving the engine seems to want to hold back and jerk.
  • Yup, mine is doing that now, and I think the rear track bar (or control arms?) are creaking. It sounds like its going to fall apart. I just rolled over to 15100 miles... I'm fed up.
  • post it on facebook, twitter. Public embarassment is great. Go to, send them an email.
    ours here came back at
    your could be different,,and they follow up.

    sounds like a tranny problem.
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