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BMW X3 Lease Questions



  • Thanks for the lease term update. Residual for 36 mth 15k increasing from 56% to 59% will certainly lower the payments. I am going to negotiate further.

    Can you advise how much tire&rim usually cost? same also for end of lease insurance? is this worth buying? I don't want to have a sticker shock at the end of the lease.
  • re- read your post. is this only for the 3.5 trim not 2.8 trim?
  • sthodlasthodla Posts: 4
    edited November 2012
    Hi everyone,

    First time buying a car and I'm trying not to screw up the numbers too much.

    Car I'm looking for:

    2013 X3 28i
    Space Grey
    Black interior

    Only have 1 quote so far and definitely seems on high side looking at the numbers on this site. But I'm not sure why?

    MSRP: 50950 (includes destination charge of $895)
    Market Savings: $2395
    Rebate: $1000
    SmartChoice Price: $47300

    Cash Down: $1345
    Monthly lease payments : $706 (36months / 12K)

    Now I tried to calculate the residual value of this lease based on the payments and then compare that with the residual % posted by car man

    Total Lease Payments = $26,761 ($1345 + (36 * 706)
    Calculated Residual = $23934 ($50695-$26761)

    With Car Man's numbers for x3 328, Nov 12
    Money Factor = .00125 (3% interest rate)
    Residual % = 58%
    Expected residual = $29,403

    Couple of thoughts/questions

    1. Priced this car out on Factory Invoice = $47,515 / Average Paid = $49,159 / MSRP = $51,045. So based on the numbers he gave me, it seems like MSRP is fair. Am I right?

    2. Is the difference between expected residual and calculated residual the reason the lease rate is so high?

    Appreciate your help. Have to do this all over again for my car so I'd like to understand what's happening.


    Oh - for reference, this is the post that made me feel like my lease rate was too high
    Nov 12, 2012 (10:58 am)

    Dont forget to take advantage of the MSD's.. they can easily bring your monthly payment down by $30/40 a month by lowering your money factor!

    Lease I just got:

    2013 x3 2.8 (M Sport package) 10k/36m

    MSRP 50,700
    Holiday Cash
    Loyalty Discount
    BMW Apps
    $0 down
    $550 (everything rolled into payment; TAX/Bank Fee/DMV)

    Due at signing: 1st payment and MSD's ($4200 which you get back at the end of lease)


    Also - Here's current deal on BMWUSA

    X3 328i

    Well-equipped with Premium Package (Moonroof, Leather, Auto-dimming Mirrors, Lumbar Support, Ambient Lighting), Heated Front Seats, Power Tailgate and Destination charges.

    $429*/month for 36 months. $1,000 Holiday Credit and $750 Loyalty Cash included in payment.
    • $429 First months payment
    • $2,750 Down payment
    • $0 Security Deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $3,904 Cash due at signing
  • Hello,

    What is the Residual and Money factor for an 2013 X35i for 12k a year and 48 month term. How does it change for 15k a year. Thank You
  • Do less miles you can always buy more at 16 cents each if needed.
    must purchase miles couple month prior to lease end.or they charge you 20 cents.
  • Where are you located? if you are near NY City, you I can provide you with a leasing company that can match my deal.

    Your payment seems way high!
  • kball2kball2 Posts: 38
    Car Man -- you indicate a rate of .00125 and 59% for a 2013 X3 3.5 with 15k miles per year. Aren't these the rates for the X3 2.8?

    I am interested in a 2013 X3 3.5 for 36 months at 10k miles per year -- can you please confirm the latest money factor and residual %?
  • I've also been trying to negotiate a lease for an X3 and this is the response I received from the dealer on the MF: The .00125 you’re seeing is wholesale. My finance manager would like to make a profit, thus the retail rate is .00165.

    I've been reading these post and it seems to me most folks are getting the .00125 or the rate we see from Car_Man, so I'm losing trust in the dealer.

    We continue to haggle over the pricing as well. I offered $750 over invoice for my configuration but they countered at about $2500 over invoice. We've been doing this all over email.

    I'm in the Twin Cities and there are two local dealers that I'm trying to have compete but they both are high on the sell price.

    Am I just in a bad market or do I really need to sit for hours at the dealer to haggle?

    Appreciate any insights.
  • Hi Fellows,

    I have recently re-located to Miami from overseas. As a result, I currently have no credit scrore whatsoever.

    I am interested in leasing a 2013 BMW X3i 28 for my wife's use. BMW has a special leasing program, where in they lease vehicles to International Executives, who necessarily do not have the best credit score in the country (due to new relocation / move to USA).

    Based on all information from the local dealerships in Miami, I have been quoted approx. $650+ per month (based on monthly payments + apportioning the down payment of $4K).

    This is obviously super high, considering what I have read on this forum.

    Can someone guide me into the basics of leasing or suggest me a dealership around Miami, so that I can save myself from being screwed royally by the dealerships here.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • Unfortunately this is going to be a cali car but thank you for the offer.

    What leasing company did you work with?

    I just started engaging with a car broker to see I can find a better deal since I'm heading of the country for 2 weeks on vacation and need to make a decision before the end of the year.

    I'm targeting around $550 for an x3 28i + Tech + Premium + Comfort Access with 0 down. Not sure if that's going to work out.
  • wnofearwwnofearw Posts: 5
    edited November 2012
    you must be in a bad market for BMW. I am picking up an X3 (2.8, space gray, black leather, premium, tech, cold weather, sat radio, roof rails, bmw apps. 36 month, 12k miles) this tuesday. MSRP is $48145. invoice is $44900, and I'm paying $44070.(830 under invoice) then theres the $1000 holiday cash.
    i'm putting down first month, doc fees(which they really pushed up to $399), DMV, and bank fee. about $2000.
    monthly payment is at $550.
    I think its a good deal. if anyone thinks otherwise, let me know and I'll see if I can still haggle a bit more..
  • Is this a good deal?

    2013 X3 35i

    MSRP: $56,595
    Invoice: $52,015
    My price: $51,500

    Nothing down besides taxes and fees, comes out to 3,800 down. 620 a month for 36m/12k...I can't do MSDs since im in NY unless I go to a NJ dealer. The NJ dealer quoted me at 4100 down + 4200 MSD and 580 a month. What do you guys think?
  • Hey Car_man,
    This might be a stupid question, but does BMW release its money factor/residual values ahead of the month or after the 1st of each month?
    I am really looking for the X3 2.8 numbers for december...
    thanks in advance
  • Car_Man, I was reading the above posts, and I see that some ppl are putting money down. Is that something 'new'? I thought that was not a good thing because it's leasing the car. Please clarify.
    Thank you. :D
  • I visited a dealer and built a 2013 BMW X3 35i (Philly Area)
    Space Gray Metallic, Black 'Nevada' Leather, Fineline Wave Wood Trim, Cold Weather Package, M Sport Package, Premium Package, Tech Package, Head-up Display, Sat Radio

    MSRP- 56,545
    My Price- 53, 150

    0.00145 MF
    1,055 due at signing

    He offered $709/month and this seems very high. I still haven't tried to counter-offer with MSD's, but what else can I do to try to lower his offer? Any advice will help
  • search prices paid see what people are getting off msrp.I know its more then 3k
    with all the bonus cash out there.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    He offered $709/month and this seems very high. I still haven't tried to counter-offer with MSD's, but what else can I do to try to lower his offer? Any advice will help

    OUCH.... Rethink the M Sport Package... What was the residual they were quoting you?
  • I have a 6% discount off MSRP + 1000 holiday cash back + 750 loyalty
  • 59% residual. I'm really a fan of the M Sport package. What are your thoughts?
  • Btw, I'm also trading a car in which will obviously lower my payments, but the dealer told me he couldn't give me a value of my car until after my car was ordered and delivered. He said 4 weeks is too long to tell the value of the car because of the fluctuating used car market. I feel uncomfortable not knowing his valuation. I've been to other dealers and they've valued it for me. Is he pulling my leg?
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