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BMW X3 Lease Questions



  • No problem kerb.

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  • Sure sk_web. The money factor that you were quoted looks good. What is this vehicle's selling price?

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  • You're very welcome georgiagirl13.

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  • Hey Car_Man,

    This is what a dealer in the Florida area offered me:
    X3 i28
    MRRP 41,095
    Price is $500 above invoice
    $0 Down, just fees and taxes, tags, plates, etc
    MF .00150
    Residual 60%
    Payment of 493 + tax

    I am pretty sure I can get lower on this, right? What do you guys think?

  • ry1028ry1028 Posts: 2
    The dealer is upping the money factor on your lease. The money factor, assuming you are qualifying for top credit tier, should be .00130.
  • georgiagirl13georgiagirl13 Posts: 16
    edited January 2013
    Hi Car Man,

    Can you tell me if you think this monthly payment is too high:

    2013 BMW X3 28i/ Lease 36 months/ 15k miles yr
    Premium Pkg, Navigation, heated seats, satellite radio, BMW Apps

    MSRP: $46,095
    Sales price: $43,330
    MF: .00130
    Residual: 57%
    Upfronts includes first month payment: $2,200
    Monthly payment: $599.64 (6% sales tax included)

  • okcloookcloo Posts: 11
    I was quoted $700 above invoice on a X3 28i, which isn't so bad compared to TMV and could probably be negotiated down, but I'm having trouble figuring out if the fees are too high. Here is what I was quoted:

    $925 acquisition fee
    $80 docs
    $364 license fee (CA)
    $116 total upft/acq fee (?)
    +9% cap tax

    Are any of the above too high or junk fees?

  • sk_websk_web Posts: 5
    Hi Car_man,

    I wasn't given a sale price as I was asking if they can give me a particular lease amount.

    The quoted MSRP: 47,695
    Residual value: 27,992

    The lease application was submitted before the new year, so I am eligible for the $1000 holiday cash from BMW financial.

    The lease payment is $499 + tax (8.5% in my case) = $541.
    X328i with premium, tech pkg, sunroof,comfort keyless, black metalic/sand beige leather.
  • psin29psin29 Posts: 1
    This is what I was offered in NJ:
    MSRP:$46295 / 57% / 0.00130

    X3 xDrive 28i, Mineral Silver Metallic, Premium Pkg, Roof rails in Aluminum Satin, Heated front seats, Navigation system...

    36 Months, 15K/yr
    $2500 Down
    $550 Monthly

    Is this a good deal?
  • okcloookcloo Posts: 11
    What is everybody paying for tire warranty? I was quoted $1700+ for 3 years on x3 28i, negotiated down to $1100. I have 30 days to cancel.

    Also, wanted to thank everyone posting on this forum for the great info, I was able to get $350 under invoice on 2013 x3 28i w/ premium, cold weather, tech pkg, aluminum roofrails, 12,000 miles/yr, $2000 drive off (1st month, fees, etc), $600/month, money factor 0.00145. In South O.C. (CA).

    On a side note, should I have qualified for MF of 0.0013 with credit score of 739?

    Thanks again!
  • georgiagirl13georgiagirl13 Posts: 16
    edited January 2013
    Hi Car Man,

    Can you tell me if you think this is a good deal. The monthly payment still seems high to me. Also, is it normal for the Doc fee to be so high?

    2013 X3 28i/ 36 month lease/ 15k miles year/ 57%/ .00130 MF
    Premium Package, Technology Package, Cold Weather Package...

    MSRP: $46,745
    Sale Price: $43,780
    Doc fee: $599
    Acquisition fee: $725
    License fee: $21
    Gross Cap Cost: $44,505

    Customer Cash: $2,200.01
    Amt applied upfront: $1,343
    Total Cap Reduction: $856.93
    Net Cap Cost: $43,648.07

    Monthly payment: $563.70 plus $39.46 tax = $603.16

  • okcloookcloo Posts: 11
    That is the correct payment for those numbers. My lease calculator shows the same, to the cent.

    Dealerships will charge you fees in different ways so you have to watch out. For example, I was charged $80 doc fees + 385 licenese fee + misc. = TOTAL of $508.20, this excludes 9% tax on cap reduction, 1st month payment, and acquisition fee. It looks like they bundled up bunch of misc fees and called them license fees for you.

    I would ask them to disclose ALL of the fees to you (itemized) before you sign anything.

    How much are they asking for tire warranty on X3 i28, 3 years?
  • Thanks okcloo for checking the numbers. They haven't yet mentioned tire warranty and I was unaware that it was something I should discuss during negotiation. Please let me know the warranty specifics I should ask for? What did you pay?

  • okcloookcloo Posts: 11
    The tire warranty is serviced by a 3rd party company that has contracted with BMW, and may differ from dealer to dealer(?). The one I got is covered by "Safe-Guard Products International, LLC" and it covers tires and rims with no deductible. It's something they offer at the end of the deal, along with other insurances. I literally was on my phone, during negotiations, searching for prices other people paid. A quick google search showed that it varied from 900 to 1700 for 5 years. They quoted around $1700.00 for 3 years and I negotiated down to $1100.00 for 3 years. I'm sure others paid less, but each run flat tire run around $350 in my area and I get a nail or two every year so it's worth it for me. Supposedly you can't get these tires patched, or BMW will charge you if you return the car with a patched tire. I just wished I knew what other people were paying so I could have been in a better position to negotiate. At least I have 30 days to cancel if I find a better 3rd party insurance.
  • okcloookcloo Posts: 11
    BTW, the deal I was able to negotiate was a sell price of $43,994.99. The MSRP was $47,545 (tech pkg, prem pkg, cold weather, aluminum roof rails), invoice was $44,340.00.
  • Ok, so it seems that I got a crazy low price according to all dealers and nobody can beat it. From what I heard, and I called about 4 different dealers is that I am getting the payment for a Basic X3 with Sunroof (thats it) and instead receiving and X3 with a lot more options. this is the offer:

    X3 28i with Sunroof, Roof rails, leatheratte, distance sensors, BMW assist, XM 1 year with 10k and 36 months, $0 down (only fees, tags and 1st month for $2k).

    MSRP 43095
    Sale 40190
    MF .00130
    Residual 61%
    Payment $499 + tax


  • okcloookcloo Posts: 11
    Invoice on that car with those options is $39,690, TMV is $40,904. So you were quoted 500 over invoice and 714 under TMV, which is a fair deal. The first offers I got were 500 to 700 over invoice, but ultimately I got under invoice.

    To get a payment of $499 + tax with MF .0013 and 61% resid, your cap cost is $41,115, which means your total cost to lease the car is $2,925. $925 is probably the acquisition fee, the remaining $2000 goes towards 1st month, license fee, doc fee, and misc fees. That number seems pretty high to me, as I paid $2,140 in TOTAL fees, which includes acquisition, 1st month, license fee, doc fee, and misc fees.

    Bottom line is they quoted you a fair selling price on the car, but they are charging too much in fees, according to your numbers. Just my 2 cents.
  • Thanks okcloo, the total fees including 1st month are $2,057 so I am assuming just the fees are $1524 (deducting the 1st month + tax). I still need to receive the breakdown. I had the residual wrong, it is actually 59%.

    The invoice price I got from True Car is 40,290 (Sunroof, XM, BMW Assist, Distance park, roof rails and include the 895 destination charge).

    Any thoughts on purchasing the tire warranty? I have not received th official quote, but sales guy said about $1,000. Is it worth it?

  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 22
    Hey carman,

    I'm looking to lease an x3 xdrive28i w/metallic paint, leather, cold weather I and II, premium package, premium sound package, and technology package.

    Msrp is around $49k. Looking for 36month lease 12k per year.

    What is typical selling price, residual and money factor for this model in Boston this month?

    Anyone else feel free to weigh in with opinions. Also considering Acura RDX and VW Toureg.
  • Hi Georgiagirl13 . Using the numbers that you provided in your post (the money factor looks good BTW), I estimate that this car would have a zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $598.11. That's pretty darn close to what you were quoted.

    The amount that's due at lease signing sounds slightly high though. Do you know what it includes? You're paying sales tax in your monthly payment so not that. I'm sure that it's the $600 monthly payment and BMW Financial Services' $725 acquisition fee. Those two things should total $1,325. So what's the other $875% Title, registration, etc...?

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