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2012 Subaru Impreza



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    edited April 2012
    there was a DIY the older hatchback there was a plastic headliner trim piece that you could remove as noted in the DIY project......the 12 HB doesnt have that piece and the headliner rolls all the way back to the hatch now......

    two companies have a led strip that simply attached to this piece and you loosen the side to run the wiring down to a direct connect to the light on the side....again a change in the 12 HB puts a side airbag on that side panel now.....Im not one for loosening panels when it involves a I too am looking for another way to add additional lighting to the hatch...

    also found a kit to replace the lower rear bumper reflectors with working LEDs...that can be connected to the brake or turn signals or rear lights for constant on.....Im connecting it to the brake lights......its $50 plus shipping and direct replacement for the reflectors with easy installation.... if interested let me know and will send you link for it
  • birdadlybirdadly Posts: 10
    --"My Sport Premium ended up being a PZEV. Sales guy didn't know there was going to be a switch at the time I picked mine so he just wrote "Fed" on the sales slip."--

    Has anyone else that recently took delivery have this happen? I read here after April 1st they'd be all PZEV, but I assumed it would be new orders. I was told mine was at port on March 27th, with delivery April 9th... so I'm curious if mine will be PZEV or not. (not that I mind)
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,276
    It took a few miles? At what level on the dipstick was the oil level showing, both before and after you added fluid?
  • hcalcathcalcat Posts: 30
    thanks, pao. i don't want to go thru all that effort or mess with the airbag either. i just want to swap the orginal hatch light bulb with a brighter led. i went to o'reilly auto parts but they only had amber and blue leds. here is the link to the youtube video where someone has done this.

    Led hatch light
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,276
    Looks like that is just a basic 1157 bulb replacement; looks to be called a #68? A quick search on Amazon turns up a few possibilities, so they should be around....
  • flopkaflopka Posts: 22
    edited April 2012
    Over the last few days I've noticed some slightly odd behavior at idle with my 5door Premium. Nothing truly disturbing, but different enough after a month of driving to make note of... When at idle, I hear/feel something that seems to be either the engine doing something new, or a fan kicking in - not sure which. This happens pretty consistently at every stop light idle. Also, occasionally I hear something that sounds/feels like a click or a switching happening under the car. (This one can be either at idle or when moving.)

    What's going on? I almost want to say it reminds me of behavior when the A/C is on (like a compressor kicking in), but the A/C is definitely not on. And I never noticed it until this past week.

    The only unusual/new thing that the car has been through before I started noticing this, was being stuck in an excessively long, dead-stop traffic jam for about 10 minutes.

    Or is this something normal that's related to the idle-stop feature on the new Imprezas?
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    hi all,

    i'm so glad to have had this community to lean on the past several weeks thinking about the car, ordering it, patiently (or impatiently!) waiting for it to arrive, to today: picking it up. i'm sure i'll have more review comments in the days/weeks ahead, but this is first a Thank you post.

    in the end, i paid $600 below invoice without any hassle or haggling which i thought was a very fair deal and i didn't try to milk out the last bit of profit from the dealer. this was the most painless new car purchase i have ever had in the negotiating price department.

    what made it better today was that when i decided i wanted to buy side moldings and the homelink mirror, the dealer happily sold them to be at cost (below invoice, so i am trusting they really were at cost) for me to self install. (they wanted $100 each for installation and so i said no thank you...hopefully, the mirror will be as easy to install as the insructions seem to only concern is figuring out how to gently remove the new mirror since the instructions/diagram are a little confusing to me at this moment, but hopefully it will become clear once i try -- anyone install their own homelink mirror?)

    even the financing (paid cash) and hard sell for warranty and maintenance plans were quick and short. we were in and out of there, with the "car demonstration" in under an hour. kudos to Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City (SF Bay Area) -- highly recommended (at least for purchase). any bay area folks recommend certain dealers for service? i anticipate doing simple stuff like oil changes myself, but will have to think about where i do the major maintenance stuff (30 or 60, etc.)

    also, following up on shipping times...when i ordered the car 23 days ago, i was told to expect 8-12 weeks to be on the safe side, but 1 week in, was told that the date jumped to April 6th because they found a match for the car i requested (no options at all...maybe that helps?). and today i got very quick compared to expectation, but as you probably have seen, even then, i was anxious to get the car as early as possible. :)

    anyway, thanks for the great posts and sharing of info. it's been great being here and i'll continue to lurk, read, and maybe occasionally post.

    i drove the car to work half freeway/half in town and the mileage is averaging 31.5 so far...not bad :)
  • flopkaflopka Posts: 22
    Actually, DO the American Imprezas even have idle-stop? I could be mistaken... but anyhow, my question about the behavior still stands. Lately the car has been sinking to 700 rpm on idle (as normal) but sometimes something seems to "kick in" and nudge the rpm up to 800-900 for a few seconds. This is odd and didn't used to happen.
  • hcalcathcalcat Posts: 30
    Congrats, dfong87. Also thanks to everyone in the forum who have been so helpful during the purchase decision and delivery wait process. I waited 10 weeks for my DGM Sport Limited and had a similar great experience with my dealer, Subaru of Sherman Oaks. I picked my car up late Saturday afternoon and the process took about 2 hours, only because the finance manager was so backed up. No pressure on buying the added warranty coverage or any other maintence items.

    I got mine at invoice through the Costco program but am getting rebates of $500 from Costco (Cash Card) and $$250 from Subaru for attending the LA Auto Show (the rebate actually expired but Subaru Customer Care extended the offer because it was a factory order). I decided to finance through Subaru (I was preapproved by my credit union at 2.99%) because Subaru Finance offered 0.9% interest for 48 months. My dealer also included 2 years free maintenance.

    I ordered mine with the popular equipment pkg (homelink mirror, rubber mats, cargo tray, rear bumper applique), aero mud guards, body side molding, and side sill plates. Am looking to add window tint (35%) and swap out the rear hatch light if I can ever find the right one (thanks, xwesx).

    I am not yet getting great gas mileage (only 21.5 mpg according to the car's computer) but the instantaneous mileage hits in the low 40 range when cruising at about 60 mph so still I have some hope.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    edited April 2012
    congrats to you, too, hcalcat.

    how do you like the homelink mirror? i only caved on that after finally getting around to helping my wife program hers on her prius so she can avoid having remotes for both our community and garage.

    i was looking over the installation instructions and it seems to suggest that there will be a little wire showing* to allow for flexibility when the mirror is moved. do you see that with your unit?

    * (see item 13 for those curious)

    sounds like you got a really good deal, too. it's interesting that you had to wait 10 weeks for yours. i guess the Sports may be in even greater demand? i think i really lucked out. my dealer said so...he says only about 1 in 10 cars does he find what happened to me: they get a match and the delivery estimate is a lot shorter than the typical 8-12 week time frame. (it was 6-8, but recently he said they are seeing 8-10, so they say 8-12 to be safe and not annoy customers by being overly optimistic).

    Aside: he also said that when you get an "estimated delivery date" it's usually pretty conservative. he said rarely is that day exceeded. i guess SOA would rather you be happily surprised than be given overly optimistic information...

    enjoy your car!
  • al_wblal_wbl Posts: 2
    How did you find out it was in port? My delivery date is April 9 too, but I haven't been told anything.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,276
    edited April 2012
    I lucked out like that as well when I purchased my Forester a few years ago. I ended up with a three-week wait time, which worked out great because I was able to fly down and drive it home in late September while the roads were still dry. Initially, I was expecting it to be mid-to-late October before it was at the dealer.

    My dealer said that one of the things that can influence availability is whether you get a car with factory or port-installed accessories. The way I understand it is that the accessories that can simply be tacked on without taking anything apart are generally port-installed, while others that require disassembly to install are factory-installed.

    With mine, I got it with nothing but the "rugged package," and all those items (mud deflectors, wheel-arch moldings, side molding, cross bars, rear bumper protector, etc) are port-installed.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171 rattles noticeable so far (thank God! this is one area that drives me nuts with some new cars), and i'm enjoying driving the car. but i have noticed one peculiar things with my "trip computer."

    it has shown and continues to show 240 miles of driving range remaining. that is very far off since the tank is supposed to full (or nearly so...all bars showing and the dealer was supposed to fill it to full) and i'm getting 32+ mpg average so far on the first 30 miles or so.

    i remember someone saying that a glitch occurred for them where the tank didn't show full when they had bought gas with the accessory switch on. i wonder if something like that happened here. but for me, it doesn't correct itself after shutting of the car and restarting. we'll see what happens in the days ahead, and this is not something i'll look at regularly, but's definitely not doing what it is supposed to do.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    one more short post...

    one oddity i ran across today. they had to drill holes in the front bumper to match the standard spacing for the license plate and holder. what are the two bigger holes for? Europe? Japan?

    weird that the holes weren't where i would have thought they would have been...
  • hcalcathcalcat Posts: 30
    i like the homelink mirror. it is easy to program and works great. the wire behind my mirror has a little play to allow for movement. the compass is accurate once you enter the correct zone code.

    i was originally told 6-8 weeks when i ordered it. in early march, i was told sometime in april. around 20 march, i was told delivery would be by 4 april. on 30 march, i was told the car arrived and i arranged to pick it up the next day.

    i like how the bluetooth syncs with my iphone to play my music and pandora radio. the music info is blank on the radio display, however. is there any way to display it?

    my average speed is 13 mph and my mpg is 21.5 in the 120 miles i've driven. the fuel gauge shows 3/4 full and 280 mile range remaining. my wife is averaging 34 mpg with an average speed of 27 mph on her accent.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    mirror: good to know. i would have thought they could could have had the wire completely hidden in s sleeve beween the headliner and the mirror rather than have the wire be visible.

    delivery: sounds very much like my experience! we both were pretty fortunate to encounter such a quick turnaround.

    bluetooth: i haven't explored it much so i can't answer your queestion about music info for pandora (it does show info when it is using the native iphone music data). i have an old ipod i'd like to dedicate to the car (although i'm realizing i need to set up playlists because scrolling through 1000 albums albums is a bit much! i wish there was a way to "page up/down" as well as moving through an individual page of selections); i actually have run into the "problem" reported previously with it automatically starting to play music via BT (i also have an iphone) if that source is selected.

    i think my average speed is in the 20's and current mileage is 32.3 mpg according to the computer. i'll do a real calculation of it when i buy gas.

    enjoy your car and i hope your mileage creeps up! (i've been driving mine fairly gingerly (although trying to vary RPMs and speeds). maybe my mileage is high because in waiting for this to arrive, i've been very conscious of fuel saving techniques driving my wife's Prius. :) (i've been able to average 50-51 overall when i've driven her 2007 model)
  • hcalcathcalcat Posts: 30
    i have the same glitch with mine only it continually shows 280 miles of driving remaining. i didn't notice it until you mentioned it. hopefully it will register correctly after my first fill-up and reset.

    regarding the homelink mirror, the electrical wire is housed in a plastic sleeve coming off the headliner to near the mirror. the sleeve is mounted on the windshield. there is about 3 inches of exposed wire coming off the sleeve near the mirror.

    when i select cd/aux, it also automatically starts playing a tune from my iphone.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    ok: at least i'm not alone. hopefully, it will correct itself on the next reset.

    homelink: yes, that's what the instructions indicate. i'll need to look at my wife's prius, but i don't think hers has a wire showing...the wire feeds through the center of the mirror itself instead of "peeling off to the side" and needing slack to account for movement.

    cd/aux: yes, that's what i encounter. it's not really a "problem" (that's why i quoted it) as long as you don't leave it on BT and forget about that as it might drain the iphone's battery unexpectedly. i actually hope to disable the audio portion of the BT and keep the phone part alive although i dont' anticipate using the BT much at all since i'm one of those people who refuses to talk on the phone while driving. ;)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Many new cars will run the A/C without an indicator when you have the system in any windshield condensation clearing/prevention mode. The other possibility in heavy traffic is the radiator electric cooling fans switching on or into high speed mode.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Why is it that the WRX gets the mostly non-functional VC for coupling engine torque to the rear driveline when even the base (dare I say cheapest?) Impreza gets the (seemingly) much more functional DCCD system..?

    You have to buy the $$$$ Sti version of the WRX in order to get the DCCD system.

    Why, whats with that..?
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