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Chevy/GMC Owners

tlucyktlucyk Posts: 5
edited March 1 in Chevrolet
This would be a great place to tell you all about my 97 S10 SS. Love
it! Love it!! Love it!!! Comes with the L35 180 hp vortec V6 hooked
up to a 4 spd auto w/OD. I will soon be posting a picture of my SS at Check it out...


  • brusbrus Posts: 2
    Well tlucyk...I got ya beat I just bought a 1998 GMC extended cab V8. My first full-sized truck, and my first new one!
    Hope I love it as much as you love yours.
    Since no one else is posting here, and I have a GMC......I guess this is where I belong from now on.
    What is it about your truck that you like so much?
  • It's a Chevy... just kidding. Its the look and feel of it. Rides like a truck, but handles like a sports car (it came with the stiffer suspension). I bought it loaded, so I enjoy all the added luxuries. On top of that, my experience with the dealer ship was great! The truck has given me no problems (mind you, I have only put on 3K in 6 months). Finally, theres something about driving down the open road humming the chevy song... "like a rock..." I imagine you can well understand. Love Chevy! Love GMC!!
  • I gave him my down payment
    I was a little short
    He smiled and said, "No problem"
    And then he gave a snort.
    "Your payments will be higher."
    My heart began to sink...

    Like a rock.

    I got the payment coupons
    they came in Friday's mail
    the figures jumped out at me
    and bit me in the tail
    my payments nearly doubled
    my heart, it felt derailed...

    Like a rock.


    Like a rock...
    This truck makes me feel alive!
    Like a rock...
    But I can't afford to drive!
    Like a rock...
    Like a rock!

    (There's always something to spoil a good thing, isn't there?)

    Congratulations to both of you... hope the payments are small and the pride of ownership LARGE!
  • 18,500 US dollars MSRP for a fully loaded S-10 with CD player to boot, for a small monthly payment of 262/mth. That included 2000 down. Its the quality and end value in 3 yrs on my smart buy that made it happen.

    What kind of truck do you recommend motormouth?

  • That's a loaded question, given brand-name loyalties.

    The fact is, I don't know of a BAD truck out there. While that may sound like I'm trying to be diplomatic (and, believe me, I AM!), I honestly believe that the fierce competition between domestic and foreign manufacturers has resulted in excellent products from all.

    Ok, to answer your question a BIT more directly, the kind of truck I recommend is one that APPEALS to the buyer in both appearance as well as functionality at a reasonable price. If that means "Ford" to one person, that's fine. If it means "Chevy" to another, that's ok too.

    For me... that would mean Dodge Ram for a full size, or a Dakota if we're talking smaller.

    As for my "Like A Rock" spoof, I was simply responding to your note... I love Bob Seger and I like his song, but I was just having a little fun with it. Hope you didn't take it too seriously.
  • I just did the math.

    $262 per month x 36 months (3 years) = $9,432.

    Ok, now you said you put $2,000 down. Even assuming you had a NO INTEREST loan, you're still only accounting for $11,432... on a vehicle you say lists at $18,500?

    Where does the other $7,000 come into play? Is this part of what you were describing as your "Smart Buy?"

    Can you elaborate on what that means and how that worked? Thanks.
  • I'm looking for used Z-71, 1994 extended cab, 4x4 prices on Edmund's: how come the Chevy listing/Used doesn't offer it?
  • Isn't the Z-71 a performance package applied to one of their standard pick-ups? You know, much in the way that the Z-28 Camaro was/is a Camaro with performance based modifications to the chassis?

    If so, try looking under the actual model pickup that the Z-71 is based on. You'll have to look up the options that go into that model.

    But when you say you're looking for one, do you mean to purchase? Check with "Auto-By-Tel" since they can help you locate used vehicles as well as new ones. Good luck!
  • mitchmitch Posts: 1
    I am trying to replace the motor to my power windows in my 1985 3/4 ton Chevy pickup. I removed the enter door panel, but I have not located the motor. Can anyone help me.
  • Uh, Mitch? Maybe that's why it's not working! ;-)

    Just kidding, of course. Hopefully, someone here can tell you where the motor is mounted.

    However, in case no one does, you might want to check with Chilton Repair Manuals. They may have a manual for your truck. Check with your local Chevy dealer or contact Chilton directly via the link I placed in this note. Good luck (I hope the window is currently UP)!
  • I just found out my 1995 gmc has a recall. why wasn't i notified? It is for steering shaft loosening. I have a noise when I go over bumps.Also my clutch is making noise. The service manager said it was the universals. I understand from nhtsa there is a service bulletin out on this. My question is how can i get these fixed and not feel ,as i have in the past, ignored and appeased with fixing something trivial.I for once out of 12 visits to 4 dealerships would like things done right and not told there is nothing wrong. Also, can i Bring my gmc to a chevy dealer
  • I guess I need some coaching on how to handle service managers. If im not satisfied the next step is the owner i guess. Up to this point I have had no respect for gmc's policy on warrenty work. the one time I called the hot line for a lockout I stayed on hold at 4 pm est for a half an hour and then hung up. Could someone help me deal with them and restore my faith in service thanks
  • You don't mention if you are the original owner of your GMC truck.

    Often, notices of recalls don't find their way from the first owner to the next.

    If you are NOT the first owner, you need to notify GM of this fact. Your dealer should help you there.

    Second, if you ARE the original owner, it sounds like your dealer may not have properly processed your documents so that GM had you in their database. In either case, go to your GM dealer to resolve this.

    As far as recalls are concerned, MOST GM dealers should be able to enter your VIN into their database which is connected directly to GM and, in doing so, determine which recalls HAVE been performed, and which ones have NOT.

    You can also easily look up your make and model to see what recalls have been issued while here at by selecting "USED VEHICLES" and looking up your specific make year and model. There will be a hot link for recalls if necessary.

    Good luck.
  • I own a 93 K1500 Silverado with 5.7 V-8. the vent hose for the front differential spews frothy gear lube in the engine compartment firewall area during long runs in hot weather. the vent cap seems to work correctly, but it leaks out anyway. Is this normal. Service dealers say they don't know what to do. Ive had the pumpkin checked several times, but the fluid is full. But the little bit that leaks out makes for a mess under the hood. I know the right lube is in there and that it is not overfilled. It only does this on long runs and NOT in 4WD. Also, does anyone's 4X4 Chevy whine when in 4WD? Mine does slightly, but there are no jerks or shutters to indicate problems. HELLLPPPPPP?
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    Lets see how good is motormouth? I have a 1997 Z71 pickup which blows rear end seals constantly. The dealer replaced the seals (5 times) bearings, drive shaft, brakes ...etc. The went tube is clear.

  • Hey, that rings a bell. I have a 1998 Z71 that leaked fluid after I had the GM recommended (for locking differentials) fluid replacement. (It's kinda silly they don't have a drain plug. You have to remove the differential cover). When I took it back to the servicing dealership, they re-sealed the cover using a reddish-orange goop and that seemed to fix it.

    I think if your vent tube is clear, you're not blowing out anything. If your leaking around the cover it's probably a bad sealant or bent cover.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    Thanks but mine leaks at the seals (by the breaks) not at the cover plate. There is a seal between the drive shaft and the rear end housing, on my truck it last about 1K miles. I am still waiting for motormouth to answer.
  • mikesmikes Posts: 7
    I have a 1997 Chevy P/U 4WD. The steering feels to "easy" to steer. Causes road drift, and loss of feel of road. Any one else experience this?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,240
    Hey, Mikes
    '97 is the first year for the electronically controlled power steering. My '96 is just the opposite. The steering is a little hard when parking and making other low speed moves, but on the highway it feels about right. I did have to have the front end aligned when the truck was new. BY THE WAY... Try to have your first front end alignment done under warranty. Until the factory alignment slugs are knocked out, your alignment will run over $100.00. I learned this the hard way on my '94.

  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    I have an '89 S10 with 175K and NO PROBLEMS. Go figure. My '97 K1500 already had more problems than my S10.
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