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Volvo C70 Lease Questions



  • bennett4bennett4 Posts: 11
    I thought I would share with everyone my lease terms. I just leased a 2013 C70 with climate package and metallic paint using the Costco program. Here is what I worked out: $607.31 per month, 24 months, 10K miles, zero down, everything including tax rolled in. Volvo pays the first 3 payments (2.5 actually) and Costco sends me a $500 gift card. MSRP was $43,345 and I got a $5,895.86 discount so the selling price was $37,449.14. I think it was a great deal because two other NY dealers told me my selling dealer would never deliver for that price, but they did. Oh, it did cost me about $200 for license plates from the dealer. Leasing co was Volvo Cars Fin Services.
  • There are still o few of these 2013's available are there any lease deals going? What are the residual's MF for a 24mo. 10K lease? thanks
  • 2013 C70 24mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00140 MF
    Residual varies from 54% to 57%... depending on trim line (lower trim = higher residual)
    $4500 in lease cash from Volvo

    Still won't be real cheap, I don't think...


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