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Running rich

gajdagajda Posts: 1
My 99 4 cylinder ranger is running rich. I think. It is throwing a code for running lean..but I think it is a false code and is actually running rich. It runs fine going down the road, but sputters and cuts out at idol. Exhaust pipe is solid soot black. And you can occasionally smell the gassy smell. Truck has about 100k on it. Was thinking bad o2 sensor possibly but didn't want to start just replacing stuff because that can get expensive. Need to get it fixed Because I drive a lot for work and before I cause any engine damage or foul out my plugs and stuff.
Replaced my abs speed sensor fixed previous problems I had, then it started doing this. Any ideas? Thought about taking it to ford and hopefully they can pin point the problem on their computer but trying to avoid paying for that.

Also, where is my door ajar switch? My door ajar light won't turn off,


  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Don't know about your rich/lean problem.

    Door light switch is inside the door panel. It's on the inside mechanism of the door (outside) handle.
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