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Chevrolet Aveo Maintenance and Repair

Hi I got a 2004 Aveo like couple weeks ago and Now I am having engine trouble because my check engine light is blanking and it is missing bad(Miss Firer).I took it to a garage and the guy put a scope on it and here are the codes: PO300,P1781 and cylindar #1 aint getting no compassion and I replace the spark plugs and spark wires and it is still missing.Also my car has hardly no power at all.Need help?Heres my email


  • has any one had any problems with their thermostat housing cracking at the seam?!?
    i own a '04 Aveo LS with 59K miles and that just happened 6 days ago
    the service advisor said that it's something that 'just happened'
    i was on my way to work and as i came to a stop exiting the freeway, steam/smoke just poured out from under my hood
    i got myself towed to the dealer, and days later they told me what had happened, and asked if i was overheated when it happened. I was not. I always watch my gauges, and that was acutally the first thing i looked at when the steam was coming out. I was sitting on neutral on the temp gauge.
    so i cant just seem to settle with the fact that the housing just cracked out of nowhere.
    i want to see if this is a common problem
    i have had SEVERAL problems with this particular car since purchasing it in '04 new.
    hope someone can help
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    I have read about this in an other forum,That the company went cheap and made the housing out of plastic,They are known to crack.Why they did not use simple metal like all other cars i have no clue,They must have no brains,This is the hottest part of the cooling system.
  • vbitterxvbitterx Posts: 3
    My housing thing just blew while I was driving across the California desert. There was no prior indication it was going to happen.. no smoke or sputter and the temp was even all the way from AZ. I got off for gas and when I went to return to the freeway, the whole front end of my car looked like someone threw a few water ballons at the car. It was strange. I went back to the gas station lot and waited for a tow 60 miles short of my destination.

    I figured I blew the ratiator.. but noticed the hose a bit later after I stoped crying. :) such a wuss.

    It an 04' Aveo with 48k. I thought it might have been my abuse on the car but Its a problem the aveo has.. I feel bad for the blue hatchback Aveo behind me.. they laughed. But they dont know.. they are next!! muu-hahahaha
  • luckinsluckins Posts: 63
    It's funny, every time I read about a problem that someone had with this car on this site, my car has that problem right afterward. Perhaps I need to stop reading posts in this forum.

    My thermostat housing went at almost exactly 59,000 miles. I was on my way to the dealer anyway for an unrelated problem and maintenance. So, I was about half-way there when a big puff of white smoke surrounded my car. I pulled over right away and, at first, thought it was a hose. Since I was near about 3 auto parts stores, I was hoping that I could just get a new hose. But, I saw that it was a cracked housing and had to have it towed because only the dealer has that part.

    I guess I should be glad that I read this thread because it didn't upset me nearly as much as it would have otherwise.

    I asked for a metal housing (and I was willing to pay extra because I pass through the desert in the summer all the time), but they didn't make any. I noticed the day or two before something that looked like a leak at the seam, but I didn't see any coolant anywhere.
  • pdm123pdm123 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 chevy aveo and the housing busted and the thermostate fell out and the antifreeze ran out while i was driving on the freeway, there was no warning or light that came on. The only way that i new is the car started smoking and then lost pressure. The dealer said it was the housing had busted and caused the engine to burn up.

    Help? what can be done to make the cheverlote company fix this problem. I have been readind other chevy. Aveo owners storys and they are like mine or similiar, this sounds like it should have been a recall.
    What can be done?
  • luckinsluckins Posts: 63
    Wow, I wish I could help because it's sounds bad. That part is not under warranty after the first 3 years, anyway. I was lucky, I hadn't gotten on the freeway yet and I pulled over immediately after seeing a huge cloud of white smoke. The temperature needle didn't go up at all.

    I seriously think we should try to get GM or some other company to produce a metal thermostat housing. I don't know why this one was made with plastic, but it was a dumb idea. Maybe by the time they make aftermarket parts for this car, they will have a choice of a metal one.
  • hello all, i have been reading the post here. i just wanted to say that i too have had problems with my 2004 aveo. let me first say that it was my 1st brand new car. i had always bought used. i wanted something nobody else had owned. i should have known it should have stayed at the dealer when i had to take back in 2 days. i was so careful and proud of my purchase. but when i noticed a crack in windshield right beside the seam i called them back. they told me to drive it back. by time i got there it was all the way across windshield. they did fix after i raised cane. after that i have had alot of problems with the car. most of why other owners got notices and warnings around here is because i complained loud enough. i have had strangers give me notices they received right ofter my problems. we would get to talking about each others aveo and i would just say i hope you havent had my problems. and they would say that must be why i got this letter. i hate being the first to learn. it has cost me over $3,000. so if anyone is serious about doing something about our daewoos with bowties, i would be more than happy to join a lawsuit or recall list. i have tried to get out from under the car, but the dealers now know just as much as the people on here and dont want them back. i feel i am stuck with the car. the reason i have started looking on here is to print out any info and get any leads or suggestions to make this right for me. i do feel like there is too much wrong with this model and want justice. thank you for reading and post any info that would be useful. :lemon:
  • Please Help me! My 2005 Aveo is killing me. Too many repairs. Now I am flat broke and my thermostat just busted on me. May God forgive .
    GM for buying Daewoo. It was just greediness. I thought I had a brand new American, not a freaking Korean junk.
  • well, at least that is a repair that wont cost much. if you are mechanicly incline at all, just buy part from dealer and replace yourself. we had to. i hope it didnt overheat on you thou>>>big bucks there! and whatever you do DON'T ASK WHAT ELSE IS GONNA GO WRONG!!! from experience, you will get an answer... :lemon:
  • tootal2tootal2 Posts: 13
    This one reason am afraid to buy 2008 aveo5. will the 2009 aveo have this problem?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    You may want to talk with the service manager at your local dealer to see if he has had any in for this problem. Other than maybe three people here I don't recall ever reading about a thermostat problem on this car here or any other forum/blog.
  • well i have! and other owners i talk to have also...don't you get it, the parts are plastic! it takes a little time/heat/wear and tear...and the trouble starts! :lemon:
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    It's not a matter of getting it or not. Plastic parts are becoming more and more common place on auto engines nowadays and some cars have plastic valve covers as well. The issue with the thermostat is not very common especially here on this forum with only maybe 2 people bringing it up. Is this going to be a problem with every Aveo only time will tell. I would think that if it were wide spread than this would have to be a safety recall because leaking anti-freeze could potentially cause some kind of safety problem for a motorist not to mention engine problems.

    I see you are new here since last month while I have been here 2-years and these are all new recent post issues. This is the cars 4th year here in the states not its first.
  • billhambillham Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2004 Chevy Aveo. Car has 62000 miles on it. So far.... it has been great. Getting 30+MPG. I am not able to contact the former owner to see if the Timing Belt has been replaced. Is there a way I can determine if the belt has been replaced?
  • tootal2tootal2 Posts: 13
    I would get it replaced. I think the last owner didnt want to replace it and traded it in for a new car. Thats what i would of done.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I would say it is not likely the previous owner would replace the belt and then sell the car.
  • well, mr or miss 2 year blogger...i dont sit around posting and reading. i have this problem out in the real world. i only got on here to see if there were any options for me. so congrats to you. you sound like a buffer. if you are so happy with the car, i will gladly sell it to you. and if you think its only been 2 people that this has happened to, think again. :lemon:
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,447

    You need to chill out here!

    OK, so you have had the thermostat housing problem, and its made of plastic. And, you would prefer that it be made from a stronger material.

    Poncho167 didn't cause the failure...He was simply attempting to assist you by making suggestions as to what he might do in the same circumstances...

    You may want to talk with the service manager at your local dealer to see if he has had any in for this problem. Other than maybe three people here I don't recall ever reading about a thermostat problem on this car here or any other forum/blog.

    If this was anywhere the problem that you think it is, this forum would be covered up in postings about it. Don't believe it? Check out the transmission issues on the Toyota Camry forum. If there are widespread issues with a top selling automobile, Edmunds would be the place to "vocalize" them.

    Now, I had an 05 Aveo hatchback as well, and no, I wasn't very happy with the car, and yes, I traded it. However, the one thing that I positively complemented the Aveo on was its drivetrain reliability, even though I thought (and still do) that is was a bit out-dated.

    So, if you don't like the car/part/whatever, go take your frustrations out on the dealer and/or manufacturer. There is absolutely no reason to be a "jerk" to someone who is only trying to help.

    By the way, did you ever do what Poncho suggested, and discuss the issue with the dealer? Or would you rather just be miserable and sit around bitching about it?
  • From what I've read, even with the 5yr/100,000 mile powertrain warranty, you must do the following otherwise risk paying big bucks:

    Have the timing belt checked at 30K miles, and have it replaced at 60K miles. Apparently the engine can get damaged if the belt broke.

    Since warranty on the belt expired at the first maintenance service interval, apparently, unless it broke before 60K, you are on your own paying for it and any damages it causes.

    Any comments?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,447
    Have the timing belt checked at 30K miles, and have it replaced at 60K miles.

    I could possibly understand the 60K mile replacement demand, but the 30K inspection demand? That's like an additional $750.00-1000.00 additional cost to keep the warranty in effect!

    Is that correct?

    So much for a warranty. I have never heard of that before. Maybe I need to get out more often.
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