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Chevrolet Volt Tax Credit Scandal



  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,735
    I don't follow... Where does the Accord and Camry come into the argument? They're not even competitors for the Volt

    I was making a comparison. Units in stock doesn't tell the whole story. The more important number is average days to sell.

    What I meant was if you were to look at the number of Accords/Camrys in stock, would you also say they were poor sellers? There are over 12K Camrys in stock nationwide - does that indicate poor sales?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    This topic's about the alleged tax scandal involving Volt dealers. Some of you may be looking for this topic:

    Will the Chevy Volt Succeed?

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  • So glad you made your comparison much more clear for those who can not read and understand the written word. Most of the chater is back and forth clutter from those that do not read the entire message before commenting... Frustrating!!!!

    Most of us understand your first response and agree. the VOLT is getting bad press in some places due to the fact that most reviewers look to europe and asia for being the place of quality... Biased opinion is hard to accomplish and should be left to the professionals!!!

    I consider my self an American and defend our industrial and technical industry to the end. If all would do the same we indeed would prosper as a whole.
  • benrey23benrey23 Posts: 42
    I think the idea of a dealer buying the New Volt and reselling it is a good idea as long as they are reselling the Volt for 7500 under MSRP as a used vehicle. Many customers want that credit right away. That is a way they can get it right away without having to apply for it.
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