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Catalytic Converters, How Many on My Truck?

dogzrooldogzrool Posts: 1
Hi Everyone,

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, 3.9L, 6 cyl. I was told I need a new catalytic converter which is located under my driver's seat. I can hear the rattling, especially when backing up. Why do I have 2 CATs and are there more? I know some Dakotas have 3. If I have 3, where is the third ones location?

Now, my question is, "how do I find the replacement part for this front CAT"? I've searched this entire forum but can't find any info on it.

Couple more questions........

1) What transmission does my truck have?

2) Why does my truck have a hard time going into park? If it won't
engage, I have to either put it in reverse or drive and move the truck
until I can get it to go into park.

THANK YOU for any and all info, help, pics, etc. that you would send to me!!!! I want to learn as much about my truck as possible. I do lots of little maintenance projects but, being a female, the bigger stuff needs my mechanic. I love to learn as much as I can so I'm hoping the experts here will reply to my post here.

THANKS, again!!!!


  • pladfootpladfoot Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Hey, just bought a 2001 dodge dakota just about a week ago. bought with about 132,000 on it. it was a daily driver. the man bought it with 40,000 on it from a dealer. never had any engine, transmission, etc. problems that he told me unless he was lieing. he said he never had the transmission serviced. the truck has been great until recently i have discovered that putting the truck in reverse sometimes it makes a pop(not loud but enough to catch my attention) it works fine in reverse. works fin in drive. but putting it back in park is the problem. i go to put it in park but the digital box disappears and i have to go back to reverse and then it goes in park. now i have taken my foot off the brake when im guessing its stuck between park and reverse and it goes no where. but i did not turn the truck off i made sure it was in park before switching it off. if anyone can give me a clue or any help at all would pe appreciated. just e-mail me at thanks
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