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2012 Genesis Sedans

wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
Just picked up my 2012 Genesis, 2nd unit this model year delivered from my dealer. Got the 3.8 w. Premium package, it is a very good option package. Likes/Dislikes so far:
Like: power is great, 8 speed A/T is so smooth, the car turn just over 2000rpm at 75mph in 8th gear. Ride is very quiet for the most part, and it seems better tuned than the 09 Genesis I have ridden in. the 14 speaker Lexicon system is amazing!
Dislikes: only noise I get is from the Michelin tires, will see if it improves; hate that dealers pre-install the "packs" of grossly overpriced tint, sealant, etching and nitrogen air in tires. I got most of it taken out of the deal.

Lease money rate was about 4% fyi. I managed to start the negotiations at invoice, and there was a $1500 rebate for current Hyundai owners which was a plus.

So far I am impressed with build quality and ride/handling. Will post later once more experience.


    What color combo did you get? What were the final numbers if you don't mind me asking?
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    edited June 2011
    LaShawn, I got the Platinum ( light silver) with black interior.

    Pricing - had them to start with Invoice, which I got from the through american express. For the 3.8 w Premium pkg, it was like 37400. Add the greatly reduced amount for their pre-installed "pack" ($500) and then apply the $1500 Hyundai owner rebate. I also traded in a 2006 Azera so that went toward cap reduction.

    Of course when you see the 36 mo lease agreement, the numbers all seem different, but residual after 36 mo was like 24K and the money factor was at 4%.

    I had to negotiate to get there, after being repeatedly told that there was no way they would start at invoice. I have bought 3 other Hyundais and know that drill. If you have a dealer that is in the program, use that as a bargaining chip. As I understand, they have to honor the price that zag shows, and I am sure they pay a fee for the referral coming through. When they wouldn't come down to invoice, I said I would just take the 3 bids form and see who came in lowest. Not what they want to hear when you are sitting there and they know you are serious.

    Hope that helps
  • dutton22dutton22 Posts: 6
    So does work with leasing? I'm interested in leasing a model and wasn't sure if you leased your current car.

    Thanks in advance
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    Dutton, I used the details to help set invoice to be used as cap cost for my lease. My dealer started out with the "we can't do a 2012 at invoice" in our negotiation, so I used the zag cost and said I would use it and get bids from 3 dealers to negotiate. I think the dealers have to accept the zag numbers to be int he program and likely pay a fee for the reerral.

    It was a help.

    Good luck in your lease....what are you looking to get?
  • dutton22dutton22 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the advice. I'm looking at getting a 2012 Genesis with the premium package. I'm working with the leasing specialist and will keep you posted.

    Thanks again, your post has been a great help.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    If you want a 3.8, they are getting onto the lots in good numbers, more on the coasts first. the 4.6 is due within the next 30 days. I read elsewhere that the 5.0 R-Spec is 30-60 days out.
    Good luck
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    Just winding up first week with new 3.8 with Premium package. Could not be more delighted! The learning curve is a bit daunting given the "bells & whistles", but fun to find out something new everyday. Traded a 2007 Azera Ltd. w/54K mileage. Negotiated purchase price of $35,904 with a trade-in of $13,000 and the Loyalty discount of $1,500. Did not know to get the $500 spiff on the tire enhancements. Only concern is the Michelin tires as I had a major noise problem with the Azera. So far it seems OK, but I may be more forgiving than others with better :) hearing.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    Rance, sorry, I don't know about the tire spiff? Can you post details?
    I had Michelin MXV4 on a 2006 Azera and they were shot in 20,000 miles of very non-aggressive driving (my wife).

    The only noise I hear at highway speed in the Genesis is tire noise.
  • veragenveragen Posts: 34
    Hi car readers / seekers, I was driving dusk hours on I-95N from a VA-beach wknd. trip, and I’m looking in my rearview-mirror thinking there’s an Audi A-car riding behind me, but then the car quickly brisk past me and then thought it’s an Infiniti-M? So I later drove to a rest stop for gas and I saw two new 2012 Genesis (beige V6 & midnite blue V8) sedans. I must say those LED-lights and the grille-fascia improve & change a whole new ball game in this car type-segment. Both Gens had Zoom-out from rest stop, again quickly! This Genesis is a sharp car :shades: !
    Has anyone seen the 2012 Hyundai Genesis sedan on the road/highway? Is there any potential buyer /owner received low price-quote? Possibly under invoice-price from dealership (trim-level, color, V6 or V8) in the NY, CT, north NJ-central metro area or PA (philly-south Jersey), DE, MD bal-dc metro area. Please text or pic-post most recent experience of ’12 Genesis-sedan (CPO ’09 -’11 as well) Thx. VeraGen
  • After much shopping, I bought my 2012 Genesis 3,8 w/tech pkg last week.
    I looked at Audi (peddles to close together)
    Infiniti M 37 (not crazy about the mileage and runs only on premium fuel) Linclon MKZ hybrid (not enough front leg room; and I thought the material were cheap)

    I traded in my 2007 Infiniti M35; the Genesis had at least 15 more features and ran on regular gas and got better mileage. It was as close to a "No Brainer" as you could get.

    I'm just getting settled into the car... only 300 miles on it but I'm loving the it. Not sure how long I have to drive it before I start getting the advertised mileage, but again I haven't gone thur the initial tank of gas yet :-)

    Great Car!
  • toyetoye Posts: 351
    Had my 09' Genesis Tech V-6 since April 09' I've got 32k on it changed tires at 28K other than a few minor things that were taken care of by the dealership it has been smooth sailing ever since. Lease is up in April 2012 and I will be purchasing it. Still turns heads and is still in mint condition.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 182
    edited October 2011
    2012 Genesis 3.8. A nice car in many ways, but it is missing, in a big way, by not offering a very important safety feature, a blind-spot monitoring system/sensor that a lot of the competition in this price range has, including the less expensive 2012 toyota camry. Until this is offered, I will not buy one of these cars. Any idea when Hyundai will be offering this on the Genesis 3.8 sedan?
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    edited October 2011
    Ushy, the Technology package does have a Lane Departure warning system, which helps if the driver should go over the lane markers. I have a '12 and have no issues with big blind spots
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 182
    edited October 2011
    Wamba2000, thanks for your reply, but a lane departure warning system, and a blind-spot monitor/system address different safety issues.
  • ohstewohstew Posts: 2
    I'm shamed to admit it, but it took my 40 years to realize there is a way to adjust your car's mirrors to eliminate all bind spots.

    No fancy warning system needed.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    No fancy warning system needed

    I have my own warning system, its called my eyes! I am looking at cars recently and seeing more and more blind spot alerts, cross traffic alerts, lane departure warnings etc. How much more do they want to dumb down driving, and what if you start to rely on this BS too much and drive a car without it?

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

    What ever happened to turning your head to look at oncoming traffic before you merge into the next lane or better yet, use the power mirrors.
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    What's your secret to adjust mirrors to eliminate all blind spots?
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    I have a 2012 Genesis Sedan. The dashboard monitor that shows the average mpg seems to register about 1 gallon more than I calculate after filling the tank. Your experience(s), please.
  • I am considering a 2012 Genesis 3.8. During my road test I noticed quite a bit of road/tire noise even at low speeds. Is this an issue and or is a change in tires a solution?
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