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Too lean bank 1 +2 03 Windstar

gkaiser124gkaiser124 Posts: 1
I've got an 03 Windstar I recently bought, has 140,000 miles on it. Every few weeks, it'll throw out the error code for too lean bank 1 + 2. I'll clear it, then a few weeks later it'll pop up again. When it the check engine light does come on, it usually occurs while idling at a light and it'll run rough for maybe 30 seconds then run fine.
I've replaced the MAF + Fuel Filter + Air Filter. (Fuel filter was still the original and very clogged). I've run fuel injector cleaner twice now through it. Had the dealership check for vacuum leaks (none found). I have noticed in the past few weeks my MPG go down drastically in the city. Before I was averaging 17-19 and now I'm getting 13-19 in the city. So, I'm thinking maybe its a fuel delivery problem? Maybe something it just starting to go but it hasnt yet? I've ordered a new fuel pressure regulator which I'm going to put in this week...

I'm just confused because its driving fine, and this only happens once every few weeks. Any ideas?


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