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All-New 2012 + Toyota Camry



  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 58
    Interior room, comfort and egress are more important to me than exterior styling. I'm getting too old to fall in to and climb out of sedans! Plus most of my height is in my torso and this current camry's windshield stops just short of my eye level. Literally have to turn my head sideways to see a traffic light. Hope they changed that
  • When will dealers get the 2012 Camry? I heard it would be any day now. Also, will there be a new promotion for the 2011s when the 2012s show up?
  • It appears from the toyota site that a 2012 4 cyl XLE will be required to get the navigation feature in order to get satellite radio. Is this really true?

    If so, bummer...
  • Posted this in a different thread, but wanted to post here as it is about the 2012 camry se with navigation and entune.

    Test drove the 2012 camry SE today with navigation and entune. The guy wanted $500 OVER invoice and was peanuts for my trade in. I walked out. The interior seems somewhat improved from 2011. The navi display unit has slightly inferior resolution compared to the hyundai elantra. However after installing an app on your cell phone you can use your phone's internet connection in the car which is cool (similar to ford sync I suppose). It took me a while to get the internet working in the car but it did finally. Incase anyone sees this thread in the future - you need to install the entune app on your cell and register on myentune (free registration). I think they give you 36 mos of free entune service. dunno what they'll charge after that. The voice recognition worked slightly better than the sonata bluelink. It was however slightly slower.

    I still can't believe that 2012 models are still plagued by slow / poor resolution touch screen displays for navi/audio. It is nice to see that the trim comes with 90 days of free xm radio which worked fairly well. As the reviews indicated the steering is loose/weak. The i4 engine similarly (non cvt, I think) is probably more comparable to a hyundai elantra subjectively (i realize there is a horse power difference). Still quite noisy. Didn't test drive the v6. Despite all this I'd have considered purchasing it at the right price. The 0% 60 mos financing is for the 2011 model. No incentives/rebate for 2012 (atleast none that are announced per the dealership/or I could find). Along the same lines, I can't qualify for the $1000 recent college graduate promo either because they don't have a financing deal.
  • No, navigation is available in SE (4 cyl) as well.
  • The guy wanted $500 OVER invoice and was peanuts for my trade in.

    $500 over invoice is a fair deal for a brand new car. I agree w/ the trade in value. It seems the Toyota dealers want to make more money on the trade in than Nissan dealers at least by about 2k. I had the same experience about 4-5 years ago w/ my Altima and last year when my brother in law wanted to trade in his Corolla.
  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    edited September 2011
    Car dealers (that doesn't apply to Toyota dealers only!) are in business to make money on cars. Buy low - sell high, why does it surprise anyone? Any trade ins will be re-sold with a good mark up. In today's economy a decent used car can be easily sold at full price by the owner.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    edited September 2011
    All dealers want to make money but Toyota dealers want more money compare to Nissan base on my personal experience. My guess is Nissan dealers only want to make about 2k while Toyota dealers want to make at least 4k on the used cars (3-4 years old cars).
  • That's a moot point, you can't make a generalization saying that for your specific used car any Nissan dealer would give you $2K more than any Toyota dealer.
  • Hmmm, I think my guess is very accurate...let see...for the last 14 years, I bought 3 Toyotas, 4 Nissans, 5 Infinitis.

    Also, I helped my families to buy 3 Nissans and 4 Toyotas. ;)
  • berriberri Posts: 4,141
    I've got a couple year old camry and I like it. The new one - some improvements I suppose, but nothing that would make me run out and buy it, let alone get gouged in the process. Just wait until the toyoyathons in January and spring - you'll do much better.
  • I might stay w/ the Altima b/c I like the push start and the dual exhaust. I was thinking about the Camry b/c of the touch screen. However, since someone mentioned that touch screen is not great plus the low trade in value w/ Toyota dealers, I will probably just skip the Camry.
  • The Camry 2012 also has push start (atleast the SE trim i test drove did). In fairness, the touch screen is comparably slow with respect to other cars for instance the hyundai sonata also has a noticeable lag on the user interface. Probably one of the better ones I've seen is in the prius. I suspect there is a technological lag as it relates to the user interface on these new fangled devices and how the old behemoth car companies are able to embrace it. All I'm saying is don't expect quad core, sandy bridge performance from these display units. The internet connectivity through your cell phone to the car dash is an excellent addition but will undoubtedly drain your phone battery unless you plug it in.
  • Thanks twitchhd. The push start is not standard. You either tested drive the SE w/ P2 or S3 package. It might be standard on the V6.
  • cmyawncmyawn Posts: 36
    edited September 2011
    I worded my orininal post badly. My issue is that to get satellite radio on a 4 cylinder XLS (or a 4 cylinder SE for that matter), you have to get nav as well. It appears that the 6-cylinder models can get satellite radio without getting nav.

    Another issue is that the XLS 4-cylinders, at least based upon inventory in the southeast US, do not come with the basic nav, but all are upgraded with the nav plus entune. About $600 more. And they all come with the blind side and safety packages as well, another $1000 or so in options I do not need. So the only way (based upon the inventory) to get a 4-cyl XLS with leather and convenience packages, runs to over $31000 MSRP.

    The SE seems to be less restrictive, can get just the base nav, leather, and convenience packages. Runs about $28.5K. But who wants black and ash seats in the hot southeastern US? No light colered leather seats are an option on the SE.
  • Agree with the lack of interior color choices for SE. I would have preferred the white exterior + beige interior like the hyundai. The XLS does give you more color options. IMHO, the nav + entune is good for toyota. An internet connected car is a step in the right direction. In this case toyota is piggy backing on your existing cell phone data via bluetooth to provide it which has it's obvious pros and cons. The SE did not have the blind side detection (atleast the model I test drove).

    Something to consider in warmer weather is the sticking effect of leather when it gets really hot. Leather does look nice, however.

    The other cars to consider - ford fusion, hyundai sonata/elantra; nissan altima. They are in similar price ranges. Another thing - there is no financing deal on 2012 camry; there is 0% 60 mos on 2011 camry which is frustrating since I'm looking at 2012.
  • Checked out the new Camry today and was very disappointed. The front appears smaller and lower that the previous Camry looking like a compact car rather than one of substance. The back, on the other hand, reminded me of the older Chevy Malibu and the inside glove box was paper thin and felt cheap. After waiting months waiting for the new '07 Camry which turned out to be a good decisiion, I decided not to even drive the '12 Camry since I didin't want to waste my time or the salesman's time and could not see myself purchasing such an ugl, cheap looking car. Having previously owned a new Avalon and a new '07 Camry, I'm sure quality of the '12 Camry is OK but looks also count. Honda is looking better and the Hyundai looks are far superior.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,626
    To bad you didn't at least take a test drive...just so you could report in here your observations about how it drove. Since you've owned other Toyota products, it would've been an interesting read.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • mahi4umahi4u Posts: 2
    hi there, I am looking for 2012 camry models, I am getting OUT THE DOOR price of $23100 for LE model and $23400 for SE model at my dealer, what should I do and which model I should pick, thanks in advance
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    edited October 2011
    23400 OTD for a SE sounds very good. Assuming that your tax is about 7-8% + $200 registration, the selling price is about $21,600 or 800-900 under invoice.

    LE v SE? only you can decide.

    BTW, I went to see the 2012 Camry this past weekend, I don't really like it. It looks way too small from the outside.
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