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2000 Lincoln LS Compressor, Drier, Expansion Valve & Hot Air

2000lincolnls2000lincolnls Posts: 1
edited July 2011 in Lincoln
My 2000 Lincoln LS (V6) makes this strange noise. The pattern seems to be when I run my A/C. It blows out hot air and it makes the strange noise. Then, the car somewhat seems as if it will shut off. Usually what I do is turn off the A/C. It generally takes about 20 minutes or so after turning off the A/C; then, it will stop. The challenge is that it does this sporadically. It's been doing this for several months. However, every time I take it to the mechanic, he cannot figure out what's wrong (and of course it does not do this when it take to him). Well, the other day on my way home from work, it began to do this again, but this time I had not run the A/C. In essence, I've avoided running the A/C because of this issue. The next morning, I turned the car on and once again this noise began (after sitting over night). I just cannot see myself going through the summer without my A/C and continuing to have this issue in general since it's occurring when I run my air as well as when I do not. However, it seems that running the air triggers these problems moreso than if I do not turn on the A/C.

I recently took it back to the mechanic. I was told the clutch on the compressor is going in and out. He said the compressor is cycling in and out and that the freon may be releasing because of a leak causing the clutch to work overtime or something to that effect.. Also, he said that there seems to be a leak, but he's not 100% certain how bad. In the end, he told me that it would be prudent to refill with "new freon" ($58.99). Then, see how long it will stay in there. He said he recommends this because it could cost in upwards of $1600+ to fix the problem for a new compressor and drier (approx. $850) and expansion valve (approx. $750). In addition, he said that replacing the expansion valve takes several hours of labor and the parts alone for the expansion valve would coast approx. $750. Therefore, he recommended going with a quick fix of filling with new freon. If this does not resolve the problem, however, he said I would need to return to fix the major issue. My mechanic further stated that if this is the case, I may be able to get away with just replacing the compressor and drier. Has anyone else had this issue? Does it seem as though my mechanic diagnosed the problem properly?
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