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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Transmission Issues



  • Has anyone had this problem?? The car would not seem to shift from 1-3 the rpms go way up almost to the red. but sometimes it wont do it at all.. then today I put it in drive the rpms went way up as I stepped on the gas but car wont move, it rolls backward. but if you put it in m1 then it will move , I cannot even believe a chevy would have a tranny crap out like this has at 50 ,000.
    Can anyone else tell me if they have had shifting issues?? PLease!!!
  • I have to agree with you! My 2006 maxx ss has NEVER gotten more than 17 mpg so, and know the tranny seems to totally crap out???
  • luiyiluiyi Posts: 1
    So did u get your car fixed? What did you do to it?
  • The 5th repair at the dealer worked like a charm. I have given the car to my son and he reports no issues with it. I replaced the car with another manufacturer. I'm not going to toss GM under the bus but I'm taking a break. Good luck.
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