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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Transmission Issues



  • nh4evernh4ever Posts: 5
    Mali- as we affectionately call this car has been fine since we bought it new with 30 miles on it. No trouble really and it is regularly maintained. None of my other Chevy vehicles ever had these sorts of issues.

    My husband has always dealt with car service issues but told me it would be a learning experience if I handled this saga.

    I suppose I should have insisted on a new transmission rather than boxes of parts. If there ends up being a 4th repair I'll ask for one.

    I'm told they rebuilt from scratch using replacment GM parts including a new case and everything to do with the final drive.
    I'm picking it up today so I'll review the warranty with the service manager.

    I will contact GM customer service outside this forum if I have further issues.
    regards nh4ever
  • i should do this then, i bought my 2004 maxx with 58,000 miles and now have 65,000 miles
  • smaxxsmaxx Posts: 9
    edited January 2013
    I just got news that the transmission in my '06 Malibu Maxx needs replacing after 90,000 miles. I will never again buy a GM product and neither will my children. I used to defend GM. Now I understand why so many people have such animosity toward them.
  • Too bad, I have had too many good GM products to let one bad one stop me from never buying one again....good luck with your future vehicles.
  • When I fixed the broken wire under my center console, I also checked all the other wires/plugs under the console as well. Found a loose connection plug near the shifter, and unplugged and replugged to be sure it was clean and snapped in soundly/firmly. Solved my "freewheeling" problems as well. Worth a check on yours as it only takes 30 min or so to get that console loose and get to those wires.
  • I have on 04 with 200,000 on it...changed transmission fluid at 100,000 and ready to have it done again. Only issues is when you shift it into low gear (3), little button on gear shift won't allow you to shift to 2nd or 1st. Last Oct bought an 05 with only 35,000 on it...before it hit 40,000, the gear shift button quit working and in winter I really like being able to shift it into 2nd and 1st on the hilly, curvy roads in Ohio!!
  • I have on 04 Malibu Maxx with 200,000 AND an 05 with 45,000 miles. When I shift into low gear (3), the button on the gear shift will not allow me to switch into 2nd or 1st gear. Any ideas what the problem is AND how I can get it fixed. I really like being able to shift into 1st and 2nd during the winter, on the windy, curvy roads in Ohio!!
  • Wow...sorry to hear...I feel the same about Chevy Monte Carlo...we bought
    a 2000 and in 80,000 it needed a new another one with 23,000 miles put in and the car has 200,000 miles on it.
    I have an 04 and an 05 malibu maxx...04 has 200,000 and the transmission runs perfectly, just bought the 05 in October (found a deal, only had 35,000 miles) Only issue I have is I can't shift into 1st or 2nd gear, only 3rd for the low gears.
  • You have a simple fix to do, one broken wire under the center console right along side the shifter, this is a common problem and is easy to fix, just loosen and lift up center console, find broken wire, add in a short piece of wire to fix, and your shifter button will work again. On this site/thread there are more detailed instructions with the color of the wire, etc. Try google searching if you can't find the detailed fix, but it is really easy and the wire that is broken is on the left side of the shifter when you lift up the center console.
  • scanman88gtscanman88gt Posts: 16
    Had the trans fluid flushed and replaced at around 100,000 miles. Car now has around 170,000 miles on it. Mostly highway driving. Just recently, the traction control light has come on as well as the check engine light. When driving, it wants to wind out really long in first gear, then shifts hard into second gear. My local shop has been looking at the transmission codes stored and said something about a sticking 1st to 2nd solenoid. Is this something that can be easily replaced? Would this also cause the traction control light and check engine light to come on as well? Can the solenoids be replaced individually or is this something to do with the electronic controller for the transmission? Other than this issue, we have been relatively trouble free with this car.

  • Has anyone had this problem?? The car would not seem to shift from 1-3 the rpms go way up almost to the red. but sometimes it wont do it at all.. then today I put it in drive the rpms went way up as I stepped on the gas but car wont move, it rolls backward. but if you put it in m1 then it will move , I cannot even believe a chevy would have a tranny crap out like this has at 50 ,000.
    Can anyone else tell me if they have had shifting issues?? PLease!!!
  • I have to agree with you! My 2006 maxx ss has NEVER gotten more than 17 mpg so, and know the tranny seems to totally crap out???
  • luiyiluiyi Posts: 1
    So did u get your car fixed? What did you do to it?
  • The 5th repair at the dealer worked like a charm. I have given the car to my son and he reports no issues with it. I replaced the car with another manufacturer. I'm not going to toss GM under the bus but I'm taking a break. Good luck.
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