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Replacing '04 XT engine - ideas?

1conrad1conrad Posts: 2
Hi Folks,

Evidently I either 'blew' or 'threw' a rod, and been told I need a new engine for my '04 XT... after only 115K miles. This happened immediately after replacing my turbo and intercooler, which blew twice within 3 weeks, at a cost of $2,700... not a happy camper.

Am looking for replacement engines, but am wary - is it worth it?

I have found a few online: $5K for one with 33K miles, or $3K for one with 68K miles... plus installation, etc...

Also found an '06 XT engine w/98K miles for $2K. Would that engine even fit into my '04?

Any advice would be appreciated - do I have any recourse with SOA at this point? I love my XT, but am a bit exhasperated at this point. Thanks!


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