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Chevy Traverse Air Conditioner Problems

We have a 2009 Traverse and are having problems with the air conditioner. I posted on the Acadia forum as someone else had started a thread with the same problem. We bought the car new Feb 2009 (2 1/2 years) and it has 55,500 miles. The problem started about 90 miles into a trip the face vents stopped blowing air although the fan speed or no other controls were changed. I stopped the car for about 20-30 minutes to check fuses, leaks, etc and when we started back up the fan came back on. Only there was a weird noise coming from just in front of driver's side dash. After a 4-5 minutes it stopped. We noticed the air started blowing warm. When we reached our destination since there was no GM dealer in the town I took it to a reputable shop that was recommended by 3 auto parts stores. The shop had been in business for over 30 years I believe. After the tech checked it out he found the problem was with the evaporator. Since he knew this was an expensive fix he had another tech check it out also and the second tech found the same problem. This was a labor intense job that involved among other things removing the dash. It would be at least an 8-10 hour job and be over a $1000. He said on a 2 and 1/2 year old vehicle there is NO WAY an evaporator would go out no matter how many miles it had. He advised me to take it back to the dealer even with it out of warranty. I called and spoke with the service manager at the dealer and he said they could not do anything that I would have to contact GM customer service to get a . I have an appointment to go to the dealer tomorrow to have it checked out. It was mentioned on the Acadia forum that once you are assigned a representative and have a claim number you are STUCK with that rep. If you ask to speak with a supervisor or try to appeal it to the next level you can't do so because it is counted against them and they want everything handled at the initial level. has anyone else had a similar problem with their A/C or and guidance about GM Customer Service? Thanks for ANY advice. Shooter


  • mej1965mej1965 Posts: 6
    I have started noticing my air conditioned doing weird things lately so I think I will have my dealership look at the evaporator as well. But I have been dealing with customer service issues for two years since I bought the car. You are right you cannot get to a supervisor to save your life. I have asked for a new car or to bought out of this one 6 times. My major problem is my car eats steering gears. they have surpassed this car being a lemon but will not let me speak to anyone high enough up the food chain to get anything accomplished. Good luck with "customer service"
  • I to am having the same problems with my 09 Traverse. It has been the shop three times which which was resolved each time only temporarily. I am again having the same problems only issue is it is off warranty. This time I am being told the hvac system is sticking and has to be replaced. Previous fixes where resetting the hvac system then next couple visits the ac controls were replaced. I asked the dealership if GM would cover it since it is the same problem. Problem I am getting now is they diagnosed it with a temp door actuator failure. Dealer said it is a different component then what was previously replaced so no assistance. I am currently in communication with the warranty center trying to get it resolved but do not think it looks good. I have been looking at various post with this issue and it is clear their is something wrong with this ac system on the lambada vehicles. It is clear GM needs to do a recall on this vehicle. Good luck!
  • jswyerjswyer Posts: 1
    We have a 2010 Traverse and we have had the A/C recharged 3 times since Oct. 2009. They keep saying that the system is empty but they can't find the leak. Now they are telling me that if they find the leak it may not be covered under the Extended Warranty!!! This is one of many problems that I have had with this vehicle.
  • My 2010 Traverse 18,000 miles. So far a $600 vapor line was replaced. Now at 19,000 and the evaporator expires. $1200. Car is 4 yrs old. Since the 1st problem was originally under warranty it was covered. In the evaporator repair I paid $300. I am requesting the $300 back. Will see. Mean time the transmission line leaks and a front shock. The air conditioner should be recalled,  I see a lot of posts on this subject. 

  • traverstytraversty Posts: 2
    I just bought a used 09 Traverse and am having the same A/C issues That are listed on this forum. I noticed GM customer care has been monitoring this thread of complaints for years now, with no solution for the Buick line or any of the sister line vehicles such as the Traverse. They aren't even monitoring the Traverse thread on this site. It is an obvious Manufacture Defect And should be brought to the attention to the powers that be. (Not GM) Your State Attorney Generals Office, and Better Business Bureau. Complaints can be made online In Most states I believe. If Enough of us complain to these authorities maybe GM will be forced to do the right thing by customers that are being trapped into a money draining product without prior discloser. I will be taking my vehicle in to be checked. Making copies of the findings and forwarding the Info and complaints to the BBB and Texas Attorney Generals office. These are expensive vehicles and should not have this kind problem across all the GM Brands.This A/C Manufacture Defect was identified as far back as 2008 throughout all the sister models that use the same original GM parts. I Urge Everyone Who Has This A/C Problem To Contact BBB and their State AT. The Word Needs To Get Out To The Public So They Will Be Informed Before They Enter Into A Financial Commitment That May Last Longer Than The Vehicle Life
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