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Volvo XC60 Questions and Comments



  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    The wind noise becomes noticeable only when I hit ~60 mph, so you should do a test drive up to 65 mph to see for yourself. It's a small problem but not at all a deal breaker for me. Also, this is by no means as much wind noise as you'd get on a non-luxury vehicle.

    By "problem" I mean the wind noise it is somewhat more as compared to my wife's 2011 Audi Q5, and that I have to turn up the audio 2-3 notches to compensate for the wind noise. I really like my XC60 but I believe Volvo should have done a better job minimizing the wind noise and it is one of my few complaints for this vehicle.
  • Hi All,

    Thanks for the great comments on this car. Seems like a good choice for a family car and (pending a drive test) I'm starting to lean towards this model.

    I'm 6'4''/240lb and I was wondering if there were any other big guys out there who have this car and if they like it. I have a lot of trouble with most cars given the amount of leg space and head room I need, so would love to get feedback from anyone who is willing ...

    Thanks again for the comments!
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    Yeah, I'm 6'3"/215. I put the seat all the way back and "bucket" the seat a little (rear of seat is lower, front of seat is higher) which makes it fairly comfortable. I don't have a problem with headroom at all.
  • cdudecdude Posts: 9
    I am looking at regular XC 60 or XC 60 with Turbo and not sure weather its worth paying extra for the turbo as I will be doing city plus highway driving . Options I am looking for are premier with climate , BLIS and Bixenon.

    I am in central NJ so want to know whats the best price for XC60 in the area as the dealer I saw took $1500 off MSRP which I didn't think was enough ..
  • mscar54mscar54 Posts: 17
    I have the T6 and I really can't tell how the turbo charger affects the power. I figure you have test driven them both?
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    It depends on your preference and if you want AWD.

    For an additional 50 hp, the T6 is only $1650 more than the regular 2.0 with AWD. In a few months I might spend $1500 for the 25 HP software upgrade so in that sense it's worth the money.

    The MPG difference isn't much. Maybe 24 highway vs 22 highway for the turbo? So for 12,000 miles a year that's only 45 gallons more (about $170 more per year).
  • We just bought a 2011 that was a dealer car with 8,000 miles on it. Like it so far but we are coming off a 12 year old van and so we are not used to all of the technology and bells and whistles!

    When there is no front seat passenger this message lights up:
    It is sort of annoying to constantly have that indicator lamp illuminated. Any way to disable it? Just curious and certainly this will be the first of many questions. Thanks!
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    Legally? Probably not. Try painting over it in black?

    It's pretty much out of my field of view so it doesn't bother me at all.
  • jcarpijcarpi Posts: 17
    Has anyone out there had problems with the electronics on this car? My XC60 is almost two years old, and my battery has died twice, the first time after I went on vacation and the car was in the garage for a week. The second time was just this weekend when it sat for only 4 days. I drive this car 20 miles/day to and from work, so it's not like it's sitting all the time. The first time, when I told the Volvo dealer about it, they tried to pass it off as my not driving it every day. I just laughed and said "Are you telling me that I should expect a dead battery every time I don't drive the car for a day or so? Surely a battery should hold a charge longer than that!" They just hemmed and hawed, and re-charged the battery. But now that it's happened a second time, I want to know if anyone else has had this problem, and whether they got any satisfaction under the "Safe and Secure" program? Thanks!
  • osdxc60osdxc60 Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to me and a co-worker. I have a 2010 XC60 and she has a 2011 S60. But for me the issue has since been resolved.

    I was gone for 6 days and the battery did not have enough power to start the car. My co-worker was gone for 5 days and her battery was completely dead.

    I had my battery checked by two dealers. The first said that the battery checked out fine but there was a software upgrade needed which was done. The second deals also said the battery was fine but that it was only charged to 50% capacity. They charged to 100% capacity. They suggested to make sure the battery was fully charged before letting it sit for a while.

    I recently just got back from a 16 day trip and my XC60 started with no issues. The only thing that has changed was the software upgrade and I did not have my iPhone USB cord plugged in. I mention the USB cord because when my battery died after 6 days, I did have the cord plugged in. My coworker also had her USB cord plugged in when her battery died.

    So.. I am not sure if it was making sure the battery was full charged, software upgrade or the USB cord not plugged in that made a difference. Maybe a combination of all. Just in case I now carry a portable jump starter in my car.

    My coworker also had a software upgrade on her car but she has not left her car sitting for more than a couple days yet. So we do not know if anything has changed.
  • I havent been able to find where the underfloor lockable storage is. Sales and Service didn't l ow anything about it. Can anyone tell me where it is?
  • lego34lego34 Posts: 5
    I try the xc60 t6 premium plus and I was surprise when I call my insurance company, that I will pay the same as my CRV.

    Question; for those who own the xc60, what do you thing of the cost of this car. I would love to have an idea. Thank you
  • Called Volvo a second time. The cargo floor has hidden storage which can not be accessed when the tailgate is closed. Apparently there is some kind of lip that prevents the floor from being opened when the tailgate is closed. There isn't an actual lock.
  • c_hillc_hill Posts: 1
    Hello. Just purchased a 2010 with 44k XC 60 T6.

    It's been back at the dealer over a week now with a leak in the roof. It leaks after rain, etc. I discovered the leak about a week after my purchase. (I'm assuming it wasn't a new leak, so curious on how long it has been happening.)
    1. Will this type of leak affect the inside of the car? I'm not sure how long it was going on, even if it gets fixed, will it have hurt the car long-term?

    Also, the MPG seems low - it's about 18 average, with half highway/city.
    2. Is that average for a T6?

    I'm less than a month for my purchase, would a return be recommended? I purchased Volvo for reliability, so I wouldn't have to worry about this type of stuff. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm not sure what to believe.
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    I know it's a little late, but I owned a 2012 for a few months. I had the R-type T6, and averaged around 17 city and got well over 22 on the highway. For a twin turbo with this much weight, I'd say 18 is excellent. Turbos are not terribly fuel efficient, (I had two Saab wagons that were smaller but didn't get much better mileage, both turbos) but I think anything over 15 in city is great and over 25 highway. It ain't no Prius. Put it this way, I just switched to an Acura MDX and I can't even squeak 13 in city! Yikes!
    Did you get your leak fixed? Have them pull the ceiling liner and check it if you're worried. Best of luck.
  • My short 85 year old mother had a wreck yesterday and we are car shopping. I am interested in a crossover type vehicle that is low enough that she can get into it without climbing up but higher than a standard sedan so that she can get out without having to pull herself up when she gets out. What is the height of the driver's seat from the roadway of the 2013/2014 FWD XC 60?
  • juxtajuxta Posts: 44
    edited September 2013
    I have a 2011 T6. With the power seat all the way down it's about 26 inches. All the way up it's about 30 inches. That's with the seat-front and seat-back settings both at the lowest and highest. The contours of the seat front-to-back and side-to-side vary in height about an inch. I'd assume it's close to that for a 2013/14.
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