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Ford Focus Owners-Meet the Members

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,028
Please introduce yourself!

My name is Karen and I'll be your host. Let me know what discussions you would like to have included in the Ford Focus ZX3 Owner's Club folder. Perhaps take a look at the already established Owner's Clubs for ideas? Anyone care to be a representative/Community Leader for the club? Let me know!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Owner's Club Host

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager



  • Finally, a club for this neat little car! I bought my CD Silver 5-speed ZX3 in February 2000; it was built in December of 1999. 6000 miles to date, and a bunch of recalls later, my fiancee now drives the car, but I keep up with this great group and have enjoyed the input since Part One.
  • carladycarlady Posts: 35
    I must say that silver_bullet has been an enthusiastic ZX3 owner and participant from Day One. I'm glad your patience has paid off!

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  • Hard to follow Silver Bullet. Well said, except the part about your fiancee now driving your beloved ZX3. Really, glad your still here. Can't say for sure that I have been around since Part One, but it's been a while anyway.

    Nice to meet you Karen S.! Will check out the other clubs to get some ideas, even though I already have some. Car lady, I hope you keep checking up on us now that we have the club.

  • Hi All,

    Been around since last March and bought my 5 speed on March 31st. Enjoy checking daily on the site and enjoy the feedback pro and con on the Focus. I still have had no problems after about 9,000 miles and have had the wheel bearing repaired but have not opted for the "A" pillar fix yet. Not sure if I want the hassle. I am going to have the master cylinder (clutch) done one of these days. Very happy with the car and about the only thing I can add that does not square with the majority is the gas mileage. I have always had between 33 (city) and 37 (highway). This has been my experience from the second tank to the present. I am certainly not complaining. Glad we have a club. Happy driving to you all and remember to enjoy life and not worry about the small stuff.
  • Hi,

    I'm Charlie and have had my autumn orange ZX3 since February 20th, built in December... now it's got 13,500 miles. It's my 11th and most fun vehicle I've owned to date.

    My brother and his daughter also own ZX3's, one a a rainforest green auto, and the other a 5 speed silver. So during the holidays, we had our own ZX3 get-to-gether at my Dad's house. See, Dad's a Chevy man from way back, so having 3 Fords parked in his yard...well...:)

    Good luck with the club... it'll be great, and worth the wait!
  • zx3zx3 Posts: 167
    From zx3 .... A big "Thanks" ladys, for the Club.

    For Z-Club "Forum Leaders" --- I nominate Silver Bullet, PCleveland2, ZX3Beast.
    They're always here, good guys, and full of info. (Wot more could you ask, O' lovely ladys)???

    My Z has 5000 "trouble-free" miles since Delivery in June. Been in Ford Dealer Service dept ONLY for Recall'S or oil change.
    I bypassed having "A-Pillar" thingy done, after following posts written by above guys, and others.
    MPG is around 26City/30+HiWay. Sweet, sweet car.

    Am I hurting the engine of my Z, by letting it warm up 15-20 min.(idle speed) on these bitter winter mornings --- while I wait in nice warm house, guzzling hot coffee?
    FGaydos1 said doing it, "uses gas" -- but didn't say if it harmed engine.
    Anyone else care to comment on this?
    Thanx to FGaydos1 for Reply and thanks in advance to any one else who cares to weigh in.
    (Ford Dealer wants $140 (Pts/Lbr) to install Factory engine-block heater).
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    my name is walt.the "z" group has always been a fun
    group with a great sense of humor. the carlady has
    done a superb job in allowing a lot of latitude in
    our discussions this past year and keeping the pur-
    pose of the forum in" beast" was
    built dec.99 and purchased jan.00. i sincerely appreciate all the advice,tips and responses posted
    the previous year and look forward to reading everyones input in the new club.
  • If you measure engine life by hours, not miles, you might say yes. But, when you take off with a warm engine with warm oil, the bearings and other moving parts are much happier and should live longer. Now if we could only find a way to do this with the wheel bearings. Oh, the block heater is the best idea. If you can find a aftermarket block heater, the price should be much more affordable. Should go in in less that a hour of shop time.
  • HI!
    I'm Holly, 24, from Southern California. I have a White 2000 Zx3. I got it in May and I have just over 5K miles on it.It has automatic trans, cruise, power windows, power doorlocks, power windows and and alarm with keyless remote.I also have all five windows tinted. I love my car, except for all of the recalls of course. I love the standard CD player, the leather wrapped steering wheel and especially sitting up high.
  • Well have owned my ZX3 for about 14 months and just over 10,000 miles and regret the day I stepped into the dealer and well in love with the basic design. You all know about the many recalls and I have had my share of repairs (sticking door handles, AS brake problems, Auto. Transmission, door locks to name just the major problems). Add the lousy mpg (22-24 in town and 31 at a steady 65 ones) and the currently poorly shifting transmission and I don't think I will ever buy a Ford again.
    Now if I could only sell this car and buy something differently.

    Now to the question of warming up the car. I can see 30 seconds or so to get the oil flowing seems reasonable... (OD I start the car and put my seat belt on and go). Letting it idle for 15-20 minutes seems way to long and wasting fuel. A long time ago the theory was that this would hurt the transmission and other related on moving parts, since they do not get a chance to warm up. In my cab driving days I always shut the car off when idling for long periods.. sure it got a bit cold in the car but my engines and transmissions lasted well past 150K.
  • zx3zx3 Posts: 167
    Hkoenen2 .... Thanx for input on "idling engine on a Cold Morning before driving off".
    Like everyone else who answered -- you don't approve of it, but don't say it "positively will" damage engine.
    I've asked this question on-and-off for years, never got "Definitive Answer" pro or con.
    It must be one of those grey areas where experts have not settled the question.
    I'll not pursue the matter any further, and thank you, PC/2 and other guys who answered.
    I'm sorry you had a bad car. Is there a lemon law in your state?
  • I am Jimmy {Duh} and I have not been here since Day I, but I think I predate - PCleveland2.

    I have a 2000 A.Orange ZX3 that I purchased in the first week of March 2000. I love it much.

    I am glad we have this club but I am not sure how it is different from the other list.
  • catmomcatmom Posts: 42
    I, too, have been around for a long time. Purchased my Z Feb, 2000. Gave up on there being an Edmunds Club.

    Would like to see a section on "repair and maintence" or maybe "help with problems." Perhaps those who modify their cars would like a separate section of "modifications." Don't know if there is enough interest in this board to have alot of different sections. Hope so.
  • Jimmyfocuszx3,
    You got my curiosity up. First post was Part II, msg 461, Jan 29, 2000. That's the first one I could find, but it reads like there was a post before it. Not that it matters any. Lots of people predate me.
  • Hi everybody!! I live in Hollywood CA, and bought my Maliblue ZX3 in July. It's almost at 6,000 miles, and I still LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, recalls 'n all. I did the first two (left rear wheel and A Pillar), and yesterday received a third notice, about the rear seat. ? ? ? Well, in the first year of any model, stuff like this is bound to happen.

    But, it LOOKS so sporty, feels and DRIVES like a big car, and the SPEED is terrific (can pass BMW's on the 101 like they're a '78 Plymouth). I searched and waited about two years, for my perfect little car, and I FOUND IT!!!

    I too have a slight complaint about gas mileage. In the city, I get only 20-25mph, and on the highway, it's about 30mph. Twice I've driven up to San Francisco...75,80 all the way, and got exactly 30mph. Oh well.

    I'm probably older than most of ya'...let's just say 40-something and leave it at that...but I guess I'm still a kid at heart...or a little crazy??

    This is a neat site too ! ! !
  • I've added a couple of discussions to the ZX3 club folder, but please let me know what more you would like to see.

    Owner's Club

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • If your first post was "Part II, msg 461, Jan 29, 2000" then you predate me and I was wrong. I hopped on back in April or so, but I could be wrong. Maybe you were gone for a week or two and I thought you were some new guy. Anyways, like you said, no big deal. I cannot abide [however] someone else using Lala Land in a post. I am sure all of the other old guard will remember that I am the Tyrant Dictator for life of that small little land.
    Although, no one paid me very much mind back then. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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  • edm9edm9 Posts: 16
    Hello all!!!! My name is Ed, I live in Southern NH. I bought my '01 White ZX3 Dec. 4th 2000. Its pretty much bone stock. I've got 5040 AWESOME miles so far. Been to the dealer for 1 oil change. I plan on some significant mods to my little hot-rod, I'll post when changes are made. So far I've only added hyper white bulbs.

    As for the warm up in the mornings, I let mine run until the tach drops to or below 1000 rpm, about 5 minutes. I was told by a friend of mine who is BIG TIME into tuning cars, that 5 minutes is OK...if you start to go to 10 or more, you could damage your catalytic converter due to carbon build up from the exhaust. I asked if it would hurt the motor and he said no, not really, it is more damaging to the cat.

    Thats all for now. Looking forward to some exciting and informative posts here!!!
  • Hi...I'm Jeannie from the Jersey Shore area of New Jersey. I bought my beautiful Sangria Red (auto) ZX3 on March 23, 2000. I have 7,100 (really) miles as of this morning's drive to the train station. The first time I saw one of these cars on the road, I had to have one. I love the car!!! We go this car as a second car to take to the train and do errands. Well, this is our primary car. My husband and I drive it more than our Accord. There's something soooo fun about driving it. With the past two snow storms it handles like a champ!!

    Well, I'm happy to see this forum up and running. Hi to all!!!
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