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Ford Focus Owners-Meet the Members



  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Why is it that someone get 28 mpg and is very happy while others get 29 mpg and are upset?

    How many people drive their cars the way they are driven (and in the environment they are driven on the tests)for the EPA mileage tests?

    Is good mileage in the eye of the beholder???
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    fdthird, I think comments about MPG vary depending on a person's expectations, and what they're used to from past vehicles. If someone is dumping a gas-guzzling SUV for the more practical roominess of a ZX3, my guess is they will be astounded by the Focus' fuel efficiency. If another ZX3 buyer is coming from a series of 1.5 to 1.8 liter (or smaller) econocars weighing around 2000 - 2200 lbs., they are going to be upset with the ZX3's mileage. I can't account for the reports of Focii getting 40+ MPG, or mileage in the 'teens. As the disclaimer says, "your mileage may vary". Manufacturing variation? Auto vs. manual? Level terrain vs. hills? Hot shoe vs. Aunt Mildred driving styles?... all of the above, then add in factors such as reformulated gas, and you get fuel economy numbers all over the chart.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    I must agree with all you say Silver Bullet plus factor in AC use.

    Here in the NY Metro area even suburban driving is a lot more that the city cycle measures. As to highway driving, what do they use 55 mph? Isn't it also done on a dynomomiter in perfect atmospheric conditions?

    You're right too about expectations. Just like our friend at the hatchback board who compared the Focus to an Outback costing thousands more, some peoples' expectations are very different.

    For one, I am happy that on our first trip (with just about 500 miles on the car) we averaged about 29mpg. Considering there were hills, the ac was on, and our speeds were all over the place from 50 to 80, I'm happy.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Comparing the Focus to the Subaru IMPREZA Outback or to the TS, maybe?
    The difference in price would be around $3K.(TS)
    Would I pay extra $3K or even $4K for better quality and performance plus AWD?
    As you see I finally learned something from my Focus experience.
    BTW, prior to the Focus I used to drive: the Moskvich 2140, the Lada 2105, the Ford Pinto, the 3 cyl. Chevy Sprint/Geo Metro.
    Out of those only the Pinto and Moskvich gave me more headaches than the Focus.
  • ckeemckeem Posts: 6
    I am currently looking at a used 2000 Focus wagon, I was quoted $11400 for a 2000 focus wagon with 24,000 miles, automatic, side air bags and ABS. Is this a good price? or should I look some more? Thanks for your response.
  • kebbatkebbat Posts: 41
    Hello All,

    I am a the proud new owner of a Twilight Blue ZX3. Charcoal interior with power, premium, and moonroof. I got it yesterday and I LOVE driving it. I had my last car for a very long time (a major clunker) so going from that to my Z is like night and day.

    Drum Hill Ford in Lowell, MA was fabulous to work with. I'd highly recommend them to anyone in the Boston area. No BS and very friendly, efficient service.

    I got a lot of great information from the various ZX3 boards here - thanks to all of you for so much great information.

  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Here's hoping you have many fun miles ahead of you - did you get a 5-speed or auto? What is the build date of your car (check the VIN sticker on the driver's door post)? Keep us posted on how your ownership experience goes.
  • kebbatkebbat Posts: 41
    Thanks Silver Bullet

    I don't know the VIN off the top of my head, but I believe the "born on date" is December, as the dealer had the same model but in Pitch Black that was $200 cheaper than my Twilight Blue. The reason for the difference was the black car was made in September and after that there was a minor price increase.

    I chose a 5 speed as I basically just prefer manual over automatic. The only time that might not be true is if I were stuck in Boston traffic on a regular basis. Since I live and work in the 'burbs I don't worry about that. I also thought that the engine might be too slow to suit me using an automatic transmission.

    I'm at about 350 miles now after my first weekend with the car. So far, I love driving it. I find the car to be very quiet while idling (I've read lots of posts to the contrary). It does make a bit of noise on the highway, but to be honest my radio is usually turned up so loud that I can't hear any "outside" noise.

    My friends/family/coworkers were all very surprised to see what my focus looked like. I think they were all expecting something a bit "cheaper" looking since I had been raving about what an excellent deal I got. The first thing out of their mouths was "I can't believe how much room there is in here." The next thing was "this is NICE".

    Here's hoping my love affair lasts a long long time.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    When I got my ZX3 (silver with medium graphite interior and a 5-speed), my fiancee said the same two things :) She had just purchased a new 2000 VW Passat, and actually preferred my Focus. To make a long story short, she sold the Passat and I sold her my ZX3 - she still loves the car, and really enjoys the extra $9K she was able to put back in the bank.
  • petedopetedo Posts: 27
    I own a yellow 5 spd with the premium group added. It has about 600 miles on it now and I'm lovin it. Mine was "born" in November. It gets positive responses from everyone that looks at it. I've seen a few other Foci around but noone ever waves. We need to get something going with that.
  • kebbatkebbat Posts: 41
    .....or should I say Non-ZX3 Focus drivers tend to look at my car with a "why didn't I get that one?!?!" look.

    I'm almost at 500 miles - tomorrow will be 1 week of ownership. I have a problem though ... I fear I'm being a bit obsessive about keeping the car clean. Every night after work I'm doing something to the interior or exterior - my neighbors think I'm a nut. My serious problem is there is SO much information here on how to properly wash/wax your car that I'm worried I'll make the wrong choice and end up with a messed up paint job. I've read everything I can think of and am still concerned that I'm going to make a mistake.

    My current plan is to hand wash the car using Meguires, dry using a synthetic chamois (I belive it's Absorption or Absorb or something similar to that) and then apply Meguires #26 and then Meguire's #34 (Final Inspection). I'll let you know how I make out.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Drying the car is much easier if you use a California Water Blade first, then follow it with old 100% cotton towels or an Absorber. Your other products picks should work well - just stay away from machine buffers unless you have been trained how to use them. Check out for more tips than you'll ever need... and don't worry about what the neighbors think, they're just jealous :)
  • sourgirl77sourgirl77 Posts: 2
    Hi I'm getting a ZX3 soon as my first car! I rarely ever drive, so I'm hoping this car won't be that hard! I'm excited about owning this car, I want it in Silver - but we'll have to see since I think we have to order it because our dealer doesn't have side inpact bags on none of the cars in the lot! :(

    Does anyone know where I can get some cool accessories?
  • kebbatkebbat Posts: 41
    Congratulations .... I'm a bit of a "new gal" myself. My ZX3 is been parked in my driveway for 1 week and I love it. :)

    I'm not sure what you mean about the car being "too hard". Are you getting a manual without being experience, or are you just in general an inexperienced driver? I would say that the ZX3 is pretty easy as far as shifting goes .... the clutch is great and it's really easy to get into gear. I find the steering to be very responsive and the brakes seem just fine to me. I think you'll find it's a great car to drive.

    If you have your heart set on CD Silver and your particular dealer doesn't have it, look around! You don't want to end up driving a color you don't really like, especially since you'll be looking at it every day.

    Good Luck!
  • sourgirl77sourgirl77 Posts: 2
    Well I'm just kinda inexperienced since I hardly ever drive. All the reviews say it's a "fun" car to drive.... I can't wait to get mine, I'm going today to dicker with the salesman. I don't want any other color than Silver, all the other colors I don't like. Thanks!

  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Want to make your buying experience as pleasant as it could be?

    Use the X-plan and save in the process.

    If your dealer accepts the X-plan, ask to see a copy of the invoice. Also, the X-plan price is a no haggle, very fair price

    Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by the salesman. You HAVE to bypass them and go directly to the fleet manager or its equivalent.

    Have fun!

  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • tgrcubtgrcub Posts: 22
    it's day 3 of life as a Focus owner, and I'm still on a giddy new car induced high... had been driving a big beastly Acura Legend which finally needed to be humanely put down ( oh, the memories when it came time to let her go )... this car is so much fun to drive, that darned if I just didn't create a few chores that necessitated my leaving work early to enjoy drives in the fine spring weather up here in NH... :)
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