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  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    Definitely love my Focus wagons ... have had three now ... recently found one of the last wagons ... an '07 ZXW SES, in bright aqua blue metallic, and fully optioned. Heated leather seats in my 5 am commute to work making going to work a bit more manageable. I hope to have "Big Blue" forever, as he is definitely a great joy to wash, ride, and journey in.

    One dealer installed option I highly recommend is the extra cost rear view mirror as the standard mirror has always been the weakest link in the Focus. Warped and hard to use for night driving. I would like to get different wheels in time , similar to the wheels used on the last Taurus models.

    I've heard different things about the engines used from '05 on up as being a Mazda design, but so be it ... Big Blue is still my American dream, and it has the Big Blue Oval on the front ... that's important to me.

    ZXW Robb, and Big Blue.
  • Can someone help me please. I have a ford focus zx3 with 106,xxx miles on it. So when i go to turn it on in the morning to warm it up i hear a little rattling noise comming from the back end where the tail pipe is and i thought it was just the heat shield or a loose bolt but it goes away after its warm so if someone has the same car and problem please help me out.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    There may or may not be something loose. Since it goes away when things warm up, it could simply be a small rattle that disappears when the exhaust system heats up and expands. At 106,000 miles, there are many things that could be looser than they were when new.

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