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Need a Class Action against Chrysler

donnac2donnac2 Posts: 1
I have a 2008 Town and Country and have had several issues with it. The transmission has been replaced three times and it is about to go again. I've been through 5 Sirius Radios - the FM/AM radio, Satellite TV work but every 2 weeks a blank screen shows up and tells me "To Subscribe to Sirius" This is frustrating when I am paying for the satellite subscription and not being about to use it! The brakes and rotors are replace every 6 to 9 months. The electronic back doors have closed and crushed my daughter's thumb and my dog's paw. And have been recalled twice. The electronic back seat keeps breaking and currently needs to be replaced for the 3rd time. I have spent more time at the repair shop for this car that I purchased brand new in 2008 than I have with my 2001 Toyota Highlander! I tried to purchase and support the American Product but with this $40,000 piece of junk forces me to go back to the foreign product. Such a disgrace to we Americans! This is a terrible vehicle and I would never recommend a Chrysler product to anyone.


  • I couldn't agree with you more. I found your posting when searching for a badly needed class action lawsuit against Chrysler. We have a 2008 TnC and it has been so problematic that I cannot believe this minivan was produced by the company that invented minivans. It is a disgrace that Chrysler cannot build a car properly and in 2011 yet.

    Our lightly traveled (~25,000 miles) and well maintained '08 TnC minivan has experience numerous issues, but the brakes are my chief concern. I'm concerned that my family's safety is at risk in this car. The brakes and rotors keep failing without warning (i.e. suddenly you hear metal grinding). The front brakes/rotors failed within the first 10,000 miles. The rear brakes/rotors have failed twice. The second brake/rotor overhaul was just done ~1500 miles ago and now there is a sizable groove forming in the rear passenger rotor. The service rep at the dealership actually told me that there is nothing wrong with that--at 1500 miles! Unbelieveable. These slippery guys actually think that everyone will fall for their lies. WILL THIS EVER STOP??????!!!!!!

    The dealerships are useless and try to spin this back onto the consumer. They shrug their shoulders and say "sorry, out of warranty" even though all these problems developed well within the warranty period. Or, they tell you flat-out lies. The folks behind the 800- customer service number (Chrysler's case managers) are useless and don't follow-up. One mildly helpful case manager gave me the name and address of a "top customer service exec" at Chrysler and told me to write a letter. I wonder where that will go?!?

    Here is an incomplete list of failures in its short life:
    -Front brakes and rotors within 10000 miles.
    -Rear brakes and rotors TWICE and failing a third time within 25000 miles.
    -All headlights within 10000 miles.
    -An electronic module that controls the interior and exterior lights within 10000 miles.
    -A/C failed completely at 22000 miles.
    -Power lock switch on drivers side replaced and still doesn't work at 23000 miles.
    -Upholstery peeled off the driver's seat within 10000 miles.
    -Paint bubbling on hood.

    I cannot believe this is happening!
  • I have a 05 Pacifica that is just a huge junk pile. The gas tank does not fill up all the way anymore because a part broke so not only does it not fill all the way it takes me 20 minutes to put 11 gallons in it because it always clicks off. The back seats will not fold down because the pull system broke on both seats and the glove box will not open because the pull cord broke from the handle. And just last week my gear shift got stuck in park, this happens so much they put it in the owners manual so you can fix it yourself. If I had kids I wouldn't be shocked about the seats or glove box but its just me and I don't make a habit of beating my car into the ground. People complain about the gas tank all the time and it costs anywhere from $1200 - $2000 to fix and some people have said it goes out again in 6 months. I got this car because it was not only a good deal for the size but to help fuel our bad car market and now I see that Chrysler did it to themselves. :mad:
  • Sure- My first NEW car ever- and I try to save the ailing big 3 in Aug of 2009- and buy my family a much needed Minivan from the Leader in minivans- Only to have it be a lemon.
    How is it that every 6 months now I have had a pulsating violent shaking steering wheel on the higway or any other braking situation. 24 months...25,000 miles...
    local use and some family is not used every day either. 4 times for same problem-
    Uneven pad wear, warped rotors, excuses. They shaved rotors once, they replace pads once, now it is my turn tio replace rotors i was told today. I did send letters with certified mail in March but that ws the third time. Tomorrow I send the next certified complaint letter- BUT what am I to do as they by time to expiration date?? After 36/36 will I have to eat this repair every 6 months..?? Now my tires are worn bald on the outer edge- sure they tell me an alignment- They did ALL of my services and rotation- now i need front rotors and front tires.
    This is absolutely unacceptable for a major company to defer blame and think I am some idiot who does not know cars- I have rebuilt many a car- and my own never needed rotors for 50-100k miles like this new lemon. Does any one have legal protocol to follow and how to get this replaced and fixed right and for however long I own the car? All ears here...
  • I had similar complaints with less than 20K on my Touring plus/4.0. My dealer just replaced the front rotors and pads because Chrysler has just recently acknowledged the issue by "extending the 12K brake warranty with a $100. deductible. They also replaced my rear brake pad retainers for free. With just over 24K on my 2010, I'm not looking forward to the next 24 thousand even though I purchased the service contract (which is free on the VW Routan) Be American buy American, both vehicles are made in Canada.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    We have a 2010 T&C Limited built in Nov of '09. Has the towing package. 17k miles to date. I rotate the tires myself every 5k miles so I can check the brakes. We have not received any notice from Chrsler regarding extended warranty for brakes, and the brake pads/rotors still look great.

    My understanding is the brake issue was fixed in '09 models, but we waited for the '10 model year before buying ours just to be sure. Your posting about your '10 Routan is discouraging, but at least in the first 17k miles the brakes in our Chrysler minivan still look good.
  • A class action lawsuit against Chrysler about the brakes was filed recently, I believe Aug this year....Google below for more info. :lemon:
    Cali v. Chrysler Group, LLC (U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, Case 10 CIV 7606)

    I am currently in the process of giving the dealership one last chance to fix my 08 T&C for sliding door issues and then I will file a lemon law claim. But the lawer wants me to file (I already have 4 repairs & a recall in 2 yrs) now.
  • The 2010 has had multiple recalls to include the brakes, rotors, key fob, ignition module, wheel bearings, radio, etc... We are at the dealership almost monthly since we bought it new two years ago. Honestly we know most of the other T&C owners now because they are there frequently.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
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    kcram - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host
  • lynnb86lynnb86 Posts: 1
    I have had problems with my brakes from the first month on (I bought my Town & Country new in 2006). I never had any major issues (muffler, EGR valve, and of course brakes). Anyway, my van ran fine until about two months ago. I stopped for fuel, pulled out of the gas station and it died. It wouldn't start back up. About a month before this incident the battery went dead and gave me the "done" code on the dash with a clicking under the hood. Sine then I have had my van in six repair shops (including Chrysler where I got treated like crap-) and have had five brand new (not refurb) starters, flywheel, battery, sensor, all the recalls have been done by Chrysler (which up until they touched my van it would start every once in a great while and run for about 10 minutes and the clicking under the hood was present), coil pack, plugs and wires, and new fuel pump. Now I spent close to $30,000 for this van seven years ago (it has about 75,000 miles), and it seems like it is never going to run again.

    It is now in the sixth shop where they are running more electrical tests to try and find out where the problem is. It has been close to three months and it still hasn't run. I am at a loss as to what the problem could be. There is no check engine light, but it keeps throwing random codes (P0645 is the main one). I have spent almost $2,000 just in parts and a few shops (not counting tows, labor, and some shops gave me a freebie because they couldn't figure it out). I think Chrysler needs to make this right- not to mention the new starter the dealer ruined (Chrysler, when they also lost my starter plate). I did not pay $30,000 for my van to just die and never run again.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    edited March 2013
    "The 2010 has had multiple recalls to include the brakes, rotors, key fob, ignition module, wheel bearings, radio, etc... "

    I think we need to be a little careful when using the word "recall." Looking at the NHTSA ODI (Office of Defects Investigation) database, it appears the 2010 Chrysler Town & Country has one recall, Campaign 11V1390000, for the ignition key module. We also received a letter from Chrysler advising that they were issuing an extended warranty on the front wheel bearings, but that was not a recall.

    It would make more sense to criticize these vehicles for the number of "Complaints" they have on the ODI database.

    Our 2010 T&C Limited has had some issues in its 30k miles to date, but fortunately nothing like some of the horror stories covered in this thread. The worst was when it died one day at a stop light and refused to restart. It was towed to the nearest Chrysler dealer and, after two days of testing, they replaced the engine wiring harness. That was when it only had 2,620 miles on it, so naturally we wondered what might be next, especially in view of what others on this forum were saying.

    We took it back to the dealer for the iginition key module recall (never a problem for us) and again when the lense covers for the turn signal inidicators on the outside mirrors fell off. On that last visit I had them do a reflash of the transmission software, and that cured a shudder that was occuring when backing slightly uphill.

    I personally replaced the rear brake pads two weeks ago (did the rotors, too, but the old ones were really ok; now have all NAPA parts on rear). The front brake pads still have another 5-10k miles left on them. This is our fourth Chrysler minivan. We knew before buying it that I would probably be replacing brake pads and rotors every 20k-25k miles like with our other ones, but this one has performed a little better.

    Regarding a class-action lawsuit, good luck. It really is true what they say: the only ones who make out in these things are the lawyers. To those of you complaining the loudest, I can only imagine how frustrated you feel. Perhaps you might consider simply getting rid of your Chrysler minivan and moving on.

    Frankly, a lot of the problems I've had with vehicles over the years were caused by me not taking the time to read the owner's manual and doing scheduled maintenance. I think we can get away with that on some vehicles, but not so much on these.
  • Hi, just like you all here we own a 2010 Chrysler Town& Country Lemon. Since day 1 nothing but problems we today only have 32,000 miles on it, everyone asks why so low miles, I tell them the truth I ask them if they would drive a lemon and put their kids at risk then they understand. Been to the dealer so many times for transmission, oil leaking, intake manifold gasket failure, brakes, rotors, rear window vents, faulty front seat faulty door lock switch, faulty rear shocks, etc., I can just keep going. I brought the car in so many times these dummy's keep saying can not duplicate problem. Till I physically made them test drive with me then them pretend they don't, feel or hear the problem then I say you are a moron cause 5 other people agree with me. Also I am a short guy I should be able to start a class action due to the car manufacturer not making cars to fit all types of people when I sit the seat is so long way to long for my legs so I get leg cramps because I can not sit properly I can even crash and die because the seat fitting. They should make seats fully adjustable for all heights including little people like me. By the way I am only 5' 6 " and the seat is still way to big. If they made the seat moveable to reverse and forward to extend or shorten the leg room it would be acceptable.
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