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ECM and Cat Problems (P0420) + Dealer Gouging

soe7soe7 Posts: 3
2003 Matrix, 132,500 miles. The check engine light came on so I pulled the code and got the P0420, which I knew to be a cat issue. I wasn't sure if it was still under the 8 year warranty (it wasn't since it's in-service date turned out to be 4/2002!) but took it to the dealer anyway because it also needs a new driver's side door handle. Even though I gave them the codes they still charged me $95 for the diagnosis . . . anyway, they said the ECM is corrupt and can't be flashed and the cat has to be replaced (which I had already figured out and I'm "just a girl"). They quoted me $2200 to replace the ECM and cat. Now, I know very well I can buy an after-market cat and ECM and have someone else do the job but my question (in addition to venting) is . . . if I have a muffler type place do the cat, will they also be able to do the ECM? Will the ECM need to be reset and can it only be done by Toyota. I think Toyota started sharing the ability to do things like that.
So . . . any thoughts on the price the dealer quoted (all after having my car for 30 hours btw) and on where to go to get the work actually done?
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