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Mazda3 Exterior & Bodywork Issues



  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Mazda only offered to pay 2 car payments or pay for a 100,000 mile extended warranty as a "good will"gesture. What? are they kidding? It's going to cost 3K for a paint job and I will loose 3K in value.

    The dealer/Mazda may be trying to see the minimum that you will take. The "goodwill" gesture is part of a strategy to come to a quick agreement and avoid lengthy negotiations; it would surprise me if they accepted your initial terms without trying to bargain you down. Offering to pay 2 of your car payments may be an initial bargaining position.

    Have you heard back from the BBB?

    Has a paint "professional" seen the problem?

    Have you considered hiring a lawyer?

    It's good that you are following up with the dealer/Mazda in a timely manner. As the car gets older, the case will become more difficult to prove.

    A key question to consider is why did you purchase the car if it had a paint problem? On the other hand, if it did not have the paint problem originally, I would think it would be more difficult to have the dealer/Mazda take responsibility for the problem once it's left the lot.

    Good luck!
  • lylonelylone Posts: 6
    Yes, heard back form the BBB and are waiting to find out when the arbitration will take place. I took the car to a local body shop and they couldn't figure out what would have caused the spots. Unfortunately, they wouldn't give it to me in writing. He thinks that maybe brake dust may have caused it when the car was being transported to the states. But still, the clear coat that is on the car should have prevented any environmental issue unless I drove under a paint truck... that didn't happen. Also, anything environmental should be able to be buffed out and even their "expert" detailer couldn't get the spots out.

    The Arbitrator will be neutral lawyer and I still do have the right to sue Mazda even after the out come of the arbitration. I have not spoken to a lawyer because that would cost me $$.

    Why did I purchase a car with a paint problem? Maybe because I didn't know it existed. The spots can only be seen in cloudy or shaded light. In the bright Atlanta sun in the middle of July, the spots cannot be seen at all. We haven't had many cloudy days here in Atlanta, and I just so happened to see it as a cloud passed by the day I was giving it's first bath after purchase.

    Even if the damage happened within the 4 weeks I had the car, you would think that the clear coat on the vehicle would have protected it.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Sounds like you have done your homework.

    The reason for the questions in the earlier posting was not to put you on the spot, but to have you "practice" answering questions to see what responses work. Also, getting experts (e.g. paint professional / detailer) to back you up should strengthen your case. Finally, getting it documented should make it clear that your case is not frivolous but based on solid evidence.

    Once again, good luck with the BBB and let us know how things work out.
  • lylonelylone Posts: 6
    The hardest part is getting documentation. All the body shops I go see say that the clear coat should have protected the vehicle, and they cant think of anythingelse that would cause the damage. None will actually put it in writing. I did realize that I purchased and installed sunroof deflector on the vehicle the 2nd week I had the car and there are no spots on it. So the damaged either happened in the first two weeks or before I took possession of the car. I just wish the arbitration was tomorrow because I am ready for the saga to be finally over.
    Thanks for all your help and especially for testing me....
  • lex17lex17 Posts: 2
    The hatch release button has fallen into the hatch. I'm looking for references on repair instructions and/or part numbers to order replacement parts.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    looking for references on repair instructions and/or part numbers to order replacement parts
    Your dealership should be able to provide the part numbers.

    How old is the car?
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