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  • um, back in 96 my G500 was just under $145k. the 2002 one will be around $72k. I really feel sorry for the people who JUST got there g-wagens like a 2000 or 2001 model, they are the ones who will commit suicide. I took it offroading once in Virginia with some buds way back in 96 and i remember stopping, saying to myself "What am i doing?", this car is great offroad, dont get me wrong, but i remembered that for some reason if i dented it or crushed it, than i would have lost mucho dinero. So, the first thing i did was get out of the mountains and i headed home for the garage. I take it out only about 4 or 5 times a month to keep the miles down. So right now, it has just over 42,000 miles on it, and i dont think its that bad for a 1996. But i try to enjoy it as much as possible or else its not worth it.
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    for the response..You are right just enjoy what we have now and and no ones know how long we are going to live...Life is short...
  • '01 ML-320, M1, M7, sunroof, Bose and heated seats. Desert Silver/Java.
  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    Black, ash leather, skyview roof (didn't really want it but liked the car and one hour after I got it home I loved it), M1, heated seats. I love this vehicle. Its got 19K miles so I don't have to worry about break-in period.
    Didn't add anything yet, but am debating a CD changed and brush bar with lights.
    Wish it weren't raining today so I could open the top...on the all the unnecessary errands I am running today just to drive it.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Congratulations on your ML. I had the same feeling when I first got my ML. Volunteered for all the errands just so I can drive around with the new car.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020 is looking for Community Leaders for MB M-Class Owners. Anyone interested? It isn't difficult and about the only thing we ask is that one CL attend the weekly chat.

    Let me know!

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  • tlwwsotlwwso Posts: 12
    Hey ya'll, I'm Tim from Houston, TX. Last week my 2001 ML320 Sport Edition finally came in (Desert Siver/Java w/all the options). I enjoy driving it so much, my wife told me that I should just move into it. This is my first Mercedes-Benz and I'm really proud. I look forward to learning from everyone's posts. Thanks for the club.
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    any question you may have just spit it out and a bunch of expert ML owners are around here.
  • kevin90kevin90 Posts: 7
    I will be purchasing a new ML320 in a couple of weeks. I was wanting to order it with 17" rather than the standard 16" rims. Has anyone done this without the entire sport package?(I like the look of the 430 better but don't want to fork over the extra $6,000 CDN just because of the 17" rims)
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Have you gotten a price for just the wheels and tires. I would assume it will be something around $500 per wheel. The extra $4,000 CDN does get you a 4.3 V8 under the hood, not just the wheels.
  • neicey59neicey59 Posts: 47
    I finally did it! I purchased a 2001 ML320 in desert silver/java. The truck has the M1,M7, Bosew/6CD changer, and the sunroof. Has anyone ever added the navi system later?

    Drew???!! are you out there?! thanks for all of your help! do you think the new side view mirrors LED's will ever be available for the earlier ML's???
  • neicey59neicey59 Posts: 47
    I finally did it! I purchased a 2001 ML320 in desert silver/java. The truck has the M1,M7, Bose w/6CD changer, and the sunroof. I have two questions.

    Has anyone ever added the navi system later?

    Where do I find a cargo mat to fix this vehicle
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Glad to see that you've taken the plunge and welcome to the Mercedes-Benz family! Yes, the navigation system can be added at anytime you wish. The drive can also play audio CDs (when the map disc is removed, of course), BTW.

    You're most welcome! Regarding the LED turn signals, I'm not sure, but who knows. It's possible. Frankly though, it's redundant since we already have the fender mounted turn signals. The '02 model does not have these since the LED turn signals are supposed to replace them.

    Hope to see you posting more now that you've a new vehicle. Feel free to ask any questions you wish and if possible, post a few pics for us in the M-class photo gallery discussion topic.

    You can get a great black rubberised plastic cargo area tray/trunk organiser at your MB dealership. I have it and it works great! I can't imagine not having it at all. I've had it since the truck was brand new, so the carpet underneath is also brand new and very clean :-). The MB all-season floormats are also great. Make sure that you get the MY2000-current versions of both of these items since they are different from the '98 and '99 model years.

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  • lemongrasslemongrass Posts: 21
    Hello everyone! I got my ML on June 13th, White/Ash with sunroof, cd changer, and Bose sys. I enjoy every minute driving that baby and proud to show it off to everyone I know. I have gotten some good compliment from people looking at my ML (not b/c my ML is any better than other ML but simply b/c it's a Benz SUV). Great forum, great people common interests, and a very informative site! Keep it up!

    Vu (from the Big Easy)
  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    Congrats! Isn't it great! And it just keeps getting better. The more you drive it, the smoother it feels and you keep looking for other people to take for rides.

  • jreyjrey Posts: 3
    I bought my new ML with M1, Bose, Heated Seats (outstanding)side bars, silver with dark charcoal interior. I'd like to upgrage to the 17" wheels for a sportier look. Has anyone done this? Does it affect the speedometer readings etc? Last do I search on this ML site for specific questions such as the 17" upgrade?

    Thanks for all your help.

  • Hi. We finally got a 99 ML430 (ruby Red) with 19000 miles for under 35000. Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow at fj mercedes in newport beach. have been combing the site for creeks and whines from this car far so good (up to 1200 posts...nothing seroius it that bullet proof or are thre just so few of these out there ???love the people in this board...good rapport and comraderie...HOST(S) ARE DOING AN OUTSTANDING JOB!!!! BRAVO
  • roger23roger23 Posts: 48
    Had a 1998 ML320, got a 2000 ML430 in late 1999, and just last Sat, took delivery of a 2002 ML500 Sport- brilliant silver/ash, including Nav., MB phone, parktronic, Xenons - all the toys. Another big improvement over model year 2000, (which was also way better than 1998).Compared to the 2000, the 2002 is much quieter, smoother, better finished, and completely rattle and squeak free. The sunroof when closed is now completely quiet, as I understand that MB completely redesigned the glass, seals, and track. IMHO, this 2002 version, is highly recommended!
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Hi Folks, My 2002 ML500 (Desert Silver/Java) is ordered and should be here in a few weeks. I had to wait because I wanted the parktronic. I also added the third seat option (M3), phone, bi-xenons, bose/6-cd, heated seats (M3), sunroof (M5), etc. I also ordered the CD package (discs for the whole country, $140) The ML should list out at $54,115, which is a wonderful price compared to the E-wagon. I also have a '00 E430 sport(silver/ash) that will accompany my ML in the garage. :o)

  • thecpathecpa Posts: 16
    Mine's silver/java with sunroof, 6 pack cd,and heated seats. Have clocked 12k miles in 18 months with no problems. My wrench just came up and its time for the first service. Also have a 79 300D and have had many other M/B over the years.
    Many great features on the truck. The safety system is truely amazing, I took it to about 40MPH in a wet deserted parking lot and jumped on the brakes and put a hard turn on it. I couln't get it to loose the rear end and spin out!
    The single greatest irksome feature to me is the sound system volume on the passenger side of the unit. The sound system is set up for controls on the wheel and for 40k they had to cut a corner at the expense of safety. (your hand sure isn't on the wheel while your adjusting volume) Minor but annoying. Does anybody have a novel solution? "HAPPY TRUCKING"
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