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  • bluedartsbluedarts Posts: 1
    I have purchased a ML 350 2003 Make, in April 2004, from the dealer with 0Kms. I have paid 40K $. Did I end up paying a little extra?

    I love everything in my ML except the "WIND NOISE". This is sound is really annoying starting at a speed of 80KPM. A car of this class should not make such an annoying noise.

  • ahjmlahjml Posts: 5
    Hi All

    I just received my 2005 ML350 special edition. In fact I have seen a lot of bad comments from ML owners specially older models. However, I believe that it is a good car and I really love it. My car is equipped with a fix-phone, and tinted glass in addtion to other features like the Parctronic and CD changer, third row seating, power dome and front styling bar. It cost me $40M. How does this price seem?
  • Hi ALL
    I just got my ML 500. With Special Edition and Entertain and Sunroof.

    I just wonder if the Park Assistant (after market) is really useful because my early one was a coupe. That vehicle doesn't come with the Parktronic and the dealer siad he could not install it, only after market.

    Also, need a suggestion on how much shall I pay for an DVD system installed.

    thanks all
  • ahjmlahjml Posts: 5
    I found the Parktronic very useful specially at tight parking lots. With regard to the DVD, one of my friends installed it for ~$750


    How much did you pay for your car? Does it have a third-row seating?
  • i bought 6 ml so far .the 2003 500 is the best one so far. my wifes car of cource .is well built at 30k no problems at all i have a 2001 s500 love it best riding sedan ever..recently bought for my self a used 2003 acura mdx touring...i can say this is well put together. rides like car, and until the new ml comes out ill stay with the mdx. more room smoother ride and loving it
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,825
    The UK-based Mercedes Enthusiast magazine is searching for an ML55 AMG owner as part of a feature on the M-Class. It would only involve answering a few questions and sending us a photo of you & your car - not a lot but we'd appreciate it and you get to see your name in print!

    Wherever you live, if you're interested or know someone who might be, send an e-mail to

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.
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  • myoldmlmyoldml Posts: 2
    My wife's '99ML seems to be stuck in low gear, and she's lost the owners manual. I'm going to call the dealer on Monday, but I thought I'd ask: Does low range automatically shut off when the ignition is turned off? It might solve her problem. Thanks.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I am guess that you see the Low range light on in the dash. You need to bring the car to a stop. Move the main gear selector to 'N' (Neutral) and then turn off the low-range by pressing the low range button on the dash.
  • My warranty will be end this year , has anyone know do i have to purchase extended warranty before warratny expired or after? thank you
  • pleubnerpleubner Posts: 1
    Can you send me roberts instructions? I've also setup new XENONS in my German(Imported into Switzerland) Brabus ML27CDI. The are not working properly. Did you have to go to the dealer to turn them on?.

    The instructions I worked from are:

    HALOGEN Connector (Cable from ML)

    ¦ A H ¦ A..... pink ..... low beam
    ¦ B G ¦ B.... orange
    ¦ C F ¦ C .... blue
    ¦ D E ¦ D .... not used
    E .... brown .. ground
    F .... green .... city light
    G .... white..... high beam
    H .... grey ..... fog light (connected to separate Brabus Spots)

    E-Code bi Xenon Headlight Connector

    ¦ A H ¦ A .... brown.........ground
    ¦ B G ¦ B .... not used
    ¦ C F ¦ C .... not used
    ¦ D E ¦ D ..... not used
    E .... brown ....... ground
    F .... White ....... high beam
    G .... gray ......... city light
    H ..... yelllow ..... low beam

    This meant that I need to pull out ( with pliers) and swap the following pins in the connector cable plug from the ML:-
    1. Pink
    The pink[low beam] needs to connect to "H" on the headlight
    2. Gray
    The gray[fog light] not implemented (wire directly to your fog lights)
    3. Swap white "G" & green "H"
    The white "G"[High Beam] needs to connect to "F" on the headlight
    The green "H"[city light] needs to connect to "G" city light

    Because there is only 1 Ground connector on the ML Cable (Brown), I hade to short "A" and "E" in the headlight as follows: -

    1. remove the plug on the Bi-XENON Headlight and connect on side of a new wire with (spade) the long spade on the inside of the plug, and the other side of the new wire with(solder) the ground terminal at the bottom of the Bi-Xenon reflector housing.
  • Hello. I have never posted before so please forgive me if I am violating posting protocol. And if I am posting in the wrong place, please let me know.

    The M Class suvs look wonderful to me but I have read bad reviews regarding reliability issues so I am hesitant to buy one. I am afraid of buying an expensive lemon. I am a housewife in Houston. I rarely do freeway driving, most of my driving is from stop light to stop light, so performance is not an issue but reliability is. I am seeking an attractive, reliable midsized suv. I am trying to avoid Lexus b/c everyone in my neighborhood drives an RX or GX.

    I'm also interested in the BMW 3x and Volvo xc90.

    Again, please excuse my lack of forum savy. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that you have to offer. Thank you in advance.
  • needyouradvice -

    I own a 2002 ML 320 with about 31K miles and so far only minor issues, like exterior bulb going out/nasty smell from air vents (had to change the air filter). Having said that the ML has been plagued with all sorts of problems. My ML has attempted to stall three times at the stop light, luckily it held on. I had the dealer fixed other problems by installing a software that controls the vehicle so it wouldn't jerk when the lights turn green at the stop light.

    The vehicle wobbles/vibrates when idling at times and this was attributed to an out of sync harmonic balancer (there was a recall for model years up to 01). The ML is also prone to squeals and squeaks; am not sure it's the same in the 06 model.

    Other than what I've listed here, my ML has been pretty good, I love the ride and I love my car, but that's just only a tiny fraction of the story....others have reported consistent reliability problems and sure enough it's a prestigeous vehicle you wouldn't expect a long list of problems from a nameplate like Mercedes-Benz.

    I know this probaly didn't help you, but you may or may not experience most of the problems reported here. I really like the Volvo xc90 since its very reliable. You may want to wait for the 07 model as MB is trying to fix most of the reported issues in the 06 model.

    Good luck in your decision making....
  • Thank you so much, Lorryfan, for taking the time to type out such great inside scoop for me. Your post is a tremendous help to me and I appreciate it!!!
  • Am glad I was able to help...
  • I have a 2003 ML350 and the voice / beep don't seem to be working. I checked that the mute is off. Do I need a new DVD or is the NAV system getting ready to die?
  • jerryrhoads -

    Is your ML still under warranty? if it is, then you may want to get the dealer to take care of the NAV issues before it's too late. Also am not sure if you are aware of the MB certified pre-owned warranty. This is an additional 2-year warranty, same as the 4yr/50k warranty that came with the vehicle. Get your dealer to do the MB 120-point inspection check and after that MB will extend the warranty to another 2years....This is not known to many MB owners and the dealer will not openly share this info with doesn't matter whether you purchased the vehicle new or used.

    Now back to your NAV system issues, I have read so many negative posts about the NAV and the problem you're experiencing could be due to a combination of many factors. MB's NAV system has been particulary plagued with defects and not so surprisingly the same issues have cropped up in the 06 models. Some owners are actually looking for older model NAVs to replace the new ones since they just don't work!!! I have not experienced this issue in my ML 320 so am not able to provide any technicalities as per the symptons you're seeing....Let your dealer handle that if your warranty is still good - otherwise get the free additional 2year warranty to cover that.

    Good Luck...
  • Apparently the Dealer has to re-program the NAV, according to mbusa is it should be free --I've heard anywhere from $56 to $150 USD. It appears the the Teleaid system is offline too. I have an extended warranty that will take me to 80K. Is it possible to extend after the 80K? Thank for the information
  • I have an extended warranty that will take me to 80K. Is it possible to extend after the 80K?

    The MB CPO extendended warranty program is good for 2yr/100K miles whichever one comes first. So after your original warranty runs out, be sure to take advantage of this free may want to get all the paperwork done say a month prior to the original one running out.
  • I don't know if I'm too late to help you with your decision but here is my "two cents" worth. First, I am a loyal MB owner having just recently purchased my 6th MB in the last 10-12 years. I presently own a 2002 ML500 (SUV)and a 2005 E320CDI (diesel sedan), plus my mother has a 2002 E320 4-Matic. In the past I have had a 1994 E320 Wagon, 1992 400SE and a 1998 E320 4-Matic Wagon.

    You need to decide what your priorities are. If you are not going to tow a trailer or do "serious" off roading then I would stay away from any "body on frame" type SUVs (like 2005 & earlier M-Class vehicles) - the ride is just too punishing (truck like) for my liking. If you still want that SUV image then do a "current" M-Class (unibody construction) as it will drive and feel more like a car than a truck. The best driving (and most fuel efficient) vehicle of the bunch will be an E-Class wagon (E320/E500 w/ or w/o 4-Matic). The most "exclusive" may be one of the new R-Class "cross over" vehicles - particularly if you need a legitimate 3rd-row seat. Both the E- and R- class have the 4-Matic system so you can get the AWD advantages without sacrificing the comfort and fuel efficiency you would give up in an M-Class.

    Lexus vehicles don't impress me at all so I think you'll be happy with your decision to go with MB (Engineered Like No Other Car In The World!).

    Loyal Owner
  • I have coins stuck behind the ashtray..... actual ashtray liner removed...... using compartment for parking lot change. Some coins found their way behind the tray. Tray will not operate properly as long as coins are there. I cannot figure how the tray comes out. I would be grateful for any suggestions.
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