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2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon



  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,163
    Compared to the prior months December was a spectacular sales month for the Avalon. At this sales rate Toyota will easily eclipse the projected 70,000 annual sales.

    1,405 --October
    1,307 --November
    5,171 --December
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    Are people buying the last of the 2012's because they don't want to miss having one (not wanting a 2013)? Or is this a jump in sales due to the 2013 being in high demand? Anyone have any ideas..... surely the Dec sales are all or most all 2013's :confuse:
  • pip7pip7 Posts: 10
    Just got a 2013 Hybrid - love it. Everything works well with the Entune but I have this totally unimportant (but it's bugging the hell out of me) problem. You are supposed to be able to customize the Startup Image. I have followed the directions EXACTLY and still no success uploading from a thumb drive. I am using a MAC to do it. HAs anyone out there been successful at this . . . with a MAC?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Minus one, sort of.

    I'm giving VERY serious consideration to trading my 2013 in towards a 2012 if I can find one in the color I want. If not, I'll be checking out used LS 460's.

    The 2013 (while I might keep it), is small and I find a bit more?? Well not uncomfortable, but you differently feel more bumps in or through the car.

    Here in Maine the roads SUCKS, and I'm just not sure I like all the other stuff in the car enough to keep it:(

    As one person said "Toyota never said this was a "Sports" car" "Toyota said this is a "Premium Luxury Sedan" and while that may be true, the "Sports Paddle Shifters" and "Sports Mode Option" "Small Cabin" and the stiffer ride due lend themselves towards a "Sports Car" more then Luxury Sedan É in my opinion.

  • I got it working on a PC. The folders you create on the USB drive have to be specified exactly as specified in the manual and are case sensitive. There are also restrictions on the file type and size.
  • I purchased a 2013 Avalon Hybrid Limited through the Costo auto program for $39,109 in Moulin Rouge Mica with an almond interior. I love it. I traded in a 2001 Avalon XLS which was one of my favorite cars. With only a $1,750 price premium over the V6, I figure it will take less than two years to recoup the added cost of the hybrid. While the hybrid isn't as peppy as the V6, it's at least as fast as my 2001 which is fine for me. In addition, the 2013 has loads more creature comforts compared to my 2001.
  • Chris,

    Did your car include the Qi wireless cell phone charger?

  • damn.thinking of trading in already? how long you have it?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    30 days +-.

    I've been told I should swap the 18" Rims for 17" Rims, and the ride would improve dramatically.

    I've ask the dealer if they would swap some 17" from a car on the lot, for the 18" on my car, and they say the 18" aren't compatible with the 17".

  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,163
    edited January 2013
    I've been told I should swap the 18" Rims for 17" Rims, and the ride would improve dramatically.

    When I bought my 2011 LaCrosse CXS with 19" wheels I thought about changing to 17 or 18" wheels but my Buick Service manager advised against it. He said the CXS was designed to run on 19" wheels and if I changed to something smaller I would be very unhappy with the ride and handling.

    It is true that the 19" wheels (and in your case 18") transfer more road noise to the cabin but you will soon grow accustomed to it and truly appreciate the superior handling. And who knows, you might even begin the enjoy the taut ride as well.

    In the end you know what you like. So if the 2013 Avy Limited isn't working for you then there is nothing wrong to trading down to the 2012. But be prepared for the depreciation hit. Ouch! If that strategy fails you can always consider a LaCrosse or even an ES.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    And while some of what he said might be true with the lacrosse, there is no (or so I've been told) - difference between the 2 models (those that use 17" and those that use 18" rims), so as swapping would cause any problems.

  • The Lexus ES has been said to have two different rides with Bridgestones vs Michelins. Also use lower pressure in the tires.

    Try a ride-biased touring tire, or a smaller wheel size. Getting a smaller tire with more sidewall ALWAYS improves ride quality. Not sometimes. ;)
  • Great end of year deal on a 2012. Figured that it is a car that is loaded with every option offered and even though it may look boring, it is comfortable, as I spend a lot of time on the road. Couldn't get that deal on a 2013 and I had rented one of these this summer and really liked it. Add the 0% interest and Toyota care and I feel like I got a great deal.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Get the 2012 - A great car.

    Hell, I wish I had mine back (instead of this 2013 LTD I got). Unless of course the 17" rims/tires really make that much difference.

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Hi folks. Not sure if anyone out there is looking for a set of the new avalon 18" rims/tires, but I'd love to swap for a set of the 17" units.

    I'll be traveling from Maine to Florida sometime in the next month. I typically travel - from Maine to Florida: 95 to 495 to 90 to 84 to 81 to 77 to 95 into Clearwater, FL. IF there is bad weather I stay on 95.

    So, anyone interested in trading (I'll kick in a bit of money if need be).

  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    Took a test drive in an Avalon Premium the other day. Was very impressed with the ride and feel of the car. It felt heavier than my 2011 Limited but in a good way, just more substantial. I took it on the freeway where I get a lot of 'float' in my 2011 and there was none with the 2013. Also like the way it felt in corners.

    If I can get a good deal I think I'll order a Touring in Champagne Mica with Black interior. Checked out a Premium in Champagne Mica at another dealership and it was gorgeous outside but had the Almond interior which I do not like.
  • The Qi charging system wont be arriving in vehicles with the tech package until april/may, according to Gulf States Toyota. They start rolling off the line in march, and the distribution takes a few weeks. It should be available as a dealer installed option for those of you who have taken delivery or ordered yours before then.

  • tweakertweaker Posts: 30
    How about an update from those of you that have purchased the 2013?
  • Does any one know if a new 2012 Avalon is still available anywhere? I would need basic XL-no sunroof and no leather seats and preferably a light color. Not possible to find in my NY area but I am willing to travel to find this if available somewhere. Thanks
  • Mine arrives in about two weeks and it will not have the Qi wireless charger, much to my disappointment. As cited before by someone else, the owner's manual now has the charger listed as an option separate from the Tech package. Still no definitive word from my dealer if it can be retro fitted by the dealer.
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