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2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon



  • I too feel beat up after just an hour drive. You described it very is a lumber wagon!! I probably will only keep it for a year. Don't think I could take more torture than that.
  • I question whether cars like the Avalon/Lexus ES350 should be made more sporty, when these shoppers are LOOKING for soft, quiet rides?

    Toyota going for a younger buyers is a great idea, but people are living longer. If you are 60, you may buy 2-3 more cars. Chances are you aren't going anywhere in the next 20 years.

    Can't comment on the ride of the Avalon. But the styling inside and out looks great to me. And they can always recalibrate the suspension at the mid-gen refresh in 3 years. Toyota is pretty good about listening to their customers.

    If you are an owner, and are dissatisfied with the ride, the best way to handle that is to contact the offices in Torrence, CA. E-mail, tweet, facebook Toyota.

    I'm sure they are getting a lot of new buyers who are contacting them with positive reviews. But if a recurring theme appears that the car can be improved, Toyota will move on it.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    :( Sorry to hear it, but I'm not totally surprised É disappointed, but not surprised.

    I to felt the same way,and after 2300 miles I traded it in on a 2012 Avalon, and Man what a difference.

    I agree with the person who said to let Toyota know, and so, I will post it in a s many places as I can that I wasn't happy with the ride of their "Premium Luxury Sedan" (their words, not mine).

  • jeffm5jeffm5 Posts: 107

    I'm curious about something. You are obviously a well informed consumer who knows cars. What would you do differently to avoid making the wrong new car purchase? A longer test drive? Why wasn't the stiffer ride more apparent to you during test drives?

    I am not asking this to be critical of you, but to learn what you think you missed or misjudged so I can avoid it next time. Thanks!

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I guess I should have seen if I could have used the car for a week or so, or at least on a smaller trip. The test ride was short, and YES I REALLY wanted the car, so it the time, I was taken back by it, and it's features, fit, finish and trim.

    The car is a WONDERFUL car in every aspect, expect those that matter to me most - Size, Comfort and road noise.

    I guess the bottom line is:

    - I should have taken a long test drive.
    - I should not have wanted the car so bad, so I could have waited to see what people were saying, then drove the car for a day or 2 and made up my own mind.
    - I should have waited until the car was available to rent, and rented one for a few days.

    The thought of taking the car out and putting 200, 300 hundred miles on it, does seem odd, and not likely, but it's what I should have done.

    Heck, smoother and bigger would have me not writing this.

    It has become apparent from other emails I've received that some folks have had enough of me on this car, so I'll not likely be responding, as my goal isn't to piss people folk, it's just to express my point of view.

  • marv15marv15 Posts: 32
    Hi ncee,
    I did post earlier about the 2013 Avalon. I couldn't wait to buy one regardless of the front grill because overall from pictures I liked the styling. I went to my dealer and saw it, liked the styling, sat inside and felt a little cramped, then test drove it and felt the bumps like I was riding a toy car, and turned around and asked for a 2012 in Cypress green loaded like the 2011 I had. They gave me 24 grand for my 2011 avalon that had around 39 thousand miles on it. I thought that was a great deal. With the trade in I forked over 6,800 grand that included everything, taxes, dealer prep etc. I couldn't be happier. I don't feel the bumps, not crowded up front, over all for me a much nicer ride. Much more important then the styling. I jumped on the 2012 knowing this is the last time since they changed the room inside and ride that I would be able to buy an Avalon that fits me in every way. The leather in the 2013 is much stiffer then the 2012 as well. I had the first Avalon and many in between and will ride this one for 5 years and see what's out there after that. Ncee, I believe you did the right thing before you added more miles to the 2013. Why keep a car your not happy driving bump over bump and feeling every one and less room up front with head closer to roof over head. I was also upset that they decided to save money by not giving you a full spare, a smaller gas tank, the pockets on the front doors no longer pull out, and no cover over the coffee cup holders allowing for dust, so overall for what you pay for the new car, they cut corners on it and that bothered me as well for what I thought was a luxury car. They have to refine the ride, it's clunkity clunkity bump over bump. Those that say they love the ride, I feel if they had a 2011, or 12 they would be bothered by it. GLTA.
  • jeffm5jeffm5 Posts: 107
    Thanks for your candor. Most of us, including me, have made the same "mistakes" you made somewhere during our car buying days.

    I find your posts honest and informative, so I hope I see more of them here.

  • i love my 2012 because the back resembles a mercedez benz.nuff said
  • tweakertweaker Posts: 30
    Skip, thanks for sharing your experience. I to have made this mistake many years ago. As when I bought the '05, I was anticipating a great new model. Well, thanks for helping me decide.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    I'm sure many of us have made car buying mistakes. I bought an early build 2009 Genesis after owning an 06 Avalon. The ride was terrible, and after two years it had to go!

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • I've been reading all the posts on the harsh ride of the 13 Avalon. My wife has been bugging me about test driving one ever since we saw it at he Phoenix car show. I was actually there to check out the Cadillac ATS.
    Let me say Im 64 and drive a Mini Copper Clubman S. I put 24000 miles a year on it for the past 3 1/2 years. So I do some driving. Oh yeah it's a 6 speed. Anyways test drove a Limited. For me it floats down the road, (thats where the laugh comes in)to big for me but my wife loves it says it rides better than her Lexus RX 350. Now I still want the ATS but truthfully overall I was impressed with the Avalon. We'll see what happens.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    For me it rode well, just no where near as comfortable as the '10, '11 or '12 models.

  • It's all about perspective, isn't it? ncee's opinions count for himself. bahollings' opinions account for himself. This discussion blog here is looking at the magnified opinions of a few people. There can be a loss of perspective when dwelling on the opinions of a few people.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    True, but when people comment on their specific likes or dislikes about a vehicle, it gives prospective buyers a few points to focus on during the test drive process. After reading posts from those who do & don't like the comfort of the ride, for example, a shopper might be more inclined to pay attention to that aspect of the vehicle when test driving. So, really, all perspectives are good, even if they're just a small sample.

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  • there can also be a gain of perspective when dwelling on the opinions of alot of people
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    Just curious, since you had an 09 Lexus ES did you consider going to a 2013 Lexus ES rather than going with the 2013 Avalon? Just wondered why you did not stay with Lexus ES brand. I have been looking both, the 2013 Lexus ES and the 2013 Avalon and the current time prefer the ES. The ES comes with 17" tires, but as an option you can go to the 18". After reading this forum would not even consider the low profile 18" tires.
  • im lookin at a es do you go forth in picking the package you want? lexus makes it extremely confusing.7 different packages determine price range of car
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    And let us not forget the many buyers who DON'T visit places like this. My point is there could be many more unhappy buyers, and I'm SURE they are many more happy buyers too.

    Oh, to those who choose the let Toyota know your feelings about the size, ride and anything else about the car, drop anyone of these folks an email and let them know. I AM sure they would like to hear both good and bad about the New Avalon.

    As was pointed out to me, "Sales aren't the only thing we use to gauge the success or failure of a new model. Consumer input is very important, which is why we read blogs, news feeds, forums, Go to Car Shows and so on. While we can't make all of the changes consumers ask for, we do take into consideration, all the input we get, and try to make the best changes, based on this input."

    Look folks, Do I think Toyota's New Avalon is a nice car, hell yes. In damn near ever respect, they did an outstanding job. I just feel this car could have been better (for me and others), and they made it bigger and more comfortable.

    Look they got some half dozen model options, what would have been so hard about making one for folks who had come to enjoy and appreciate the Size and comfort of the earlier Avalon, with the style and grace of the new one?

    Look, there is nothing that would make me happier (and those who are getting tried of my rants toos) if Toyota made the next model, Bigger, quieter, and more comfortable, I WOULD agin, purchase a New Avalon (After a lengthy test drive:))

    So if you have email addresses for the folks at Toyota, drop them a line, I'm sure they were appreciate it.

    Should you need any contact info, drop me a line.

  • Just bought a 2013 avalon xle. My wife and i love every aspect of the vehicle. While it is comfortable and roomy, I can certainly appreciate that it does not provide the armchair comfort of the 2011 and 2012 models. It is a tradeoff and all a matter of what is important to the buyer.

    The one concern I have is with gas mileage. At this point, the dashboard gas mileage indicator has consistently indicated an average of 16 mpg. This is with very conservative driving. I would be interested to know how others have fared in terms of gas mileage.
  • I was turned off by the '13 ES 350, because of the location of the Nav screen (too close to the windshield) and the joy stick like controller to use the Nav system. When the Lexus dealership gave me loaner vehicles with the joystick, I knew I could not use one of those full time. I have arthritis in my wrist and it just did not work for me.
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