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2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon



  • x475awsx475aws Posts: 2
    seattlejon, I have to ask if you're not a fan of adaptive cruise control on principle, or if you've used it before. If the former, I also thought it was a bad idea for lots of reasons, but now it's my single favorite feature on my Avalon Hybrid Limited. If the latter, someone on another forum mentioned that this Avalon's adaptive cruise control, using radar, works a lot better than his previous Avalon's which used laser.
  • havechavec Posts: 45
    I never used ACC before until I got my TAH and I haven't had used it much here in the SF Bay Area. But, if I lived in LA it would be default on.
  • I misspoke the speedo is about 2 miles per hour "FAST" not slow. The larger circumference of the '55 aspect tires VS the '45's would slow the speedo down and might end up making it more accurate if my GPS is correct.
  • Thanks for bringing this up, x475; if I'm being shortsighted about the benefits of the Limited I'd like to know it.
    I did have ACC on my 2002 Q45 (until it went out!) and I strongly disliked it. It felt as though the car would unnecessarily slam on the brakes at times. It seems pretty clear that the Avalon's system is MUCH more refined, but can you tell me what it is about ACC that you appreciate so much? (Even with a sophisticated adaptive system my daily commute wouldn't permit it's use, by the way.)
  • x475awsx475aws Posts: 2
    I have a 230 mile, 4 hour trip on I-95 that I make regularly, as well as a 120 mile, 2.5 hour trip on secondary roads. Also other road trips of varying lengths, less often. The way the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control maintains following distance and keeps up with traffic, very smoothly with no overreaction even if someone cuts in front, still seems almost magical to me. It really makes those trips less tiring, and probably helps with gas mileage too. You can choose among three following-distance settings. I prefer the longest one, but the space it leaves in front of me is too long for busy interurban highways like I-95, so I use the middle setting there.

    Don't forget the Pre Collision System that's also part of the tech package on the Limited. The owner's manual warns about circumstances that could cause false actuation of the PCS, and I was concerned about that. But in 4 months and 5000 miles of driving I haven't had one false trigger. It's nice to know it's there, and could save my bacon someday in case something happens too fast for me to react.
  • teresa01teresa01 Posts: 14

    Just found this article and thought you all might be interested.

  • 105f2dc105f2dc Posts: 5
    Need input from someone with the Avalon Hybrid in a hot climate, how does the A/C do on a 90 degree day? We have a Camry V6 and the AC never disappoints. No problems with heating either (we usually average 40's in Winter). I asked this question in the Camry Hybrid forum and there were a couple who were not satisfied (actually they complained about the heat). Thanks for your help, seriously considering a Touring model but don't want to lose the comforts of the V6.
  • dwcdwc Posts: 6
    Got a 2013 Limited Hybrid in January and have had no problem with the AC handling the Texas heat this summer. It has been at a 100 degrees or more every day for the couple of weeks here in Austin.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Have a Ford Escape Hybrid and Camry Hybrid. They are both adequate, but no where near as cold or efficient as the ones where the compressors are driven by the engine. My Lexus and Ford Explorer will create a Meat Locker in the car in no time, even if 112 outside. Not so the others. But, again, adequate.
  • kadenakadena Posts: 6
    edited August 2013
    I am considering purchasing a 2014 Avalon XLE Touring but I am confused. Does the car ride rough and if so, why? Is it because of the 18 inch wheels? Is it caused by the stiffened suspension by Toyota? Or is it caused by the Bridgestone tires? I know one thing for sure. I had Bridgestone tires that came on a new 2007 Camry that I owned and they rode like they were made out of cement in the Chicago winter. I finally took them off and threw them away and replaced them with Michelin tires and the car rode great. I will not buy an Avalon if the car has Bridgestones on them.

    So, what is wrong with the Avalon ride? It just sounds like the worthless Bridgestone tires to me?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    It's just the new way cars ride. Take it for a LONG ride, and you should be fine - If you like the ride.

    While it is not as smooth or comfy as older models, it is what it is. Most folks are fine with the ride, and if you live in an area where the roads are smooth - then you'll love the car / ride.

  • havechavec Posts: 45
    The new Avalon's road isolation is not as good as the older models but the handling is much better. Consumer Reports, who down rated the ride of the new Avalon to just good, gave the older model a 1/2 black circle poor for emergency handling. Coming from a Lexus RX 300 I really appreciate the way car inspires confidence in its cornering capacity.
  • robnichrobnich Posts: 13
    The ride in my 2013 Avalon Limited V6 with Michelin tires on 18" wheels has definitely softened up in the 7 months I have owned it. I find the ride perfectly acceptable and it is just not an issue.

    Robert N.
  • poorthingflintpoorthingflint Posts: 61
    edited August 2013
    I own a 2013 Avalon Touring edition V6. Drove models with both types of tires properly inflated. I would not have purchased the car had I only driven the car with the either tire over inflated, especially the Bridgestone's. My first test drive was a Hybrid with over inflated Bridgestones and I am hard pressed to think of any car I have owned that rode ruffer and it had 17" wheels and yes the 18" tires ride a little firmer than the 17"s. I am willing to bet Toyota will be doing some chassis tuning on the 2014's so I think if you stick with the Michlins properly inflated(33psi cold) you will be satisfied. If your comming from a softly sprung vehicle you may need a adjustment period just like most people need when buying a new mattress . Good luck and I hope this helps.
  • My last car was a 2009 Camry Hybrid and my experience mirrors yours which is one of the reasons I went for the V6 in my 2013 Avalon Touring sedan. I have no regrets. Only reason I bought the Hybrid was I was concerned that President Obama's anti fossil fuel policies and his Middle East policies combined would lead to $5-6 a gallon gas and gas rationing. I underestimated the resilience of our oil industry. We may yet see $5-6 dollar a gallon gas but I am less concerned about rationing. I can live with that. I feel sorry for many of those folks who voted for Obama who are in tuff times right now as they will be crushed if this happens as will our lack luster economy. I hope I am wrong but I am 73yrs old and I lived thru the Carter years and I see some strong similarities with that time and our current situation..
  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    Wow I thought this was a forum about cars not politics.
    But with the other guy(Republican) I wouldn't even have a job let alone a car.
  • Wow, I am shocked at poorthingflint's lack of understanding of how the oil market works. Whomever is in office has little imapct on the price of oil because that is a price that is set worldwide but there are a few things they can do to move the price. Things that can make the price of oil go up: starting a war in a major oil producing country and taking 2-3 million bpd offline. Things that can make the price of oil go down (longer term): high prices,(which encourage drivers to choose the Camry over the hummer) and cafe standard increases which encourage car makers to take efficiency improvements seriously. While being a HUGE waste of money, cash for clunkers probably lowered the price of gas a little by improving the efficiency of the American fleet. There is going to be no rationing you ignoramus. That is the beauty of the free market system. Prices rise to the level where there are no more shortages.
  • Sorry my logic for buying a hybrid offended you but I was not trying to do anything but explain my reason for buying the car. It would but foolish not to consider the effects of government policies in your purchasing plans. I have done that most of my adult life as a small business man and it servered me well. Thought it was germain to the discussion to explain why I did not buy another hybrid as well. Buy the way,do you feel my comments were factually challenged or somehow unfair?
  • Let me see if I understand your points putting name calling aside. Are you saying that reducing our potential oil production in our country has little or no effect on oil prices? Am I to understand failed Middle East policies also have little effect on oil prices? I think not unless you live in the world of "Oz". Futures traders factor all these things into oil futures purchases and this contributes to higher oil prices. It's not rocket science. As you so rightly pointed out that's the beauty of the free market system. In case you have not noticed the Middle East is on fire and in a state of civil war and worse. Just a matter of time before this leads to some sort of Middle East conflict and my expectations for $5-6 dollar a gallon for gas will realized. Sorry if this offends you but that's the way it's heading.
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