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2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon



  • jeffm5jeffm5 Posts: 107
    Please guys, let's get back to cars and blog about politics somewhere else. Some of us visit these forums to take a break from political debate. Thanks!!
  • I am (very!) interested in buying a used 2012 Avalon base with 25K mileage.....i am just curious if any of the owners have major issues with their Avalon and please advise me on whetehr to get one for my family or not. thank you !
  • aus1aus1 Posts: 20
    I've had a 2012 since November and have experienced no issues whatsoever.

    Also, there has been much discussion here about the ride and handling of the 2013 models but I am pleased with the 2012 in this regard using Bridgestone tires.
  • I have owned a 2011(same as 2012) since March 2012. I have had zero issues. There have been no warranty issues or any manufacturing issues.The only cost I have experienced in 1 1/2 years is to replace the cabin AC filter. The only negative is that the cooled seats do not seem as comfortable as my old 2006 Avalon. Great car !
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Well here goes Skip again:)

    I have had a 2008, (traded with 68,000 miles) 2011, (traded with 46,000) 2013 (traded with 3700 miles) and 2012 Avalon (current own with 15,000 miles). You will love the 2012.

    Now if a sportier ride is in your liking, you will love the 2013.

    The earlier models are bigger, more comfortable, roomier and if a large car with large car features, characteristics is what you are looking for, then the 2012 is the car for you.

    No problems, and or minor issues with all 4 of my Avalons, squeaky wipers and front brake rotors (all under warranty).

    Ton's of space in the back seat, large trunk, smooth, quiet ride, albeit a bit boring to look at (or so they say), fine MPG for a large car. A few recent trips had me getting 30+- MPG on the highway.

  • thank you for the replies! i know the car looks awesome, comfy and huge - a great family car. i was just curious that quite a few mentioned about how expensive it is to have certain issues fixed with the 2012 avalon....some leaks, transmission repairs, machine/valve knocking noises....i know this is a luxury sedan and my concern was they questioned its reliability/quality that it will end up expensive to maintain down the life of the car.
    again, appreciate all of your inputs!
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    Owned one Avalon from each of the first 3 generations... my last was an '07 Limited, all were wonderful to over 100k. In the past there have been brake rotor and headlight issues with the Avalon but those are not problems in the 2012. A neighbor has a 2012, probably has 30k on it already, perfect so far as I know, I tried to buy it. Find one and enjoy.... !! The 2013 is a truly different car and generation.
  • the 2012 is gonna be the most smoothest ride you ever had in your life.get it
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    The 2005 through 2012 were wonderful cars. The new model does nothing for me. I loved my 2006 XLS, great ride, roomy and decent MPG for a big car.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • marv15marv15 Posts: 32
    Hi, I test drove the 2013 and drove it right back and on Dec 14, 2012 I asked my dealer to find me the 2012 to replace the 2011. I loved all my Avalon's, and will stay with this 2012 knowing after all the issues Toyota had with major recalls in 2010, I know with all the corrections they implemented with quality control, my 2012 is a keeper. I've had no issues with it, then again I never had any issues with the other Avalon's I've owned. I would trade them in every two years, but will stay with this 2012 because I disliked what they did inside with the 2013, and it's sportier drive, and less inside room. I've tested a lot of different cars, and my Avalon's have so much room in the rear and ride the way I like it. I don't enjoy the European ride sporty bumpy up and down over every bump. They also took things out of the 2013 that aren't noticed right away. Like the fold out pockets on the door are now stationery, pockets for coffee have no cover over them, more dust etc., so overall they took things away to save some money. I believe since the 2012 is the last of the breed of the older Avalon, it will retain its value higher than the others, as it will be more in demand as a used car as long as its taken well care of. So far I have enjoyed the 7,895 miles I've racked up, averaging on highway over 32 MPG. This is one car I'm keeping, as I see nothing out there I want to replace it. Good luck to all those that purchased the 2013.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,160
    This is one car I'm keeping, as I see nothing out there I want to replace it.

    Not even with the new 2013 Chevy Impala LTZ? If you are not averse to the Chevy name plate, you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Hi Marv15. Can not speak to the interior short comings the 2013 has versus the 2012 but I would be sure before you write off the ride of the current Avalon you drive one with Michlins on it inflated to 33lbs of air. I had all but written off the 2013 until I decided to check the tire pressure on the car I was road testing. All the tires had around 40lbs of air in them on top of that they were Bridgestones which are horrible as far as ride is conserned not to mention noise. With the proper amount of air in the tire the ride improved noticeably but what closed the deal for me was when I drove the same model with Michlins with 33lbs of air in them. Huge difference in ride and road noise from my first car I road tested. I might also point out that all cars suspensions soften up over the first 5-10,000 miles or so but they never firm up. I think this car will hit the sweet spot when it gets to that point for me and will not cause the dreaded floating action that undulating roads could set off with past Avalons. If not 55' aspect tires would be a possibility if one would want to soften the ride up a little more at the loss of a little bit of turn in response. I doubt that will be me but time will tell. My GPS shows the speedo to be about 2 MPH fast at 70MPH so the 55's would probably make it very close to dead accurate a win win plus your warranty would be extended a little bit. Looks like there is plenty of room form the taller tire. Glad you like your car but some food for thought for those folks on the fence about the 2013 vs their older Avalons.
  • myav07myav07 Posts: 2
    I test drove a 2013 Avalon Touring with properly inflated Michelins with the intent of trading in my 2007 Avi Touring. I found the ride and handling similar to my 2007 but was turned off by the cramped feeling inside the 2013 compared to the 2007 and the lack of some of the features I like in my car, reclining back seat, large door pockets and other things mentioned by previous posters. Since my 2007 only has 22000 miles on it I will keep it for a long time.

    We just bought a 2013 RAV4 that was delivered to us with 50 psi tire pressure on all 4 wheels. It's ride was unbearable until I lowered the pressure to factory specs. That transformed the ride to smooth and comfortable. From what I can gather Toyotas are transported with high tire pressure to keep the movement on the truck to a minimum. Unfortunately most of the dealers do not adjust it to. specs before delivery.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    So it wasn't just the ride for you either, was it.
    I to, missed some of the other features, and with that and the ride, decided to trade my 2013 in on a 2012, and have never looked back.

    YES, there are many features I liked / Loved on the 2013, but none enough to live with the ride and other issues.

    I have been told told of these issues will be addressed in the 2014, but not likely they will make the car bigger, add back the rear reclining seats, make the trunk opening larger, make it less cramped inside É
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "cash for clunkers probably lowered the price of gas a little by improving the efficiency of the American fleet"

    Maybe marginally, but on the baseline of gpd used, it's a blip. What it DID do, was take a million used cars out of the market, and raised the average price of used cars about $4480 dollars. (Depends on the model, of course). It should have corrected some by now, as the subsidized cars are now starting to come back in off lease or by trades, but it really hasn't corrected very much at all. And that's puzzling us.....

    To have Used Cars so expensive now, in a depressed economy is quite the hardship on the low-moderate income population. So, while the effort helped out the domestic auto industry (as well as all the imports as well), the unintended consequence was to screw up the free market, sadly. And we all pay for that.

    Well, I hope it was unintended.
  • marv15marv15 Posts: 32
    Your right ncee. They might make some minor changes and make the ride softer, but the interior size won't get any larger. Since the 2012 Avalon is the last of its kind, when the time comes to sell, it will bring nice bucks since there are folks out there that love the car but not the new 2013. So we are the last ones driving 2012 that will benefit from it. Have a great day.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Heck, I'm looking for nice Old Buick Park Avenues (I've had 3, one with 337,000 miles), and or old Buick Roadmasters. Mostly because I like big cars, and you are right, the day of the nice large comfortable riding car, just might be over:(

  • poorthingflintpoorthingflint Posts: 61
    edited August 2013
    I find it interesting and telling that so many Toyotas are being delivered with badly over inflated tires. Motor Trend hammered the Avalon for its ride " The Avalon crashed and banged over bumps,transmitting lots of harsh noise to the cabin". Want to guess what tires their car had? Yep, Bridgestones. I also would be willing to bet the tires had close to 40lbs of air in them because that ride description was exactly my feelings about my first test drive in a Avalon. Bet this over site by the dealers is costing sales both at the point of sale and word of mouth. By the way Car and Driver rated the Avalon the best in their test of the same group of cars including the new Impala. Want to guess what tire was on the car? If you guessed Michlins you go to the head of the class. Not sure if they had the proper air pressure but they were still way better than the car with "Stones". Trust me folks it makes that much difference when your suspension is tuned towards the best and safest handling of your car versus the land yacht float of the 70's. That type of suspension tuning would handle over inflated tires with out a problem. Heck,might ride pretty softly with a hard rubber tire or even wagon wheels. But get yourself in a demanding emergency situation with your life and or property on the line and you will rue the day your cars emergency handling was poor to non existent and understand the virtues of cars like the new Avalon. I will go for the better handling car for the same reason I would not choose to drive a car without seat belts,air bags, ABS and stability control etc.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    "Heck, I'm looking for nice Old Buick Park Avenues (I've had 3, one with 337,000 miles), and or old Buick Roadmasters. Mostly because I like big cars, and you are right, the day of the nice large comfortable riding car, just might be over:(

    Grab a 2011 Town Car! Have an audio shop install a really nice Navigation/Bluetooth system (really the only important feature it doesn't have) and you'll have a heck of ride for not a lot of money.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • I just purchased a 2013 Avalon XLE touring. The stiff suspension does not bother me. However, there are times where I will feel a strong vibration for a second or two. It is very sporadic, sometimes it's after I hit a bump in the road and sometimes it will happen out of the blue on smooth black top.

    I love the car but do not care for this vibration. The dealership has checked the car and says there is nothing wrong. I took a ride with the service manager to try and reproduce the issue. It happen a couple of times after some bumps and I was told this is normal.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I am used to cars with low profile tires and stiff suspension but I have never experienced this vibration. I have the michelin tires at 35 psi. I plan to try 33 psi as others have recommended but not sure if this will make a difference.
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