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2012 - 2013 Toyota Avalon



  • havechavec Posts: 45
    I have a 2013 TAH limited. Yes on rough roads it could be better but it never shakes. On decent roads it's smooth and very quiet.
  • What you are experiencing is typical of Avalon's with Bridgestone tires. My Avalon has Michelins inflated to 31psi COLD and I am happy with the ride and my previous car was a 2009 Camry Hybrid. Suggest you read the numerous posts on this matter. By the way the ride softens a bit as the miles are accumulated. Also suggest you visit a reputable tire dealer for his input. First thing he will probably do is check your tire pressure something Toyota dealers obviously are not doing very often. Would not be surprised if your tires have close to 40psi in them. That would be typical. For the smoothest ride try going with 31psi COLD.
  • I got a call from my dealer today and they said the new headliner, Front back panel and steering wheel is now in so my 2013 Avalon Limited w/Tech package will be going into the shop next week to get repaired. I had the headliner issue from day one and did not realize it until I read about it in the forum. Toyota knew about it but kept letting the dealer sell the car with the problem. Their temp fix for the headliner was to install buttons to hold up the liner. I refused this fix since that is not what I brought or want in a car. I talked to the dealer, District and Corp, since I only owned the car for a week and did not expect to have the car rebuilt. I am hoping the fixes get it back to a new state, I love the car and the technology and compared to other cars in this class the price is really competitive, The problem I see is the quality seems to be missing.
  • havechavec Posts: 45
    edited September 2013
    Latest from CR on the 2013 Avalon's Ride. Still not good. - m I'm still thinking of switching out the stock 17 inch Bridgstones on my TAH Limiterd for a set of H rated Michelin MXV4 early next year. The Lexus 350 ride is rated a little better than the Avalon. I wonder if you put both cars up on a rack how much difference there is between the 2 car's suspensions.
  • The whole ride/tire thing is pretty frustrating isn't it?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Be careful what you say, and to whom.


    If you own a high-trim Avalon, it probably wouldnÕt pay to switch to taller-sidewall tires. But if you want a nice big car with a great ride, think about getting the latest Chevrolet Impala. ItÕs everything the Avalon ought to be and more.


    These aren't facts or other folks thoughts on the Avalon, I'm just trolling
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,161
    ...if you want a nice big car with a great ride, think about getting the latest Chevrolet Impala. It's everything the Avalon ought to be and more.

    I agree 100%. The LTZ trim level is pricey but it is a great example of what a large American can be. And without hyperbole, the ride handling dynamics in the Impala is even better than a LS 460 or some of the high-end German models.
  • havechavec Posts: 45
    edited September 2013
    The whole ride/tire thing is pretty frustrating isn't it?

    It is what it is and most of the time a pretty sweet ride. Especially on the freeway. It could be a lot better on lousy roads like Lombard and Van Ness avenues in San Francisco. The TAH gets an average of 14 more mpg than the Impala V6 which only gets 14 mpg city.
  • That is not a view shared by folks in the tire business. They will gladly boor you with stories about customers who went from a 60 or 55 series tire to a lower profile tire and where shocked how bad the ride comfort was effected. I drove the new Impala with 19's on it and will agree it handled bad sections of road better than the Avalon with 18" Michlins but the over all handling of the Avalon was more to my liking. More engaging car to drive with better turn in response and less initial roll in the corners at speed. Now if you could put the best of both cars in one package now that would be something special. For now give me the Avalon for its combination of ride and handling on 98% of the roads I drive on.
  • My 2013 Avalon Limited has 18" Bridgestone, you say your has 17"?
  • havechavec Posts: 45
    My 2013 Avalon Limited has 18" Bridgestone, you say your has 17"?

    My Limited Hybrid has Bridgestone Turanza EL-400 215/60-17. Everybody here hates them.
  • havechavec Posts: 45
    I looked at CR's 2011 report for the Avalon V6. The ride was rated red dot excellent and it was on riding on no other than Bridgestone Turanza EL400 02, size P215/55R17 93V. So based on this one would have to conclude that at least for the hybrid which has the same tires that the tires are not the reason for a little much road feel getting in the way of an otherwise luxury car.

    I'm still going to ditch the Bridgestones in another few thousand miles for the H rated Michelins.
  • The big difference in ride quality is between the 18" low profile Stones and the Michlins. I personally drove identical vehicles back to back over the same route with 33psi in the tires and the ride difference was easy to feel. I bought the car with the Michlins and all in all I am pleased how ever I might consider going with. '55 aspect ration tire when these wear out.
  • is anyone experecing a chemical odor coming from vents only when car is running,mild to strong odor
  • I's not really bad but I do notice it. I was wondering if it was just me.
  • Here's a link to a discussion of this subject on the ToyotaNation forum for the 4th generation Avalon. vents.html
  • I was getting a musky/moldy odor coming from the vents until I learned it is caused by the A/C being in recirc mode (which is the default setting). So now I put it in fresh air mode about 10 minutes before I get home or park somewhere.
  • If anyone owns a 2013 Avalon Limited with Almond Premium Perforated Leather seats, I would like to know whether it's been a problem keeping them clean and new looking. Due to the light color and perforations, I am wondering if they are prone to easy soiling or discoloration. If so, have you found an easy, effective cleaner that has fully restored their like-new appearance after they became soiled? I had light color leather seats in a previous car and noticed that with time, the dye in my brown and black leather belts eventually rubbed into the seatback forming a dark horizontal line across the lower part of the seatback which I couldn't remove with a leather cleaner. It's possible that friction from my belt rubbing up against the seatback over a long period of time may have removed the dye from that part of the seatback. (Not sure.) I like the Almond color seats in the Avalon but have been worried they might be susceptible to similar soiling or discoloration problems. Any experience with this issue?
  • dwcdwc Posts: 6
    Our Limited has the same interior color as yours. We only have about 11000 miles but has not been a problem yet.
  • Good to hear - thanks for the comment.
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