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  • Did my first road trip this past weekend.The PF was very comfortable for a 2 hour ride and as solid as a rock with the cruise set at 125.
  • Is that really a good idea being brand new? I was told...No!
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    is probably KPH, not MPH. Note sailor16's country of origin is CA, not US.
  • That was scary. Thank you for correcting that for me.
  • zgxl04zgxl04 Posts: 4
    Hello Pathfinder Lovers,
    I bought my Nissan in 1989 4WD brand new just out of college....basic as they come-no radio (still no radio installed), manual windows and doors. I have since driven her 195,000 miles and I know it will be time to retire her but I get emotional everytime I think about. I cannot bring myself to even look at other vehicles.

    She has been very reliable and after all these years the only problems I've had were: replace alternator, replace starter, replace radiator and replace transmission. The reason why I had to replace the transmission was because I did a stupid thing by having the fluid flushed out at 120,000 miles for the first time since purchasing. The transmission fluid looked clean. They say that if you don't flush out your fluid regularly after 30,000 mi then you shouldn't flush it out at all.

    I get a lot of flack from friends and co-workers about driving such and old car but I love the vehicle. We owned a BMW while we were living in Europe but I let my husband drive that and I shipped my Pathfinder overseas and drove her there for 2.5 years and paid to ship her back to USA.

    I hope you Pathfinder owners get as much enjoyment out of your vehicle as I have mine. If you treat them right they will be reliable...:)
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    That's good to hear ZGXL04... I plan on keeping my 2001 PF at least 10 years & hope it will be just as reliable
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Hi guys. I was Pathstar, now pathstar1, as (so far) I haven't been able to move my login to my new home cable modem account. Was lucky enough to be able to retire very early from work, so now I can do "more productive" things. Just to jog minds, I have a 2001 LE in Edmonton, Alberta Canada (still in snow!!!). Well, it's raining now, but there is still some snow on the ground. Don't let anyone try to tell you an SUV isn't needed!
  • Hi, I'm Roy Stewart from sunny Northern California. I have owned Nissan's since 1986, and recently purchased a 2004 Pathfinder Armada LE. This is my second Pathfinder. I love this car, but I'm having trouble with my climate-controlled heater system. The heater will not responds to the temp setting--it tends to discharge cool air regardless of the setting, except full hot (90 degrees). Is anyone else having similar problems?
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    This is my 2nd pathfinder, i had traded-in my SE 2001 to 2004 LE4x4 platinum edition. Its the most dependable vehicle i have owned

    I really like this vehicle, This one had VDC on it

    I was expecting a HID head lights and the fog lights similar to Q4. I beleive Nissan was matching the features of Q4 on this platinum edition

    Great SUV !!!
  • danpf1danpf1 Posts: 80
    I purchased my 01 in Dec. 01. I have 22,000 miles without any problems. I made a few modifications to the rear, added air lift air bags and rancho shocks and a grill guard. It runs great and is very reliable.
  • Thanks for having a place where Pathfinder owners like me can visit and share info.

    Hey everybody, my name is Jon and I just joined. I just bought my first SUV last April, a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 SE, I got it with only 18k miles on it!!

    Over the past four months, I've noticed that the front end suspension is a bit tempermental. I just had new tires (4 Yokohama Geolanders HTS) put on at Tires Plus (owned by Firestone) and ballanced as well as a front end allignment done last Sat. The next day, I noticed some knocking and vibration coming from the front wheels. I took it back to Tires Plus yesterday and after waiting for 3hours, they said that they forgot to balance the wheels when the new tires were put on. After leaving, I still noticed the same noise and vibration. Today, I took it to the Tires Plus near my office and had them check it in which the manager did the work himself. The ride was much better but the knocking during braking was still present.

    I decided I better take it to the Nissan Dealer to get the pros to take a look. They found that I had a bad strut on the front driver's side!! I do not understand how a strut could go bad at only 23K miles!!! I do not hit curbs, potholes, or run offroad (yet, hee heehee) so there's no explanation I can think of on my part.

    Anyway, it was covered under warranty and I now have a great ride. Has anyone else had the same or similar issues I've recently experienced??

  • danpf1danpf1 Posts: 80
    I would like to up date my original post as a new member to say that my 2001 Pathfinder has turned out to be one of the finest vehicles that i have purchased to date, bare none. I now use full synthetics, front to rear, with a little hesitation at first but after a few months running full synthetics found that they are a perfect match for this great SUV. Also like to say that this forum has been very informative and educational, to say the least. Keep up the good work.
  • newmannewman Posts: 11
    I love the pictures on some of the web sites.Im falling in my love with my 95 pathfinder 4x4SE. I drive it more than our 94 dodge van.It does pretty good on the highway getting almost 20 miles to a gallon.I would like to spice it up some more but money is tight. Im from kansas and love to take shortcuts with my pathfinder!
  • Hello everyone. I'm BrickyFW. I bought my 2001 SE about 3 weeks ago on eBay, flew to Richmond, VA, and drove it back to TX. So far, it's awesome. I used to own a 2000 Xterra, and loved it too. My PF is Burnt Cherry, with sun roof and it's got the manual transmission with 4x4.
  • I just purchased my first Pathfinder (first Nissan as well) - a used 2002 SE 4WD w/ green exterior and tan interior - about a month ago. So far, I like it waaaaaaaay more than the constantly breaking and reliably unreliable 2002 Saturn VUE I traded in.


    We took it for our first road trip this past weekend, a short weekend jaunt up to Ventura and then inland through Ohai, Santa Paula, and Filmore before returning to Pasadena. We did not have the opportunity to take it off road at all, but it travelled very well as a comfortable and roomy highway car. The somewhat poor fuel economy I normally experience around town expanded dramatically, netting me an additional 30 or 40 miles on this tank of gas.


    So far, it's a great car. Hopefully, it will remain so.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020

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  • Hi my name is des i have a 97 pathfinder and presently live in jersey city nj i am looking 4 any one with info on modifing my suspention if any one have any info please let me know
  • Hello All! I've read this thread for a while, but, this is my first post. I own a green '97 Pathfinder with front end damage, and I'm looking to part it out. It's been an exceptional truck, but, it's time to move on. There are plenty of good parts to be had. It's only got 85K on the drivetrain (w/ a manual transmission). I'm looking to part it out, but, I'd also consider selling it on the whole.
  • emoshunsemoshuns Posts: 2
    Townhall Name: Emoshuns

    Hi, I own a 2001 LE 3.5 Pathfinder. I purchased my Pathfinder in July 2002 Silver w/Black Leather. Iti s now April 2005. I have 94,000 miles. (Yes) I replaced the tires that came with my truck with Michelin Tires, I still have the same tires on my truck from day one. My (PATH) provides a smooth EXCELLENT ride compared to the emotional roller coaster you get with a Ford Explorer. I drive to New York 4x a year and to Chicago once a between Virginia, Tennessee, Florida and Texas. (Love to travel). Have faith in your purchase the Path is alot stonger/sturdy & reiable than the look (My path name is (JIGGA) I am a Jay-z fan...............this is where the name is generated from. Periodic Oil changes and regular>>>>>Rotate/Balance & Alignment is allI have done to my Path. Rugular maintence as scheduled by Nissan per milege requirements 30,60,90 etc.
  • dmonizdmoniz Posts: 15

    My name is Dave from Mass and I just purchased my 4th Nissan, a 95 Pathfinder as my son's first car. I now own a 98 Altima SE, 99 Quest SE and an 01 Sentra SE. The latest addition to our Nissan family is an XE 4x4 with 102,000 miles and is in excellent condition. The interior is very clean with no rips or tears. After reading all these forums on the Pathfinder, I know I made a good choice for a dependable vehicle. Does anyone know if the engine is an interference or not? I know the timing belt is supposed to be changed at 105,000 and just wondering if owners have gone many miles past that. Also, I'm getting a strange humming/static sound on occasion from the door speaker in both the Path and the Altima. Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

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