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Nissan Pathfinder Meet the Members



  • migvmigv Posts: 2
    I am MIGV. I have a 2000 pathfinder SE
    I would like to discuss mechanical and electrical problems.Also ideas on fixing problems and discussng off road trips and ideas.

    Manny :) :)
  • baswm1baswm1 Posts: 1
    I am trying to help neighbor adjust timing on his 6 cylinder pathfinder. I cannot see the marks on the crank when the inductive pick up is on the number one plug. I am goign to mark the notches with chalk to make it easier to see. I was wondering if a wire needs disconnected or something if timing is computer controlled. I do not have a book on it nor does he.
  • vidrovidro Posts: 1
    I'm mainly a muscle car kind of guy my last vehicle purchase was a 1967 Cougar, this was a restoration project.
    I ran across a 1995 XE Pathfinder that needs a transmission 5 speed, and a windshield.
    It has over 200,000 but the rest of the vehicle is in great shape, timing belt was changed @ 150,000 and the oil change religiously.
    Interior is good no rips. tires are new, batt is new, AC works, every things to be in good shape.
    Paint job is good some real small dings in the door but no chips.

    I paid 1000.00, is this a good deal?
    Is there weak areas in this particular year and model of vehicle?
  • jd679jd679 Posts: 1
    Hi, I recently purchased a 1989 Pathfinder. The other day, I started having some problems with the electrical system. For some reason the tail-lights, dashboard, front corner lights and rear license plate lamps will not work. I checked the bulbs and the fuses are ok. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should do to correct the problem. All of the other lights on the Pathfinder are in working order.

    John :sick:
  • Hi;

    My name is "maximalou" and I live in Rockland County, N.Y. I bought my '00 Pathfinder LE (3.0- 2WD)in December of '05 with 77K on it. This is the first truck that I have ever owned (I own a '96 Maxima GLE and previously owned a '95 Accord Coupe). Biggest issue to date has been the speedomoter console and wiring to the console which cost $800 to fix. It dosen't drive that great in the snow (not a 4X4) but other than that I am happy. Exterior and interior is in mint condition. I love speaking to other Pathfinder owners on line. Allot can be learned.

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Hey Maximalou, welcome to the Pathfinder side of things! Mint eh? How about posting some pics on your CarSpace page?

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  • ben her. 97 nissan pathfinder 4x4. bought her with 82k on her. awesome truck. i love it.
  • Dear John,
    I have the same identical problem as you do. Mine just started this week (February 2007). I still cannot find a solution to the problem. Did you find out what caused the electical problem? I would be anxious to find out. Thanks,
  • Just bought pre-owned 04-my mechanic wonders if it was in a major front end collision because interior of engine /firewall is an aluminum gray-not same color as exterior w/faint paint spray line along top edge. Can any 04 or similar year owners tell me if their engine bay interior is same color as exterior? The car is certified bought at reputable dealer w/ only 20,000 mi. Perfect condition. Mechanic says if it were reconditioned, he has never seen one put back together as perfectly. Big discussion going on at repair shop.
  • fredsterfredster Posts: 2
    Hey dallasguy, I have the same problem with an 04 (canteen color). Passed the pre-purchase inspection with flying colors, except for the engine compartment being primer gray, with the same spray lines you describe.

    Took it to the Nissan dealer. Service folks thought it was weird, used car manager instantly thought it was replaced. They sent me to a body shop the dealer uses, who instantly said it was a repair job. Carfax is clean, welds are good... Got lots of folks scratching their heads.

    Anybody else encounter this?
  • dallasguydallasguy Posts: 2
    Hey fredster,this is a little strange,mine is the same color as yours-as well as the Carfax report-the welds inside the engine bay-the "putty lines" inside the engine as well. When my mechanic told me he thought it had been in a major wreck I thought he was joking around with me-but he wasn't. I have checked other interior sections of the vehicle and it's the same primer gray color as well-so it seems like it was finished that way from Nissan-I looked at the metal section underneath the rear seats after they had been folded up-same primer gray there as well. Don't know what to think about this.
  • fredsterfredster Posts: 2
    We've been looking and calling around all morning...
    * Talked to a couple mechanics at dealerships that have seen a few come from the factory with primer gray interiors.
    * Body shops say that overspray on the fenders is a dead giveaway that they've been replaced, but if someone went to all the work of repainting the firewall, they would have made it match the exterior, or used something other than primer gray.
    * I've scoured the internet for photos. The firewall on white and red 01-04 Pathfinders match the exterior color. Blue pathfinders have black firewalls. In photos of 05 and newer Pathfinder/Titan engines the interior is gray on most body colors.

    One of our concerns is reselling the vehicle. Makes it hard if we get such instant "its been totaled" reactions.
  • eduardo2eduardo2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 NssanPath V6 2WD, Pathfnder it run ok when is cool after that it got hot and stop right away. Now I took it to the mechanic I was charger $85.00 for the dianostic he said change the sparkpkus and the cool tmp sensor. while I gues it did not worked continue haven the same problem. Now I removed wholeset where it goes from air filter to closed to the aluminium Part where the fuelInjection(carbuter)cap goes I stick my finger inside and I see a dirty very black spat. My question could be the fuel Injector? and how I change it or What should I do pls or where Can I find a great Mechanic Book can tell step by step in order reapir my pathfinder Iam tire paying mechanics and have not fit it correctly. Agan thank you for your help.
    eduerdo :
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    You might be able to find an online manual with one of the links in the Online Repair Manuals guide.

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  • owaldowald Posts: 2
    Hello All,

    I just joined up on this site yesterday. You can call me Owald (pronounced "owe-walled"). I own a green 4WD 1997 Nissan Pathfinder SE. It's my first automobile and it's still kicking. I've got about 170K+ miles logged on it over the course of over 10 years and I'm trying to keep it going as much as I can. Heck, I'll push this vehicle till it reaches 999,999 if I can & if it comes right down to it, I'll hot-foot it like it was a Flintstones car! lol. In all seriousness though, It's been a great ride and it still is. I'm sadly shying away from dealers and auto shops due to costly labors charges, plus the 5% tax hike on labor that started this year, and learning to become my own basic vehicle mechanic. Nothing wrong with knowing how to fix my own problems, right?
  • Just purchased 2005 Pathfinder SE and love it. We want to join a club that does outings and such. Anyone know of one or two in the California East Bay area?
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