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Clunk When Slowing to a Stop

I had an on going issue with a clunk and occaisonal grinding when slowing to a stop while braking. It took a full year and a half and I have finally found a service manager willing to take the time to diagnose and fix the issue...until a light came on.

They replaced the wheel speed senor due to the ABS light coming on but the issue persisted after it was replaced. After 3 days of taking everything apart they determined that there was some "slag" in the wheel speed senor causing the issue. It has been 3 weeks without the clunking...finally. I thought other might appreciate the info so they don't have to go through the same ordeal.


  • i have a 2001 nissan altima pretty good condition considering its almost 12 yrs old minimal rust except of course the subframe which i was told by a mechanic and showed that it is longer attached to my front right tire so it is just clincking around and only beingheld in to by a small metal lip on a brace not that car savy but i just want to know if it is worth fixing ive been quoted anywhere from 1000$ to 1500 to fix..ouch thats a lot on a car that is probubly not even worth that much money.. i just finished my loan on the car and dont want to get another one out..wut should i do!!!!
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